An historic bridge in Rome is revealed after a severe drought!

Synopsis: Severe drought conditions in Italy revealed the ancient hidden bridge ‘Bridge of Nero’ constructed during the Roman civilization. The bridge was constructed by the fifth Roman Empire ‘Nero’ between 54-68 AD. The old bridge was swallowed by the river a long time ago, and a new bridge was constructed over it.

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Every region of the world is engaged in its own conflict with climate change. While the majority of the world is experiencing significant rainfall, a part of Italy has been struggling with severe drought conditions for one month. 

Due to persistent heat waves and a lack of rain, in Rome, Italy, the water level in the Tiber River has dropped drastically. Rome is currently experiencing a severe drought condition and a lowering of water levels in the Tiber River has unveiled the ancient Bridge of Nero. 

The bridge of Nero was constructed by the fifth Roman emperor, Nero. He died by suicide at the age of thirty when the Roman Senate designated him as a public enemy. Long ago, the famous bridge was swallowed up by the river, but now due to drought conditions in Rome, the bridge has appeared again. It is indeed true that miracles may happen at any time, and the unveiling of this ancient Roman bridge is nothing less than a miracle for the people of Rome. It is claimed that the bridge has previously appeared a few more times when water levels have dropped drastically.

After the ‘Bridge of Nero’ was submerged in the river a new bridge named “the Vittorio Emmanuele II” was constructed on the river. As per historians, it might be possible that the bridge might have existed in the same place long before Nero constructed it. However, the proof of the origins of the bridge is still uncertain.

Nero, the Roman emperor built the “Nero bridge” between AD 54 and AD 68 but it was submerged under water a long time ago. Now as the region is facing drought conditions, the water level at the Tiber river has drastically reduced and the bridge is visible again. The ancient bridge is now visible to all and sits beneath the Vittorio Emmanuele II, another famous bridge in Rome. The historic bridge, which is now clearly visible to everyone, is located beneath the Vittorio Emmanuele II, another well-known bridge in Rome.

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