UP govt plans to turn Lawayankala Lake into a river tourism site

Synopsis: UP government authorities have already announced their plans to turn Lawayankala lake into a river tourism destination under the Ganga Dweep project.

The Uttar Pradesh government has announced plans to transform Lawayankala lake into a river tourism site. This initiative is part of the government's larger plan to boost tourism in the state and promote eco-tourism.

Lawayankala is located on the banks of the Ganges river and is famous for its scenic beauty, natural resources, and Gangetic dolphins. The village is also known for its handloom industry and carpet weaving. The government is planning to develop the village and lake area into a hub of tourism activities, including river cruises, water sports, and cultural events.

Lawayankala will have a Vedic tent city, houseboats, floating jetties, boats, and catamarans to provide this one-in-a-lifetime experience to tourists. Apart from this, Gangetic dolphins will be going be showcased as a major attraction after this development. 

In addition to showcasing the river tourism in Prayagraj, this initiative will also shed light on the culture that exists there. To that end, we'll be putting a premium on things like yoga, meditation, and Ayurveda. Yoga and meditation centres, as well as Ayurvedic health clinics, are in the works for the near future.

The government plans to develop riverfront infrastructure, including jetties, boats, and floating restaurants, to provide tourists with an immersive experience. The initiative also includes the restoration and preservation of the village's natural resources, including the riverbanks and the surrounding forests.

Currently, the river tourism industry in India is thriving. River tourism in India offers a wide variety of activities, from gliding down the Ganga ghats to navigating the rapids in Siang to birdwatching and mangrove exploration in Goa's Mandovi river.

The Brahmaputra, the Ganges, and the Mandovi rivers all offer excellent opportunities for adventure tourism, but they also offer the added bonus of luxurious river cruises. River tourism is big business in India, especially in places like Guwahati, Dibrugarh, Kolkata, Goa, Varanasi, the Sundarbans, Chilika Lake, and the backwaters of South India.

The Uttar Pradesh government has been focusing on promoting tourism in the state and has launched several initiatives to develop infrastructure and promote tourism activities. With the development of Lawayankala lake, the government aims to further boost the tourism industry and promote sustainable tourism practices.