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Bonn is a beautiful natural escape of Germany. The city is located in the western region with the straddling Rhine river nourishing the city. Bonn is famous for being the oldest city of Germany that dates back to the 12 BC Roman settlement Castra Bonnensia. Remnants from more than 2,000 years ago mark its century-old legacy that is still on display at the Haus der Geschichte and the LVR Landes museum. There are lots of scenic exploration hotspots that you must explore in Bonn, Germany. For such in-depth exploration here I have curated the top 10 reasons for which Bonn is known for. So follow along the given below delineated list.

List of Reasons Why Bonn is Known For

1. Excellent Museums

Why Bonn is Famous

Excellent Museums

As the city owns the oldest city’s title of Germany therefore, the museums of this city are the major figures of tourist attractions. Bonn is best known for its incredible museums, especially you must explore the Museumsmeile, which is a group of five institutions dedicated to art, history, science and technology. Another top museum to explore in Bonn is the Museum Koenig that displays a natural history museum and focuses on the world’s complex ecosystems. Isn’t it incredibly extraordinary that you can get a museum where things aren’t dead yet! Whereas, Kunst museum in Bonn exhibits art from 1945 to the present day. Lastly, the Bundeskunsthalle museum is the favorite of art lovers which takes a broader approach and gives space to international art from all epochs.

2. Germany’s Oldest Churches

Why Bonn is Famous

Germany’s Oldest Churches

The city which has been standing for centuries has seen lots of things being constructed and devastated with time. If you wonder what Bonn, Germany is known for? Then you must not miss out the Roman Catholic Bonn Minster, which was constructed between the 11th and 13th centuries in Bonn. This basilica is Bonn’s famous church architecture that combines architectural elements from the Roman, Renaissance and Gothic periods. This is believed to have been the last resting place of the two Roman martyrs Cassius and Florentius, who are honored as the city’s patrons today.

3. Beethoven Legacy

Why Bonn is Famous

Beethoven Legacy

Just like the Mozart from Salzburg, Bonn is the birthplace of another music sensation Ludwig van Beethoven, who is considered as Germany’s greatest composer and his symphonies are eternal among the classical musicians. Therefore, his family home at Bonngasse 20 and the neighboring buildings have been converted into the Beethoven House, as a museum and memorial site of the late composer. Due to music lovers and history geeks, this is one of the most-visited places Bonn, Germany is famous for. Visitors can explore an archive of his works and a chamber music hall located in his house.

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4. Fairyland’s Architectures

Why Bonn is Famous

Fairyland’s Architectures

Yes, this might sound weird but most of the monuments in Bonn, Germany have a structure that portrays a complete analogy with Fairy Land’s castles. You would love to see their architectures that are filled super intricate with adorable designs. One of the top reasons Bonn is popular for, is the Drachenburg Castle that is situated on top of a cliffside in Königswinter, just like a typical Princess Castle. Even In 1940, the Nazis purchased the Drachenburg as a training facility for future leaders. But later a private investor saved the castle from WWII destruction at the last minute and opened it for public exploration years later. Today, it’s a tourist hotspot and houses various exhibitions and a Christmas market in the winter.

5. UN campus

Why Bonn is Famous

UN campus

For those who are active, the international news might know that Boon is the home for 18 organizations of the United Nations. Bonn is famous for this UN campus that regularly hosts essential international events like World’s Climate Change summits. Bonn has established its image as a global hub for non-profit organizations that work towards a more eco-friendly and sustainable future. They seek cooperations with other institutions which are interested in making the world a healthy and environmentally friendly zone rather than planning for more industrial garbage to dump.

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6. Candy World

Why Bonn is Famous

Candy World

If you are also a fan of jelly and gummy bears then do you know from where your favorite gummy bears started their journey? Well, the short answer is Bonn. HARIBO is short for Hans Riegel Bonn, who is actually the founder of the jelly candy. Later the whole world got obsessed with these candies. If you still have any doubts about what Bonn, Germany is famous for? Then you must acknowledge the fact that jelly-like candies originated here and it’s the largest supplier of such delicious candies with an amazing flavor range and jelly-like textures all over the world.

7. Beautiful Green Zones

Why Bonn is Famous

Beautiful Green Zones

You might feel the most relaxed in this city due to its over the top natural luscious green areas. As the whole city contributes towards sustainable development not only through their UN organizations but works hard to maintain their own ecological balance through maintaining the green areas of its city. Bonn’s famous place to visit is the Rheinaue which is a green oasis that in the summers attracts people from all across the region to spend their sunny days under the cool shades of trees and natural ambiance. The vast parkland borders the Rhine River and comprises green fields, gardens and a lake. You can go for rentals, boat explorations, cycling routes to BBQ stations, a mini-golf course or more. Even throughout the year, you can attend the open-air festivals, concerts, flea markets and other cultural events at this beautiful place in Bonn.

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8. Hanami

Why Bonn is Famous


Usually, Hanami is a Japanese practice or custom of viewing cherry blossoms when they are in full bloom during their spring seasons. Similarly, you must not miss out the Japanese cherry blossom trees that line in the streets of Bonn’s old town and bloom every spring around April.

Such blooming transforms the streets into a pink and purple tunnel that attracts photographers from all over the world. This is the reason Bonn is well-known for those who plan a trip just for a Hanami experience.

9. Red wines

Why Bonn is Famous

Red wines

Bonn has always been in the center of talk due to its incredible wine regions that are considered as Germany’s most important vineyards. The Ahrntal centers around the town of Bad Neuenahr and is known for its steep terraced vineyards in Bonn. Lots of people even come to explore Why Bonn is famous? And the fabulous varieties of wines that are produced in these regions are breath-taking. These are one of the best souvenirs you can take back home from Bonn. The winemakers of the valley primarily cultivate Pinot Noir and Portugais Bleu grapes which are some of the top varieties of grapes for making the most expensive wines for which Bonn, Germany is popular all around the world.`

10. Botanical gardens

Why Bonn is Famous

Botanical gardens

By far now, you might’ve understood Bonn’s obsession with natural stuff. They have ecological museums, large lands left untouched for letting nature show its artwork etc.. When this all was not satisfactory Bonn had 18 Organisations from UN that discuss the sustainable development of other cities. Now you can explore the most famous places to visit in Bonn that house around 8,000 species of plants growing at the botanical gardens in Bonn. Exploring these diverse selections of plants in the outdoor area and several greenhouses is a joy in the botanical gardens of Bonn.

Their collection ranges from common plants from the Bonn region to several protected specimens from Easter Island.

Hope you enjoyed these top 10 reasons for which Bonn, Germany is famous for and their delineations are precisely curated for further explorations of these incredible places to visit due to which Bonn is known for. Bonn is a place where you can get an adventurous morning, a perfectly relaxing afternoon and a romantic night filled with a cool breeze of air and boozy atmosphere from the premium selection of wines.

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