Top 10 Beaches to Visit in Vancouver | Best Beaches in Vancouver

Vancouver is best known for its exotic tourism all around the world. Vancouver does not only offer the best-themed park journeys but also offer various interesting underwater activities to enjoy the vacations at their best. The famous beaches of Vancouver are incredible with their white sand and sunny shores and anyone can expect a great luxury of soothing winds rolling by the frequent tides on every beach of Vancouver. But the whole country in itself is a bigger tourism magnet therefore, it’s easy to be baffled by numerous beaches here. Hence, we mention Vancouver’s top beaches to visit which are well equipped with better lodging and water sport activities to enhance your experiences tenfold and grant you the best luxury of relaxed and peaceful moments. 

List of Beaches in Vancouver

1. Sunset Beach

 Best Beaches in Vancouver, Beaches to visit near in Vancouver

Sunset Beach

Close to downtown and therefore the False Creek Ferry, Sunset Beach is found on Beach Avenue between Bute Street and Thurlow Street. Sunset Beach is a smaller amount populated than other beaches along the Seawall but it’s only a 30-minute walk from most downtown hotels — making it a well-liked choice for visitors. Home to the Sunset Beach Festival, which marks the top of the annual LGBTQ2+ Pride Parade every August, the beach also hosts the unofficial 420 celebrations every April. Paid parking is out there from 6 am-10 pm and therefore this famous beach of Vancouver is straightforward to succeed in via transit on the C23 bus between English Bay and Main Street Station.

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2. Kitsilano Beach

Best Beaches in Vancouver, Beaches to visit near in Vancouver

Kitsilano Beach

If Vancouver is “Hollywood North,” then Kitsilano Beach, referred to as “Kits Beach” to locals, is our Venice Beach. Buff and bronzed bodies are bound to make their rounds but do not be worried, you’re bound to slot somewhere among the combination of joggers, stroller-pushing families, sun-worshippers, and your everyday loungers. Grassy patches above the tide line are perfect for tossing the disc, the tennis courts are always popular, and therefore this Vancouver’s top beach to visit attracts volleyball players from everywhere the town. And don’t forget to enjoy Kits Pool where kids and adults can splash away the day in outside, heated salt-water pool with a wrap-around view of the town, ocean, and mountains. It’s almost 3 times the dimensions of an Olympic pool.

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3. English Bay Beach


Located within the West End on the sting of Stanley Park (and along the Seawall), English Bay Beach is that epitome of an urban beach: luscious sand and sunbathers on one side of the road, restaurants, and shops (along Denman) on the opposite. It is also one of the best beaches in Vancouver for swimmers. English Bay Beach also plays a serious role in one of Vancouver’s biggest summer events: the annual Celebration of sunshine International Fireworks Competition. This beach is the top spot for viewing the fireworks; it’s so popular that it is absolutely full of people during the three-night event.

4. Jericho Beach

Best Beaches in Vancouver, Beaches to visit near in Vancouver

Jericho Beach

When all the weather is right, fishing and a picnic at the Jericho Beach pier make for an ideal evening.  With stunning views of the North Shore Mountains and downtown core enjoy the long, sandy stretch. For sailing, windsurfing, sea kayaking, and beach volleyball this popular beach in Vancouver is also an excellent spot.

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5. Spanish Banks

Best Beaches in Vancouver, Beaches to visit near in Vancouver

Spanish Banks

The British named this particular beach Spanish Banks to commemorate the invention of the Spanish explorers in 1792. The smallest amount crowded with Vancouver’s beaches, this stretch of sand may be a wonderful retreat for those that wish to flee from the pace of city life. Skimmers alert: this is often the right place for skimboarding once you learn the optimal tidal conditions.

6. West End Beaches

Best Beaches in Vancouver, Beaches to visit near in Vancouver

West End Beaches

The southern fringe of the West End neighborhood has two of the foremost attractive waterfront urban environments – English Bay and Sunset Beach. Amazingly, this massive stretch of sand is not any quite a 30- minute walk from most downtown hotels – with no commercial exploitation intruding on the peaceful environment. In summer, English Bay becomes a jumping-off point for rollerblading adventures, strolling for frozen dessert, and picnics. Kids will love the floating slide and fogeys will appreciate the complete time lifeguard. This one of the top beaches in Vancouver is also the place to get down your blanket and appearance up to the sky during the Celebration of sunshine international fireworks competition held over three nights in late July and early August.

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7. Locarno Beach

 Best Beaches in Vancouver, Beaches to visit near in Vancouver

Locarno Beach

‘Hidden’ between Spanish Banks and Jericho Beach, Locarno is designated as a quiet beach (no amplified sound) and therefore the stretch of sand offers sunseekers a silent spot. This must-visit beach in Vancouver is also home to volleyball courts, a concession stand, and washrooms, so it is a popular location for sporty visitors trying to find a spot to skimboard, swim, or play.

8. Second and Third Beaches

 Best Beaches in Vancouver, Beaches to visit near in Vancouver

Second and Third Beaches

Second Beach may be a quick stroll north from English Bay into Stanley Park. Second Beach also has an immense, heated outdoor pool like Kitsilano Beach. Further along, the seawall lies secluded Third Beach, which is north of Stanley Park Drive. Locals come here to these most-visited beaches in Vancouver to spend quality time. And it is a well-liked place for summer evening barbecues and sunset watching.

9. Wreck Beach

 Best Beaches in Vancouver, Beaches to visit near in Vancouver

Wreck Beach

This secluded beach is Canada’s first and largest, legal, clothing-optional beach which is 7.8-kilometer long. Wreck Beach located at the western tip of Vancouver, adjacent to the University of British Columbia campus, down an extended flight of steep stairs. As many as 14,000 visitors flock to the beach which stretches from the Musqueam Reserve to Spanish Banks West on a summer weekend. Vendors Row, located down the center of the beach below Trail 6, offers snacks and refreshments. Attention: This beautiful beach in Vancouver is a loyal and protective bunch who take their right to “bare” arms, legs, and everything else pretty seriously.

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10. Ambleside Beach

 Best Beaches in Vancouver, Beaches to visit near in Vancouver

Ambleside Beach

Just over the Lions Gate Bridge in West Vancouver, Ambleside Beach may be a favorite with families. You’ll find a stunning long stretch of sandy beach for building sandcastles, a playground for climbing, and a touch café for grabbing a frozen dessert. But among grown-ups, this public beach in Vancouver is understood for its own scrollable seawall boasting spectacular views back to Stanley Park and therefore the downtown skyline.

All the above-mentioned beaches are best in providing exquisite cuisines and water sports to enhance your vacation experiences. You don’t wanna sweep through all the boring tours and travel books on your own. Therefore, the curated information regarding the top beaches of Vancouver here can aid a lot when people are new to the region and don’t help them find out the best beaches which are acceptable to be customized accordingly. Hence the above-mentioned guide will help you save your money and let you select the perfect beaches in Vancouver on your priorities and budget.

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