5 Best Cities to Visit in Guinea-Bissau | Major Cities in Guinea Bissau

Guinea-Bissau is a West African nation spread in an area of 36,125 square km and has a population of 1,704,000. The territory of the cities in Guinea Bissau was once part of the Gabu kingdom as well as the Mali Empire. Later, the city came under the rule of the Portuguese Empire and continued to be under the Portuguese rule till the independence of the country in 1973. The name of the capital city and one of the major cities in Guinea Bissau of the newly independent country “Bissau” was added to the name of Guinea to distinguish it from the other African nation of the same name “Guinea.” Guinea-Bissau has had a history of political instability since its independence. No head of state in the country has served a term longer than five years. The population of cities to visit in Guinea Bissau practices African traditional religion and Islam as the major religions. The country is poverty-stricken, and the GDP is one of the lowest in the world. The urban centers in Guinea-Bissau are mostly underdeveloped compared to major cities in other parts of the world. Living conditions in these top cities in Guinea Bissau are thus quite basic. Here, we discuss some of the popular cities in Guinea Bissau in the country and their major characteristics.

List of Cities in Guinea-Bissau

1. Bissau

Best Cities to Visit in Guinea-Bissau


Bissau is the most populous and best city to visit in Guinea Bissau. It is also the country’s seat of government. The city is located on the Geba River estuary on the Atlantic coast of the country. The city is a major port, military and administrative center in the country. Copra, palm oil, rubber, hardwoods, and peanuts are the chief products of this city. The Osvaldo Vieira International Airport serves the city. You also see the two international Portuguese schools that serve the city of Bissau. The major attractions in Bissau include the local beaches, AmĂ­lcar Cabral’s mausoleum, some Portuguese historical sites, Bissau New Stadium, and more. The Guinea-Bissau Civil War witnessed the large-scale destruction of large parts of Bissau city, and while some were rebuilt, others still remain in ruins. The city center of the Bissau is still underdeveloped.

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2. Bafatá

Best Cities to Visit in Guinea-Bissau


Bafatá is located in central Guinea-Bissau. It is the birthplace of one of Africa’s foremost anti-colonial leaders, AmĂ­lcar Cabral. Bafatá is currently the capital of the Bafatá Region and also the seat of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Bafatá. This is one of the famous cities in Guinea Bissau is noted for its brickmaking industry. The Portuguese used the town as an established trade center, since the 1880s. Peanuts, hides, cattle, and textiles were traded here and tourists who come here take these things with them. An airstrip, the Bafatá Airport, serves the town. Monkeys and antelopes thrive in the forests surrounding the city of Bafatá and tours are organized for tourists interested in wildlife viewing. The town, though one of the biggest in Guinea-Bissau, is in a derelict state and lacks proper infrastructure.

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3. Gabú

Best Cities to Visit in Guinea-Bissau


Gabú is eastern Guinea-Bissau’s largest and beautiful cities in Guinea Bissau. It is also the Gabú Region’s capital. Islam is the dominant religion in this city, and the Falu people are the major ethnic group inhabiting Gabú. The region where the city stands were once the center of the Kaabu empire. Today, it is an important market town and trade center in the country.

4. Bissora

Best Cities to Visit in Guinea-Bissau


Bissora is the main city in Guinea Bissau in central Guinea-Bissau. It is also known as the birthplace of Amílcar Cabral. This small city has a population of 22,501. It is the seat of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Bissora which was established in March 2001 with Carlos Pedro Zilli as bishop. Bafatá is noted for its brickmaking. It was an established trading center for the Portuguese, including peanuts, cattle, hides, textiles, and salt by the 1880s. It is also the capital of Bissora Region. From a tourist perspective, this city has a lot of things to do and see. There is much attraction you will find here.

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5. Buba

Best Cities to Visit in Guinea-Bissau


Buba is lying on the Rio Grande de,  Buba is known as the largest city in southern Guinea-Bissau. It is near Contanhez National Park. This most beautiful city in Guinea-Bissau has a population of 6,815. Former President of Guinea-Bissau Kumba Yala planned to move the capital city to Buba, during his presidency. Those plans have been dropped since he was deposed in a coup d’Ă©tat. This urban center in Guinea-Bissau is mostly underdeveloped compared to major cities in other parts of the nation. 

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The cities of Guinea-Bissau are letting us know all the best cities in Guinea-Bissau to visit as it is providing a brief description of the top 10 cities in Guinea-Bissau to visit and some cities of Guinea-Bissau. Hope this article would be beneficial for you as it provides the name of cities in Brazil which must not be missed and kindly share your views.

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