Discover What Phuket is Known For?| Why is Phuket Famous for?

Phuket is the major party zone of Thailand where people just explore new ways to set their soul and body free from their past stress of life through various recreational activities easily available near the best places to visit in Phuket, here you will get the reason why Phuket is famous all over the world. You can do the same or you can follow our curated list of top 10 reasons that answers genuinely What Phuket is best-known for? This list not only enhances your knowledge but also increases your fun factor to ten folds when you can explore both the quiet and calm temples from Phuket’s Buddhist zones and end up with the loudest beach parties near the shore of spectacular beaches of Phuket. So just follow along the given below list of famous entities coming straight from the core Phuket.

List of Reasons Phuket is Known for

1. Temples

Why is Phuket Famous, What Phuket is Known For

This city is deteriorated with such stereotypes that we forget to explore the ethnic and religious sides of this city. Phuket might have been unnecessarily rumoured for being the heavy party and recreational zone of the world. But visiting the serene temples here draw a far more divine image of Phuket that has temples like Wat Chalon which is the largest and arguably the most popular among all other beautiful 29 temples Phuket is famous for. It is dedicated to two highly respected monks and has many golden buddhas in various poses all around the temple. Just be aware of the clothing theme here, as visitors are not allowed to wear shoes inside the temple, and women must cover their shoulders and knees before entering the temple.

2. Phuket Trickeye Museum

Why is Phuket Famous, What Phuket is Known For

Before exploring this place you might have the classic image of museums in your minds which sustain the old rugged items into glass jars but all these stereotypes are broken here in Phuket when you end up with incredible and interactive 3D art gallery shows that allows you to be a lively part of 95 Trompe-l’Ĺ“il-style paintings created by clever Korean artists. You can touch ET, climb a wall with Spiderman, or step into a famous masterpiece all through their high-tech presentation that no one has thought can happen inside a museum for which it does become the most visited place in Phuket especially become the favourite hangout joint for the whole family.

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3. Beaches

Why is Phuket Famous, What Phuket is Known For

The beach lover might have been dying for this title to come as that’s what Phuket is most famous for having more than 40 beaches out of which majority are on the west coast and those in the south are the busiest ones. But you will get your own crowd as every year these beaches host tonnes of tourists in search of Nightlife and beach fun in Thailand. So you can also go for the same and prefer the beaches in the north as they are a lot quieter than other expensive beaches on the west coast.

4. Party and Nightlife

Why is Phuket Famous, What Phuket is Known For

With the beach title, it’s evident that you can’t miss the beach parties of Phuket particularly on Patong and Bangla Road that is where the real wild party animals will try to infiltrate your life with extravagant booze and full night cabaret dance performances. You can find a lot of clubs, live bands, zillions of beer bars near the famous beaches for which Phuket is known for in the whole world. Phuket is also famous for rooftops, beach clubs and stage performances in those premises that might be the exclusive memory in your entire Phuket trip due to their post recreational vibes.

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5. Seafood

Why is Phuket Famous, What Phuket is Known For

A country which has numerous beautiful beaches can’t stay outsourced from delicious seafood after all. But the preparation of seafood is the most important step that all the culinary chefs can lecture you about! Hence you can find the most skillfully prepared seafood that is not just incredible in taste but it’s very affordable in pricing as well. And as we all know good food makes great holidays, especially when that great food is easily available and less expensive making Phuket a famous place to visit.

6. Night Markets

Why is Phuket Famous, What Phuket is Known For

It might not be so wrong if you consider the Phuket citizens as human nocturnals that can stay up long for partying and shopping. Yes, I am not kidding you can shop for your basic groceries even after midnight at 3:00 a.m. in Phuket. The fantastic display of local fun stuff and colours, exotic objects that can catch your attention very easily( you know better what it is?) while singers and local bands add background music to your thriller adventures amidst the midnight shopping spree in Phuket is the best experience you can explore. If you wonder What Phuket is known for? Just once go against your midnight hunches and come out into the Phuket’s night markets that always have a lot of local food to enjoy with a blast of sights, sounds and smells.

