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The Cities of Malaysia make up what is a really astounding nation, as grandly differing and socially divergent as anybody has the privilege to anticipate. This protected government has thirteen states and three administrative domains and is mainly comprised of two landmasses isolated by the South China Sea. With a charming history, Malaysia is home to a stupefying mix of diverse cultures and people, this is what makes cities in Malaysia so fascinating to explore. Below mentioned famous cities in Malaysia contains Buddhist temples, skyscrapers, and panicky markets can be found along with planter architecture and Malay buildings, while a mesmerizing array of landscapes border themselves. With its rich cultural heritage, delicious cuisine and welcoming, friendly people, there are several best cities in Malaysia to visit are unlike any place you´ve been before.

List of Cities in Malaysia

1. Kuala Lumpur

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With much to see and do, Malaysia´s vast multicultural metropolitan capital has something for everyone. Appearing to be endless, the city stretches to the horizon, with proudly skyscrapers and the Petronas Towers reaching towards the heavens. With its transmissible energy and plethora of attractions, wandering around its temples, shopping malls and markets are intoxicating. Kuala Lumpur´s cultural heritage shines through.

2. George Town

best cities in Malaysia, top 10 cities in Malaysia, list of cities in Malaysia

George Town

The most seasoned of the considerable number of urban areas of Malaysia, it was named to pay tribute to King George III of Great Britain, George Town is found on the northeast corner of the island of Penang and the focal point of the city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. George Town was established in 1786 by Captain Francis Light, who was a merchant for the British East India Company. Cultures greet you as you wander through George Town´s chaotic streets which makes it so captivating to visit. An attractive place, mosques and temples can be found, while skyscrapers and shopping malls compete for space along with the old colonial architecture and Malay buildings. Its narrow streets take you to the past little old shrines, cafes and lively bars are fun to get lost in, and there are several great street art murals. With delicious cuisine that is a blend of various cultural influences, the second largest city in the country is the best cities to visit in Malaysia.

3. Malacca

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One of the important cities of Malaysia, it has a one of a kind history, having started when a Royal Prince from Palembang, Parameswaran, battled to pick up the honored position toward the finish of the fourteenth century. After his thrashing, he rushed to Singapore, at that point called Temasek. On his way he halted by near the Malaka River and seeing his chasing pooch being kicked by a mouse deer was so taken with the creature’s boldness that he chose to set up a state here. Lying on the Malaysian peninsula, Malacca is a top city in Malaysia to visit due to the British, Dutch and Portuguese ruled here at one point. As such, there is a colonial architecture to explore, with each nation has left its mark in terms of the buildings left behind and the cultural impact that they had. With a night market and a wide range of cuisines on offer, this charming city is a famous tourist destination in Malaysia.

4. Ipoh

list of cities in Malaysia, cities to visit in Malaysia

The capital of Perak state, Ipoh lies between Kuala Lumpur and the Thai border and is a popular city in Malaysia. Its old town is dainty to amble around, with lots of little shops and cafes dotting its tiny streets. The new part of town has lots of restaurants serving up traditional local dishes. A place to get away from the larger cities, Ipoh is also a gateway to the nearby Cameron Highlands.

5. Kota Kinabalu

 best cities in Malaysia, top 10 cities in Malaysia

Although Kota Kinabalu may not initially appear due to its sprawling concrete buildings, you´ll soon become enamored with all that it has to offer. With shopping malls, markets, cuisine, and vibrant arts and music scene, Kota Kinabalu has everything anyone wants in a city. With many sights nearby, it´s definitely worth checking out. From here you can hike Mount Kinabalu, or visit the spectacular islands of the Tunku Abdul Rahman National Park.

6. Kuching

best cities in Malaysia, top 10 cities in Malaysia, list of cities in Malaysia

Despite being the largest city in Borneo, Kuching is a relaxing place to visit, with a lot of activities to do. Lying on the banks of the Sarawak River, it has a waterfront promenade and interesting museums and also numerous restaurants, bars, and cafes which highlight the multicultural side of Kuching. Skyscrapers rise as if from amidst the jungle along with its colonial architecture, which makes such a picturesque setting. A great base for exploring the island and the nearby national parks.

7. Miri

top 10 cities in Malaysia, list of cities in Malaysia, cities to visit in Malaysia
Fueled by oil from the petroleum industry, Miri has expanded into the large city we know today. A modern place full of life has numerous fine restaurants, hotels, and bars to choose from, as well as shopping malls and markets. The city has developed at an extraordinary rate since the revelation of oil off the coast during the 1960s. The air terminal was worked because of the war exertion requiring transport joins during the subsequent universal war. Miri Airport gets flights from the household goals of KL, Johor Bahru, Penang, Kuala Terengganu, Kota Kinabalu, Labuan, Kuching and numerous other Sarawak towns.

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8. Johor Bahru

cities to visit in Malaysia, top cities in Malaysia

The southern famous city in Malaysia lies on the border with Singapore. As such, most of the people stop by on their way to the neighboring country. A chaotic, place with poor air quality, in recent years, Johor Bahru has tried to reinvent itself with more large developments still to come. A bustling city having more than enough museums and attractions to make it worth visiting.

