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A trip to an amusement park in Istanbul with your family and friends creates one-of-a-kind adventure experiences and memories. It provides you with a unique opportunity to have a laugh or two with entirely new people and interact with each other in an environment dedicated to fun, besides the shared experience that it offers. Right from roller coasters to twisted colossus and other fast rides in the best theme park in Istanbul, it has something fascinating for everyone. Right from kids to their parents to the elderly, everyone can let their hearts out. The other attractions that can be experienced at an amusement park are the aquariums, gardens, festivals and much more besides the thrilling rides. Take a group trip to these amazing theme parks in Istanbul for some safe thrills and adrenaline rush.

Theme and Amusement Parks in Istanbul

1. Büyükçekmece Grand Aqua Marine

Water Parks in Istanbul, Aqua Parks in Istanbul Turkey

The Grand Aqua Marine is a great family destination and amusement parks‎ in Istanbul where everyone can let down their hair literally and just have fun since 1999. It’s perfect for kids as young as one and adults beyond 65. There are tons of pools and water slides with different ones for different ages. And the food available there is reasonably priced at an average price of USD5. And if you go there on a weekday, the park won’t be as crowded. But if you go there on a weekend, try to get there as early as you can because it does get crowded. There are also free shuttles to take you to the Grand Aqua Marine from Taksim Square.

Address: Komando Sk., 4, Istanbul 34500, Turkey

2. Aqua Club Dolphin

Water Parks in Istanbul, Aqua Parks in Istanbul Turkey

Aqua Club Dolphin is one of the best water theme parks in Istanbul. They have seven pools, including a shipping pool, a wave pool, and two children’s pool. Plus there are 12 types of slides, including the Child Sliders, King Kobra, Anakonda, Kamikaze, and Space Hole. Adults can also enjoy a Snow Party and some Beach Volleyball. And there’s no need to worry about getting hungry. They’ve got a lot of restaurants inside the park, waiting to feed you. Before going through, make sure to read the park rules so you’re not surprised once you get there.

Address: Cemal Pasa Cad. Bahcesehir, Basaksehir, Istanbul, Turkey

3. Star Park

Water Parks in Istanbul, Aqua Parks in Istanbul Turkey

The World of Amusement since 1961. Such a fitting tagline for a theme park with three kinds of Ferris Wheel, Zero Gravity, Pirate Ship Gondola, Swing Rides, and Bumper Cars for the adults. And for the kids, they’ve got their own Ferris Wheel, Swing Ride, Bumper Car, five types of Carousels, and lots of trains. It is one of the best theme parks in Istanbul. 

Address: OSB Kırmızı Cad. No: 11 Nilüfer, Bursa, Turkiye 16159

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4. Bostancı Lunapark

Water Parks in Istanbul, Aqua Parks in Istanbul Turkey

Lunapark is a smaller but still fun best amusement park in Istanbul that has been around since 1983 but continues to update and evolve with the times. Children will enjoy a visit to Lunapark and it’s a great way for adults to relive their childhood with the Merry-Go-Round, Fear Tunnel, Octopus, Gondola, and the Ferris Wheel. Plus there are shows organized regularly that you can watch with your family and friends. And since the park is in the middle of the city, it’s very accessible via public transportation or your own.

Address: Mehmet Sevki Pasa Cad. Bostanci, Kadikoy, Istanbul, Turkey

5. Maltepe Beach Park and Event Space

Water Parks in Istanbul, Aqua Parks in Istanbul Turkey

Maltepe Beach Park, one of the theme parks in Istanbul turkey was built by the city of Istanbul as a park overlooking the ocean. It’s open 24 hours and you can spend time with your family, your friends, your pets, and yourself amongst lush greens and blue waters. Rent a bike and ride along the coast and watch scenic views of the Prince Islands. Bring a blanket and enjoy a picnic with your family. The park is open 24 hours so you can come anytime.

