February 05, 2024

Can I find international cuisines like Italian or Indian food in Japan?

Yes, it is possible to find international food, like Italian food, Indian food, Turkish food, and many more in Japan. Japan, particularly in larger cities and urban areas like Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, etc, has a diverse and vibrant food scene that caters to a variety of tastes.

Japan is known for its diverse food culture and variety of cuisines. The exquisite traditional dishes are the most lovable cuisines in Japan. When we talk about Japanese cuisine many think of ramen, sushi, tofu, and tempura. However, there is more to discover beyond the delectable spectrum of these cuisines. 

You can explore culinary adventurers that have a vibrant tapestry of global tastes. This cultural fusion is a testament to Japan's openness to diversity, in restaurants and eateries. It caters to the discerning palate of locals, expatriates, and international visitors alike.

In this article, we have brought you the list of the 15 best international cuisines in Japan. Read our full blog and know the different cuisines you can try while traveling to Japan. 

Top 15 international cuisines in Japan

Japan has a diverse culinary scene, and people there enjoy a variety of international cuisines. Here are 15 international cuisines that are popular in Japan:

  1. Italian: One of the most loved cuisines in the world, Italian cuisine is known for its pasta and cheese. There are many Italian restaurants in Japan. Pizza and pasta are widely loved in Japan, and Italian cuisine has a strong presence. You will find the best Italian food in Tokyo, Japan

  1. French: In major cities in Japan you can easily find French restaurants and cuisines. Japanese appreciate the elegance and flavors of French cuisine, with many high-end French restaurants in major cities.

  1. Chinese: The Chinese are well-settled in Japan and they share the highest percentage of immigrants in Japan. This is why Chinese cuisines are famous in Japan. From dim sum to Peking duck, Chinese cuisine has a significant influence on Japanese dining.


  1. Indian: One of the most flavorful and hot cuisines in the world is Indian cuisine.  Curry is a staple in Japan, and Indian curry, in particular, has gained popularity. If you are willing to try international food in Japan then Indian food is the one. 


  1. Thai: Japanese people enjoy the bold and spicy flavors of Thai cuisine, with dishes like Pad Thai and green curry being favorites.

  1. Vietnamese: Pho and other Vietnamese dishes have become increasingly popular in Japan.

  1. Mexican: Tacos, burritos, and nachos are well-received, and Mexican cuisine has found its place in Japanese food culture.

  1. Spanish: Tapas and paella have become trendy, introducing Japanese diners to the flavors of Spain.

  1. Korean: Korean BBQ and traditional dishes like kimchi are widely enjoyed in Japan.

  1. Greek: Mediterranean flavors, especially Greek salads and gyros, have gained popularity.

  1. Brazilian: Churrasco, or Brazilian barbecue, has become a hit in Japan, offering a unique dining experience.

  1. Peruvian: Japanese people appreciate the diverse and vibrant flavors of Peruvian cuisine, with dishes like ceviche gaining popularity.

  1. Turkish: Kebabs and Turkish delight have found a place in the hearts of Japanese food enthusiasts.

  1. Middle Eastern: Hummus, falafel, and shawarma are enjoyed as part of the Middle Eastern culinary influence.

  1. American: Burgers, hot dogs, and fried chicken are classic American comfort foods that have a strong presence in Japan.

These international cuisines reflect the global culinary palette enjoyed by the diverse population in Japan.

Why Japan is known for international cuisines?

Here are some reasons why you can find international cuisines in Japan:

  1. Cultural Diversity: There are a lot of foreigners and expatriates living in Japan. International cuisines are in demand as a result, and many restaurants offer a variety of menu options.

  1. Globalization: Major Japanese cities, such as Tokyo and Osaka, have embraced globalization and have developed into cosmopolitan centers. As a result, there are more foreign foods available and people are becoming more interested in trying out different cuisines.

  1. Travel: Japan is a well-liked travel destination for people all over the world. Restaurants in tourist areas typically serve a variety of international cuisines to cater to the wide range of preferences of visitors. There are many food markets in Japan where you can find traditional Japanese food and international food. 

  1. Expatriate Communities: People from various nations live and work in the expatriate communities that are common in Japanese cities. Because of their contributions to the demand for their home cuisines, these communities have seen an increase in the number of restaurants offering foreign cuisines.

  1. Specialized Restaurants: A large number of Japanese eateries focus on particular foreign cuisines. Indian eateries with curries and tandoori dishes, pasta and pizza joints in Italy, and more.

  1. International Food Chains: There are a few international fast-food chains and casual dining restaurants in Japan that provide well-known international selections.

Final Thought

In summary, the flavors of many different international cuisines are woven into a vibrant tapestry that is Japan's culinary landscape. Japanese cuisine has warmly embraced a wide variety of flavors from the robust and spicy notes of Thai dishes to the comforting embrace of Italian pasta. The cosmopolitan nature of Japan, where people have developed a taste for the world's gastronomic delights, is reflected in its openness to diverse culinary influences.