7. Ladyboys

 Why is Phuket Famous, What Phuket is Known For

With the terms, your easily lose ground mentality can easily judge that these might be some weird men who have gone crazy and dress like women! But no, just deviate your mind a little bit again for reaching the higher grounds where the extremely talented men wearing feathery, glittered costumes on Bangla road in Phuket showcase you a very hardcore cabaret dance performance for which you must visit in Phuket at a very famous Simon Cabaret Show in Patong where they perform every night. They can be so feminine, that sometimes it is so hard to tell the difference between genders. You can enjoy the rebellion and incredible bravery of these guys who are so amazing in their art.

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8. Big Buddha

 Why is Phuket Famous, What Phuket is Known For

With the major population of Phuket being a follower of Buddha you will find a lot of Buddha influenced statues and landmarks in Phuket, Thailand but this 45 meters high white marble Big Buddha has been serenely sitting at the top of Nakkerd hill in the south of Phuket since more than a decade and none of the statues can be even nominated for comparison from this scenic statue. The spectacular panoramic view you achieve from this place is unimaginable. You can easily admire the most famous temples all around this place from the topmost point of the Big Buddha site.

9. Scuba Diving

Why is Phuket Famous, What Phuket is Known For

With such incredible sea washing the feet of this city, it would be a big miss out if you don’t try underwater dives in Phuket. All the neighbouring seas in Phuket are full of life and incredibly clear during the high season of water tides. Just go through the Koh Phi Phi, the Similan Islands, Racha Island and the King Cruiser for the great dive sites where beginners and advanced all can easily go for small snorkelling rides or long-lasting underwater life explorations without any stress of uneven weather timings. Phuket is known for providing the scuba divers not only a perfect enigmatic place to dive but also Liveaboards, day trips and even instructed beach diving, all available for various range of budgets and all languages for the people who are not such good divers in themselves.

10. Sino-Portuguese Houses

Why is Phuket Famous, What Phuket is Known For

If you need a dose of history exploration you must walk through the old streets of Phuket town where you will find beautiful mansions and shop-houses dating back to even 17th century sustaining their old heritages so precisely that you might have to look back at your country’s restoration of old relics and wonder the backlash of intensive care. Phuket’s famous historicals zones also lie nearby these vibrantly coloured Portuguese houses that are super historic and classy to explore.

11. Rawai Village

Why is Phuket Famous, What Phuket is Known For

If you really carry a love for deep exploration for any city then, you must never miss out on their local inhabitants. As society is made by the people and you can never understand the vibe of the city without understanding the demeanour of the locals living there, hence go for the short talks with people in the Rawai Village of Phuket where the major population are Moken, a tribe of “sea gipsies that are rooted from the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, and have remained staunchly committed to their own place, beliefs and customs in Phuket. Rawai Village is also a must-visit place in Phuket where you can explore the best seafood markets and seafood.

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12. Gibbon Rehabilitation Project

Why is Phuket Famous, What Phuket is Known For

Thai people have a long old close relationship with wild animals that you might have acknowledged by far now from various Hollywood movies running with the same plot of a Thai guy trying to save his domesticated Elephant or any other wild animal. But rescues and rehabilitation is not just a part of fiction in Phuket’s popular theology. They really do care for every animal and just like elephants they also own a fascinating rehabilitation centre for Gibbons where they pamper before releasing them back into the wild. It’s totally free to visit this amazing place and is the perfect choice for an ethical, educational tourist attraction in Phuket, Thailand.

Hope you enjoyed this list of Top 10 reasons that make Phuket famous among all the other cities of Thailand. There are a lot of spectacular sites to visit in Phuket besides just partying and smoking weed(let’s just address it you were thinking of that!). You must explore the city from the dawn as there are tonnes of little spots that might mesmerise you with their extreme natural beauty that you can never find anywhere. The must-visit places in Phuket are already mentioned above so just go through them and tell us what you think of these in our comment section below.

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