Most Visited Monuments in Cabo Verde | Famous Monuments in Cabo Verde 

Cape Verde can accommodate a please outdoor enthusiasts with its perfect and picturesque terrain for those seeking nightlife with its loud and vibrant music scene for hiking or watersports. But you will also get many But monuments in Cabo Verde also like the same value. Cape Verde can also fulfill your desire with its perfect golden sandy beaches and healing black sand beaches if you are simply looking to relax by the sea.  , Cabo Verde islands once upon a time were on the important way between Portugal and its faraway colonies. Trapped in silence now islands are somewhat. Highlights of Cabo Verde are historical attractions with numerous top monuments in Cabo Verde. 

List of Monuments in Cabo Verde

1. Pico do Fogo

Monuments in Cabo Verde, landmarks of Cabo Verde

The conical, Cabo Verde’s highest peak, cinder-clad Mt Fogo, has height approx. 2829m/9382ft.  Known as Chã das Caldeiras, it rises dramatically out of the floor of an ancient crater. With lava-block houses, encircles the island, a scenic, cobbled road, punctuated by hamlets. Yet intrepid farmers continue to grow coffee, vineyards and fruit trees on its black slopes, this monument of Cabo Verde still an active volcano and last erupted from late 2014 to early 2015. The volcano’s cone still can be climbed and is remains intact.

2. Dja’r Fogo

Monuments in Cabo Verde, landmarks of Cabo Verde

Dja’r Fogo is run by a local artist who splits his time between Lisbon, Paris, and Fogo, a must-stop for visitors interested in history, culture, and coffee. For informal trips around the island, it serves as an art gallery, cafe, information point, and launch pad. This best monument in Cabo Verde also the best place to taste artisanal Fogo coffee; since 1874, the owner’s family has had a coffee plantation, and six generations later, into neat little cotton bags, he still roasts and packages it.

3. Tarrafal Concentration Camp

Monuments in Cabo Verde, landmarks of Cabo Verde

about 1km before the center of Tarrafal, on the main highway, there is the ominous former Tarrafal Concentration Camp. During the 1940s, here Portuguese authorities used to hold and interrogate political prisoners. It was later converted into a museum and shut down in 1975. Today this famous monument in Cabo Verde remains a haunting reminder of colonial abuses.  With signage in English, French and Portuguese giving details of life in the camp, you can wander through the former barracks, prison cells, library, the old infirmary and a handful of other buildings.

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4. Pedra do Lume

Monuments in Cabo Verde, landmarks of Cabo Verde

Where seawater is transformed into shimmering salt beds, a great attraction is this surreal, lunarlike crater of an ancient volcano. You can see the float in the medicinal salt, waterold salt extraction machinery of the 1805 plant; have a massage, salt scrub or mud treatment; have a meal at the restaurant and at the small Salinas Relax spa. Taxis from Santa Maria charge between CVE3500 and CVE4500, this top monument in Cabo Verde is 6km southeast of Espargos; with a wait of two hours. With tour groups, It’s often mobbed.

5. Museu do Mar

Monuments in Cabo Verde, landmarks of Cabo Verde

Mindelo’s most intriguing museum gives an overview of São Vicente’s history, inside the Torre de Belém in the late 19th century from the island’s role in the triangular trade to whaling. It is one of the popular monuments in Cabo Verde. Like massive elephant tusks (a jaw-dropping 820 tusks were logged on the 1743 wreck of Princess Louisa), displays from shipwrecks reveal intriguing findsand 200-year-old bottles of port wine (still sealed) too. From the top floor to open-air views over sea and mountains, take the spiral staircase 

6. Museu Municipal

Monuments in Cabo Verde, landmarks of Cabo Verde

Fly into this breezy frontier house with displaying old photos, conventional music instruments, sewing machines, sundry things and two floors of exhibits. It is now counted in one of the old monuments in Cabo Verde. About the 1995 volcano eruption (no subtitles), you can watch the 28-minute film, the most recent eruption prior to the 2014 blast.  In the leafy courtyard, it’s also worth having a peek at the funco, a traditional circular abode made of volcanic rock.

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7. Sala-Museu Amilcar Cabral

Monuments in Cabo Verde, landmarks of Cabo Verde

Dedicated to preserving the memory of freedom fighter Amilcar Cabral (1924–73), this small museum founded in Cape Verde.  On one of West Africa’s great visionaries, photographs and other memorabilia shed light. He was a revolutionary and diplomat intellectual, poet, and engineer.  Ultimately sacrificing his own life – he was assassinated in 1973, Cabral helped lead an independence movement for Cabo Verde and Guinea-Bissau. Today, it is one of the monuments to see in Cabo Verde.

8. São Francisco Monastery & Church

Monuments in Cabo Verde, landmarks of Cabo Verde

This once-imposing monastery is worth a look, complete with Gothic portals and walls covered in azulejo tiles, and is reached along a marked trail that leads up from the lush valley. Though you can peer through metal grates for a look inside, this beautiful monument in Cabo Verde is often locked.

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9. Centro de Artes e Cultura

Monuments in Cabo Verde, landmarks of Cabo Verde

From art and photography exhibitions to African craft and jewelry shows, this new arts center hosts a wide range of events. There’s also a 350-seat theatre that hosts dance performances and concerts. This ancient monument in Cabo Verde is a 10-minute walk northeast (inland) from Sal Rei’s main plaza.

10. Curral Velho

Monuments in Cabo Verde, landmarks of Cabo Verde

Due to the near-endless drought, the spooky village of Curral Velho was abandoned. You can head down to the nearby beach, then wander the crumbling ruins of the old buildings, a gorgeous stretch of pristine shoreline. This monument to visit in Cabo Verde is worth visiting. 

11. Centro Cultural do Mindelo

Monuments in Cabo Verde, landmarks of Cabo Verde

The cultural center houses changing exhibitions of local arts and culture inside the old customs house. Now, this Cabo Verdean monument has a tiny shop selling local crafts, music, and books.

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