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This huge country is home to sandy beaches, sunshine, and marsupials, famous cities to visit in Australia is a dream trip for many travelers worldwide. But tourists are often pleasantly surprised to find that the Lucky Country has much more to offer than they’d expected from lush rainforests to barren outback, extraordinary flora and fauna, two of the world’s most exciting fossil sites, and world-class museums, galleries, and restaurants, cities in Australia have a wealth of things to see and do and are very much underrated in comparison. Let’s take a tour of the beautiful cities in Australia.

List of Cities to Visit in Australia

1. Perth

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The laidback, youthful capital of Western Australia is the perfect place to visit if you ́re looking to sit back and relax for a bit. With exquisite beaches, stunning climate, and a cosmopolitan vibe to it, Perth is a city to relish and appreciate. It has a wealth of bars, cafés, and social destinations, just as heaps of open-air exercises, which pull in tourists and local people the same. Perth is one of the most beautiful cities to visit in Australia, you ́re going to want to spend a good amount of time there to make the journey worthwhile. 

2. Adelaide

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Known as ́the city of churches ́, residents of Adelaide argue that there are actually more pubs than church spires in the city. It is considered one of the top cities of Australia. It is considered in one of the famous cities to visit in Australia. One of the best times of year to visit is in ́Mad March,́ when plenty of festivals and events are held concurrently.

3. Melbourne

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You have a lot to see and do. Perhaps the most popular city to visit in Australia on the earth, Melbourne has a European appearance. Observed as the social capital of the nation, it has various art exhibitions, an energetic music scene, and some awesome cooking from around the world. In spite of the fact that it can’t contrast and Sydney as far as shocking sights, Melbourne wins hands-down with regards to its genuine, different and energetic neighborhoods dabbing the region. Take the time to explore its streets and you’ll soon find yourself falling in love with this great city.

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4. Sydney

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One of the largest cities in Australia population has to offer, Sydney’s iconic look makes it a prime destination to visit when heading Down Under. The Opera House and Sydney Harbor Bridge are the undoubted postcard image of the city, although sweeping Bondi beach and the picture-perfect harbourfront are equally dazzling to behold. Sydney, a lively city has a vibrant cultural and arts scene. These all make Sydney a great city to live in as well as a visit. There are some lovely historic sites to visit, With over two hundred years of history while just outside Sydney lie some gorgeous national parks.

5. Brisbane

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Brisbane is the capital of the Sunshine State, the third-largest city and richest cities in Australia. Brisbane is blessed with a delightful climate throughout the year. Consequently, there is an endless number of outdoor activities to get your blood pumping. Ranging from kayaking and climbing to hiking and biking, there’s no reason to be a couch potato in Brisbane. Located on the banks of the Brisbane River, restaurants, bars, music venues and more spread out from the waterfront. It’s also now one of the music capitals of the world, thanks to its talented local Australian music scene.

6. Cairns

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The list of the top 10 cities to visit in Australia is incomplete without Cairns. Surrounded by rainforest, the city of Cairns is geared to one thing and one thing only tourists. Consequently, upon your arrival, you will find hordes of tourists in a friendly city with a laid back vibe and not much in the way of sights. Cairns, the most popular cities to visit in Australia,  is blessed, however, when it comes to incredible natural wonders the spectacular Great Barrier Reef is the main reason people visit the city. Many people use it as a gateway to the region and Daintree National Park and the Queensland Outback aren’t too far away.

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7. Canberra

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The capital of Australia is one of the top cities to visit in Australia and a place to spend some time. Very few know that it is a planned city that is slowly growing into a fantastic tourist destination. Originally inhabited by politicians and civil servants, the young city now has numerous museums, galleries, and monuments to explore. Thanks in part to the large student body, there is a lively nightlife scene and a plethora of restaurants and bars to choose from. Canberra is located out in the bush and has lots of quality outdoor activities for you to sink your teeth into, with many visitors electing to stop by the nearby Namadgi National Park.

8. Darwin

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Darwin is known as a cosmopolitan city. Darwin is counted in one of the best cities to visit in Australia. This is what makes it so fascinating to visit. A laidback city on the coast of the Timor Sea in Northern Territory, many people stop at Darwin and use it as a base to explore the nearby natural wonders of Kakadu and Litchfield National Parks, as well as the impressive Tiwi Islands.

9. Hobart

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With a bustling waterfront lined with things to see and do, a beautiful mountain forming a backdrop to the city and the dark blue of the ocean surrounding the shore, Hobart is definitely a picturesque place and one of the important cities in Australia to visit. The southernmost city in the country, Hobart ́s remote location on the island of Tasmania ironically helped to preserve its historic buildings and Victorian architecture – primarily because it was overlooked for so long. Now, the good times are back, with Hobart welcoming more and more people to its shores each year, thanks to its wealth of attractions and captivating buzz. 

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10. Gold Coast

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Gold Coast

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Gold Coast ́s primary drawcard is the spectacular combination of sun, sea, and surf. With Surfers Paradise being the most popular of them all, Apartment blocks tower above the city’s almost endless array of beaches. A popular city to visit in Australia, sunshine is almost guaranteed here. Coupled with the lively and raucous party scene, you ́re guaranteed a good time. 

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