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What comes to your mind after hearing about South Africa? Wildlife, beautiful scenery and exotic food are some of the things that pop into the mind instantly. But do you know about the crazy and fun places to enjoy the perfect nightlife in South Africa? This is country is famous for its party culture that you must experience there. The major cities incorporate a wide range of places to spend a quality night out with friends, family, and even alone.

After you have traversed through the sanctuaries, beaches, and seen the wildlife it’s time to hit the streets at night and indulge in the party culture in this country. For the night owls, many places offer you to dance all night, drink unlimited drinks, and meet with new people. Isn’t it exciting? In this article, we have brought the list of major cities where you can enjoy your nightlife alone or in a group. 

List of Best Nightlife Cities in South Africa

1. Cape Town

Cape Town

Cape Town

The mother city of the country Cape Town is famous for its spectacular nightlife events and activities. If you are a party animal and planning to hit the streets of the city then you must visit some of the famous nightclubs and pubs. Dancing all night to loud music, drinking chic cocktails, there are various kinds of venues to enjoy the nightlife in Cape Town. The party house destinations include Fiction Music Bar, Coco, Shimmy Beach Club, and Jade Lounge & Champagne Bar. 

Shimmy Beach Club offers the most different venue and environment to enjoy the night. It offers you a private bar, lounge, alfresco deck, and champagne bar. The best part is that the party goes on until the morning. Cape Town is undoubtedly the best city for nightclubs in South Africa.

Location: Cape Town, South Africa

Average cost to visit (solo): $2,327 for a week

Best time to visit: March to May & September to December

2. Pretoria



Pretoria is a beautiful city in South Africa. The laid-back and relaxed nature of the people makes it more fascinating. During the day the hustle of the citizen to reach the work destination is real however, as the sun goes down people head towards the party houses or restaurants to spend some quality time with the family. There are many places where you can enjoy the evening with your friends or alone. 

You can start your evening at Baracas Wine and Beer Bar where you can enjoy the rich wine along with euphonious music. After that head to the Springbok Bar, this place offers various kinds of drinks and authentic African food. Next is Rafters Pub Pretoria which offers a suitable environment to enjoy the night out with family. The blast nightlife in Pretoria sounds like the perfect plan. 

Location: Pretoria, South Africa

Average cost to visit (solo): $1,329 for a week

Best time to visit: August to October

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3. Stellenbosch



Best known as the vineyard capital of South Africa, Stellenbosch, has a lot to offer. This city is just an hour away from the capital city which is why you must visit this city to experience the distinctive culture of South Africa nightlife. For the party owls, there are many places to visit and one of the famous places is Brampton Wine Studio. To kick start your evening fun nothing is better than the place where you can get different kinds of rich wine flavors. 

The Roxton and the Sheraz are some of the exquisite wines in Brampton. Another best place is Nu’Bar which offers cheap drinks compared to other pubs and bars. Plus it gives the student discounts on drinks and food.

Location: Near Stellenboach, South Africa

Average cost to visit (solo): $2,140 for a week

Best time to visit: September to April

4. Dullstroom



The well-known city for its flying fish, Dullstroom is a small and picturesque city in South Africa. You will be delighted with the warm welcoming and friendly local people here. Most of the pubs and clubs are owned by the residents of this city. The mouth-watering South African food, chic cocktail drinks, and the hospitality of the locals make it one of the best cities for nightlife in South Africa. 

Visit the places like The Sportsman’s Bar, Magnolia Restaurant & Cocktail Lounge, Duck & Trout Restaurant, and Pubs. and Wild About Whisky. Each place has unique drinks to serve to its visitors.

Location: Dullstroom, South Africa

Average cost to visit (solo): $1,485 for a week

Best time to visit: May to September

5. Johannesburg



Usually, people visit Johannesburg to sightsee the beautiful scenery, monuments, and heritages but it would be hard to know about this city thoroughly without experiencing the nightlife. This nightlife in Johannesburg is full of fun and adventure. Not only this, the after-party date is commonly practiced by the residents here. It is a great way of meeting a new person.   

The best places to spend quality time are The Butchery by Marble, Radium Beer Hall, The Bohemian, and Sophiatown Bar Lounge. If you are looking for a quirky and fun bar then visit The Bohemian. 

Location: Johannesburg, South Africa

Average cost to visit (solo): $1,418 for a week

Best time to visit: March to May & September to December

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6. Durban



Durban offers the perfect seaside view and beachside activities that you can be a part of. The people are quite slow-going and laid back which is great because every weekend the locals head out to the famous restaurants or hang out on the beach partying all night. Durbanites are fond of prolonged parties which are perfect for a crazy night out. 

Cubana is the all-in-one place in Durban, during the day it is a beautiful lounge that offers gourmet food and chic cocktails. At the midnight the place is turned into a party house where you can dance all night without caring about anything. Some other bars and nightclubs are Origin, Tiger Tiger, and Crush Nightclub. These are also some of the best places to enjoy the nightlife in South Africa.  

Location: Durban, South Africa

Average cost to visit (solo): $1,709 for a week

Best time to visit: April to September

7. Bloemfontein



Among many things to enjoy in Bloemfontein, the nightlife here is one of its kind. People go berserk over the weekend and have a blast at night. Places here will set your mood and make you feel ecstatic. People might be laid back here but that does not stop them from having a good time with their friends or alone. Additionally, you can also visit the local market in this city. You can visit Moods and Flavors, Die Mystic Boer, Second Avenue Cafe, Cubana, and Chicago Lounge and Bar.  

Location: Bloemfontein, South Africa

Average cost to visit (solo): $1,286 for a week

Best time to visit: April and May & September and October

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8. Port Elizabeth

Port Elizabeth

Port Elizabeth

The nightlife in Port Elizabeth is the same as other cities’ nightlife mentioned in this list. You could visit many bars and pubs to enjoy to your heart content. Undoubtedly, there are many places in this city but we have brought some of the famous nightclubs for you. It includes Acqua Nightclub, Neighbourhood Bar & Grill, Cheers Revue Bar, Illusion Sports Bar & Nightclub, and Captain’s Central.

Location: Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Average cost to visit (solo): $2,327 for a week

Best time to visit: December to February


The cities in South Africa hold the history and culture of the country which attracts most of the tourists. However, the nightlife culture of each country is different and one should witness that in order to have a depth understanding of the country. Keeping these key points in our mind we have listed the 8 best cities for nightlife in South Africa.

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