9. Kuantan

list of cities in Malaysia, cities to visit in Malaysia

The capital of Pahang state, Kuantan´s unattractive concrete buildings and lack of cultural meaning that it often gets overlooked by tourists. However, the second port in the country does have a couple of points which makes it worth exploring, with the oldest part of Kuantan, the Padang, being the highlight. There are some nice beaches and people often use Kuantan to explore the nearby Gua Charas cave temple or the royal town at Pekan with its fantastic palace.

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10. Sandakan

top 10 cities in Malaysia, list of cities in Malaysia

Sandakan´s strategic location meant as it was bombed during the Second World War. Despite this, there is a nice waterfront and some colonial buildings and war memorials on offer though, in truth, Sandakan is seldom frequented by tourists which makes it one of the largest cities in Malaysia. From here you can take a boat ride to the Kinabatangan River to visit the orangutan sanctuary at Sepilok.

11. Alor Setar

top cities in Malaysia

Alor Setar

Popular as ‘the rice bowl of Malaysia,’ Alor Setar is the capital of Kedah State, which is brimming with padi fields and great bending slopes which makes it one of the top cities in Malaysia to visit. The city itself is a bastion of Malay culture and makes them intrigue exhibitions to visit, just as some exquisite engineering on show. Close by is the dazzling Pulau Langkawi, a tropical island with pure seashores. This is the place most guests stop by when investigating the state. Some portion of an archipelago with around a hundred islands, it is this differentiation of padi fields and excellent seashores that makes Kedah such enjoyment to find.

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12. Semporna

top cities in Malaysia


A furious spot with no cultural or historical attractions of note, visitors stop by Semporna for one reason in particular – to get to the close by Semporna Archipelago. Brimming with traffic, if guests do remain in the city for any timeframe, they constantly head to a look at the mosque and the particular hotels on stilts covering the waterfront brimming with a lot of activities to perform one of the best cities in Malaysia to visit. Albeit a few people do remain in the city’s modest inns to set aside cash for a couple more plunges, when all is said in done, you are vastly improved off just utilizing Semporna to arrive at the close-by islands with their celestial jumping locales.

13. Putrajaya

top cities in Malaysia


Lying around thirty kilometers from Kuala Lumpur, Putrajaya is an arranged city that has the administration’s regulatory body. Amazing to observe, there are some incredible landmarks and design on show here, just as some awesome green spaces and stops. Wonderfully lit up around evening time, the city is well beneath its expected populace, which makes it a peculiar and marginally disrupting spot to visit. Definitely justified even despite a visit, Putrajaya vouches for Malaysia’s aspiration and vision for what’s to come.

14. Kota Bharu

top cities in Malaysia

Kota Bharu

Situated in the furthest upper east of the Malaysian landmass, Kota Bharu is chiefly visited by individuals hoping to make a beeline for close by Thailand or the Perhentian Islands. The city itself, in any case, is the ideal spot to increase an understanding of Malay culture, with the intriguing and instructive Culture Center being especially enthralling. With some dazzling old engineering on offer, just as some awesome Buddhist sanctuaries and vivacious markets, Kota Bharu is a decent area from which to investigate the pleasures of Kelantan state.


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15. Shah Alam

top cities in Malaysia

Shah Alam

Significant among the cities of Malaysia, Shah Alam is the territory of Selangor is just around 16 miles west of KL. Actually preceding its consideration in the Federal Territory, Kl used to be the state capital here. Observing the finish of British guidelines in 1957, Shah Alam was the primary arranged new city in the nation. This territory has been the focal point of Malaysia’s elastic and palm oil exchange for quite a long time. The city name was picked by the then state Sultan, Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah, out of appreciation for his late father Sultan Alam Shah. There are numerous landmarks, structures and even a road named in his respect. The Malaysian vehicle producer Proton has its fundamental plant situated in the mechanical edges of Shah Alam.

16. Petaling Jaya

top cities in Malaysia

Petaling Jaya

Petaling is one of the major cities in Malaysia to visit. Likewise in the province of Selangor and of comparable size to Shah Alam is Petaling Jaya. Another satellite town for KL, it is a piece of the capital’s urban spread. It wound up one of the Cities of Malaysia when allowed city status in June 2006. The British initially built up the city here, in their offer to develop the elastic estates of the neighborhood a solution to KL’s prospering populace. The passage to Petaling Jaya from Kuala Lumpur is set apart by one of its most renowned milestones, the Kota Darul Ehsan Arch, which straddles the regularly clogged parkway.

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17. Kuching

top cities in Malaysia


It is located on the Sarawak River toward the southwest of the province of Sarawak, on the island of Borneo. It covers a region of 166 square miles and has a populace of around 650,000. The populace is helped by the numerous transient laborers especially Indonesians who work here. Its numerous attractions incorporate the close by Kuching Wetlands National Park. Understood for its neighborhood nourishment, it has formed into a significant mechanical and business focus. It used to be a piece of the Brunei Empire. In the subsequent world war, it tumbled to the Japanese and was under their order for right around 4 years. It is currently immovably, one of the Cities of Malaysia.

Here mentioned the list of cities in Malaysia contains the proper information regarding the cities to be visited in Malaysia and some of the most beautiful and famous cities in Malaysia. Kindly head to other blogs as well if interested to explore the whole world, and don’t forget to share your views in the comment section.

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