Top 10 Things to Buy in Havana | Best Souvenirs to Buy from Havana

Havana is one of the top cities in Cuba that attracts lots of travelers every year due to its serene beaches and tropical climate. You are offered with some of the best things to buy in Havana that result from the organic and natural parts of Havanaā€™s incredible climates and fun-loving musical cultural vibes. Therefore, you are offered a lot of choices even on the streets. You can easily find numerous products regarding your trouble about what souvenirs to buy in Havana? But to know the perfect hotspot areas of shopping and what comprises the best options for getting a cheaper deal that is classy in looks and trendy in style, you can follow the given below list of top 10 items to buy from Havana that can fit in any budget and satisfies all the requirements for a great present.

List of Top Things to Buy in Havana

1.Ā Wood Handicraft

 Best Souvenirs to Buy from Havana

Wood Handicraft

These souvenirs are made by the famous Havana’s craft markets that are packed with intricate woodwork. These are some of the top gifts that you can find in this fun-loving city. There are a lot of items including kitschy ashtrays, figurines, as well as wood carvings of excellent quality. There are numerous gift shops and street markets all over the city that are teeming with locally-produced handicrafts. These famous souvenirs to buy in Havana are some of the most decorative items for your houses. The most popular merchandise includes wood carvings and statues, paper-mĆ¢chĆ© masks, and religious figurines, as well as simple jewelry made from shells and seeds.

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2.Ā Cuban Cohiba Cigars

 Best Souvenirs to Buy from Havana

Cuban Cohiba Cigars

How can you leave this city without trying the famous Cuban cigars? Cohibas’ brand was a highly special name that was started by a professional who just wanted to make cigars for his friends. But later his techniques reached other countries and everyone is now a fan of Cohiba cigars from Havana. These are some of the best things to buy in Havana. In fact, Cohiba cigars were often gifted to foreign state officials in ancient times. In 1982, the factory was extended and the cigars became available to more than just the political elite. These cigars are made by Habanos SA, using top-secret methods and tobacco from 10 handpicked fields.

3.Ā Havana Club Rum

 Best Souvenirs to Buy from Havana

Havana Club Rum

For your drinker’s club, Havana Rum is the best option to choose from. Cuba and Caribbeans host a rich history when it comes to rum. BUT the specialized Rums have been consumed in the region since early colonial times and produced here for almost 100s of years. Hence, when before the Cuban revolution, the world-famous ā€œBacardiā€ was headquartered in Havana was later the main center of Cuban rum. These rums are the top things to buy in Havana due to their smooth taste and a distinctive flavor, and it can be used as a great cocktail rum as well.

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4.Ā Tostonera

 Best Souvenirs to Buy from Havana


If you are looking for any cutlery as a takeaway gift for your loved ones back at home then Tostonera is the best present to buy. These are one of the best ideas about what to buy in Havana? That can perfectly fit in the kitchen of any foodie lover. Tostonera, is basically the tool with which double-fried green plantains (unripe bananas) which are eaten as appetizers topped with cheese or ceviche are prepared. This mouthwatering dish is easy to make if you have the right equipment likeĀ Tostonera, a plantain press. There are wooden, plastic, or metal Tostoneras available in the market but the wood is the most preferred type which a lot of travelers opt for buying.

5.Ā Habana 1791 Perfumes

 Best Souvenirs to Buy from Havana

Habana 1791 Perfumes

A lot of people adore perfumes especially when they are bought from different cities. Habana 1791 is a local landmark, housed in an 18th-century mansion at Mercaderes No. 156, on the corner of ObrapĆ­a, in the heart of Old Havana. These perfumes are the top quality items that are expensive but their quality worths every drop. They have 12 major scents – Rose, Jasmine, Violet, Orange Blossom, Lilac, Ylang-Ylang, Patchouli, Vetiver, Sandalwood, Tobacco, Citric and Lavender. These are some of the best souvenirs to buy in Havana that can even make you experience the long-gone colonial era. The perfumes are carefully preserved in handcrafted bottles, stylishly corked, and are placed inside small linen bags. Therefore, I hope you might not have to worry about any other gift when you can buy this valuable product from Havana.

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6.Ā Cuban Coffee

 Best Souvenirs to Buy from Havana

Cuban Coffee

The whole world is influenced by the quality and flavors of Cuban Coffee. What better place to buy this coffee than from Havan? Cuban coffee is 100% natural, and it is harvested in the Sierra Maestra Mountains, whose climate and soil are said to be ideally suited for growing coffee without any resort to chemicals. Such rich coffee beans canā€™t be found anywhere in the world. Therefore, if you are already a coffee addict then thereā€™s no better thing to buy from Havana than the refined Cuban Coffee.

7.Ā Guayabera (Men’s shirt)

 Best Souvenirs to Buy from Havana

Guayabera (Men’s shirt)

Since the weather in Havan is mostly sunny, a lot of items manufactured in the city are very well suited for the summers. Just like these Guayabera or men’s shirts worn all over the Caribbean (particularly Cuba) and Southeast Asia. Although its lots of countries claim their origin, Cubans seem to be the strongest among all of them. These clothing items are the most popular things to buy in Havana which is such a comfortable thing to put on in Havana’s sweat drenching hot months. The shirt is easily recognizable by its two or four front pockets and, most precisely, the vertical rows of Alforzas, providing the necessary ventilation are the signature of Guayberaā€™s shirts.

8.Ā Cuban Straw Hat

 Best Souvenirs to Buy from Havana

Cuban Straw Hat

Another very useful item for tolerating the higher heat zones. Such hats made from Straw are not only stylish but they provide proper ventilation of air so that you donā€™t sweat heavily. These fedora hats have wider brim shielding from the hot sun which can protect you from any sweat drenching activity in the sun. These are must-buy things from Havana especially if you are planning to continue your trip to other adventurous beaches or high heat zones of the world.

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9.Ā Torticas de MorĆ³n (Cuban sugar cookies)

 Best Souvenirs to Buy from Havana

Torticas de MoroĢn (Cuban sugar cookies)

Enough with the adult items, as the kids are always excited to receive gifts for their loved ones who travel often. Therefore, their favorite items are not expensive rings or antique books but all they desire are the sugary delights. Hence, to search Havana for edible delicacies Torticas de MorĆ³n or the Cuban sugar cookie with a refreshing little kick of lime and vanilla are the best presents. You can find Torticas de morĆ³n at any bakery in Havana hence donā€™t miss out on this great opportunity to win the hearts of your kids back at home.

10.Ā Leather Sandals

 Best Souvenirs to Buy from Havana

Leather Sandals

Leather is the most durable and fashionable product that never loses its buyers. Since leather is processed by hand in a lot of shops in Havana therefore, the design you find is always simple, but the quality is very good. These are some of the top souvenirs to buy in Havana that can last for several years and most importantly with proper care, these leather items which are made from natural materials and are possible to repair unlike other shoes of today’s world.

All the above-mentioned items are best in their quality and designs. Havana keeps on improving its items to enhance its tourism traffic every year. Now, you can bypass the useless items that a lot of sellers hand you under expensive rates as the best souvenirs to buy inĀ  Havana and with the mentioned above list of top things to buy inĀ  Havana you can not only save your money in buying items but you can also provide items that look expensive and classy irrespective of their prices. For more engaging info like these head on to other blogs and donā€™t forget to share it among your friends.

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