Address: Yalı Mahallesi, Turgut Özal Blv., Maltepe/İstanbul, Turkey

6. Ä°sfanbul

Water Parks in Istanbul, Aqua Parks in Istanbul Turkey

İsfanbul, or Vialand as it was formerly known, is one of the first and most famous theme parks in Turkey. The park, which opened on May 26, 2013, is located on the Eyüpsultan and Gaziosmanpaşa districts of Istanbul. It’s also adjacent to a shopping center and theater on a lot of area of 600 square meters (6458.35 square feet), one-third of which is occupied by the İsfanbul theme park. There are 30 different entertainment zones to visit as well as the Breath Taker rollercoaster, which runs at 110 km (68.35 mi) per hour, Drop Tower, Viking, and Dungeon. And for the kids, they’ve got their own entertainment facilities, like Dora and Diego, and Safari Tunnel. İsfanbul is open Friday to Monday so plan accordingly!

Address: Yeşilpınar Mahallesi, Şht. Metin Kaya Sk. No:11, 34065 Eyüp/İstanbul, Turkey

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7. Xtrem Aventures Ä°stanbul

Water Parks in Istanbul, Aqua Parks in Istanbul Turkey

If you’re looking for the biggest amusement park in Istanbul that’ll take you to soaring heights, then a visit to Xtrem Aventures İstanbul is very much needed. There are four different high rope tracks and a zip line track for eight years old and above. Or if you want to let go of your inhibitions and fears, step up to the Quick Jump and jump from the Quick Jump tree 15 meters (49.2 feet) above ground level. And for kids between four to eight years old, they’ve got a huge net suspended 10 meters (32.8084 feet) above ground so they can jump and play safely. And you can also book a group adventure at Xtrem Aventures for your birthday or during the evening. Make sure to book your reservation in advance!

Address: Huzur Mah. Ayazaga Cad., Istanbul Kultur Merkezi, Maslak, Istanbul 34396, Turkey

8. Moipark

Water Parks in Istanbul, Aqua Parks in Istanbul Turkey

Moipark is the largest theme park in Istanbul, inside the Mall of Istanbul, since May 23, 2014. It’s a great place for kids aged two to fourteen to have fun. There’s the Fun House, Ferris Wheel, Plus Coaster, Jungle Lift, Carousel, Spinning Coaster, Drop & Twist Tower, They operate with a card system, where you load your card with credits and just swipe with each ride. And be sure to watch a Rockhead’s show while you’re there! The kids will love it.

Address: Mall of Istanbul, Istanbul 34306, Turkey

9. ViaSea Aquarium

Water Parks in Istanbul, Aqua Parks in Istanbul Turkey

The ViaSea Aquarium is located inside the Viaport Marina, along with a theme park, games hall, bowling alley, and cinema. Serving fun with the family since May 2015, the ViaSea Aquarium, the world’s first climate-themed aquarium, has the longest underwater tunnel in Istanbul. This popular theme park in Istanbul houses over twelve thousand marine animals, where you can feed the fish yourself or caress stingrays with your own hands. If you want to be close to this many animals, then the ViaSea Aquarium is the place you need to visit.

Address: Cami Mah ViaSea Eğlence Meydanı Viaport Marina No:29, 34940 Tuzla, Turkey

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10. Miniaturk

Water Parks in Istanbul, Aqua Parks in Istanbul Turkey

The amazing amusement park in Istanbul houses mini versions of treasures found in Turkey. Half of the treasures are from Istanbul and the rest from Anatolia and the Ottoman territories outside of Turkey. It’s a great attraction to visit with your family and friends and to creatively learn about the history of Turkey. About 125 to 150 models can be found in this 5,500 square meters (59201 square feet) park, including the Adana Stone Bridge, Bursa Green Tomb, Izmir Clock Tower, The ruins of Mount Nimrod, and the House of The Virgin Mary.

Address: Imrahor Caddesi, Sutluce, Istanbul 34445, Turkey

So far we have discussed the theme parks in Istanbul. I hope you might have gathered some information related to it. If you are planning your trip to Istanbul then kindly go through our other articles as well which will be quite beneficial for you. Please share your views regarding the con tent explained above and liked it too.

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