Best Cities to Visit in Slovenia | Major Cities in Slovenia

You’ll see much of the green, mountainous wilderness of valleys, forests, and rivers when you visit Slovenia. There are also some super beautiful cities in Slovenia beyond that. At the crossroads of the trade and cultural routes of Europe, Slovenia is located strategically in southern Central Europe. Slovenia shares its border with Italy, Hungary, Austria, and  Croatia on different sides. The 2.06 million population lives in a 20,273 square km area. The country is democratic and its capital and one of the largest cities in Slovenia is Ljubljana. Here we describe some of the important features of Slovenia’s best cities.  like Ljubljana and Bled that are surrounded by lakes and forests, and feature perfectly-maintained medieval and renaissance buildings. Let’s take a look at the 10 best cities to visit in Slovenia.

List of Cities in Slovenia

1. Ljubljana

Best Cities to Visit in Slovenia


Ljubljana is the seat of government and one of the major cities in Slovenia. The city has a rich history and was once the site of Emona, an ancient Roman city and from the Middle Ages to 1918 until the dissolution of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Ljubljana was under Habsburg rule. The city is situated between the trade route that connects the Danube region to the northern Adriatic Sea. It is the economic, political, administrative, and educational hub of the country, currently. Include food processing, pharmaceuticals, and petrochemicals, the major industries active in this city. Other major employers active in this region are transport, skilled trades, construction, banking, finance, etc. Including many international arts, theater, and music festivals, Ljubljana hosts over 10,000 cultural events.

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2. Kobarid

Best Cities to Visit in Slovenia


This famous city in Slovenia is the perfect jumping-off point for adventure travel in Western Slovenia.  For a day of hiking, it is an easy drive to Triglav National Park, a nice mountain biking adventure in the area, and only 15 minutes from Tolmin Gorges. To stay in and calmKobarid is very reasonable. It’s pretty small, but there are quite a few beautiful blocks with cute houses. At night, its main street comes alive and if you look hard enough, there’s a cafe with a view of the church that serves up Slovenian craft beer. Try the beer from Reservoir Dogs if it’s in stock.

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3. Koper

Best Cities to Visit in Slovenia


Koper is one of the important cities in Slovenia, and one of the few that lives on the coast. One area of Koper is known as the old city and was originally Venetian. Over the years it has been restored, but the history is still felt in its core. There are also surrounding beaches near the town, so bring your swimsuit. One of the best things to do when you get somewhere new is to climb the highest tower or building and get a lay of the land. In Koper, that place is the bell tower. Praetorian Palace is an 800-year-old seat of power in a Venetian gothic design that’s all-white walls, beautiful carvings, and gargoyles. The Cathedral of Mary’s Assumption is known as a grand cathedral that’s stood for 800 years.

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4. Maribor

Best Cities to Visit in Slovenia


Maribor is the seat of the City Municipality of Maribor and one of the best cities in Slovenia. Such as the Water Tower, the Judgement Tower, the Jewish Tower, and other Maribor hosts a number of historic structures. The Maribor Cathedral and the Maribor Synagogue are religious buildings constructed in the 13th and 14th centuries respectively. Betnava Castle, Maribor Castle, etc. these are the several castles present in this city. Several other educational institutions and the University of Maribor are also located in Maribor. The city witnessed several cultural celebrations like Lent Festival that is held every June throughout the year, the major one being the two-week. Culinary specialties and wine are the specialties of the city.

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5. Celje

Best Cities to Visit in Slovenia


Celje is considered in cities to see in Slovenia. The city is known as the Municipality of Celje’s administrative seat. A regional center of the Styria and a traditional Slovenian region Celje also serves as. At the confluence of four rivers, Celje is located in the Lower Savinja Valley below the 1,335 feet tall Upper Celje Castle. At an elevation of 781, the city is feet above sea level. The city of Celje became a part of independent Slovenia following the Ten-Day War in 1991. A palace founded in the 16th century and the Greyfriars’ monastery that was established in 1241 and are the two major attractions of this Slovenian city.

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6. Kranj

Best Cities to Visit in Slovenia


Kranj is located only 20 km northwest of the capital city of the country and Ranking fourth among the must-visit cities in Slovenia. Acts as the center of the City Municipality and serves as the regional center of the traditional region of Upper Carniola. With electronics and rubber being the biggest industries here, Kranj is primarily an industrial city.

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7. Velenje

Best Cities to Visit in Slovenia


Velenje is one of the most visited cities in Slovenia and the fifth-biggest city. It is the center of the Slovenian Municipality of Velenje.  Among rolling hills of the Šalek Valley in the northeastern part of the country, the city is located. While the Kamnik-Savinja Alps lie to the west, the Pohorje Mountains lie to the east of the city.

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8. Bled

Best Cities to Visit in Slovenia


Bled is one of the top cities in Slovenia at the edge of Slovenia’s most beautiful place Lake Bled. Lake Bled is something very special. You won’t find a more beautiful landscape in all of Slovenia. Lake Bled is one of the best places to visit in Slovenia and Bled itself is also a haven. It’s a quiet little city of medieval, gothic, and renaissance buildings, and streets overflowing with great cafes and restaurants.

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9. Smartno

Best Cities to Visit in Slovenia


Smartno is still a secret but is easily one of the best cities in Slovenia to visit that you can visit. In the Gorica wine region, this tiny fortified hilltop city overlooking the Italian border and is full of beautiful alleyways to wander down, cozy cafes to get 1 euro wine at, and atmospheric doors.  If you’re looking for a cute Slovenian city you can’t miss it.

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10. Piran

Best Cities to Visit in Slovenia


Today Piran is known as one of the most popular cities in Slovenia and once upon a time Piran was a quiet fishing town. Piran is defined by its stunning Venetian architecture, the great wellness spas, and it’s super-delicious local cuisine. Tartini Square is the first place you’ll want to visit, to get a feel for the town, is Tartini Square. It’s the wheel that the rest of the town spins out from. You can climb the bell tower to see the panoramic view of the city.

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All of the mentioned cities to visit in Slovenia and must-see cities in Slovenia are the top places to visit in Slovenia which are worth visiting. All of these cities are rich in culture, history and offer a lot to his visitors. I hope the post is beneficial to you kindly read our other blogs also if you want to know more about Slovenia.

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