Top 10 Souvenirs to Buy in San Francisco | Best Things to Buy in San Francisco

San Francisco is an amazing port city that features some of the best products that you can not find in any other city of California. To ease your shopping spree follow the given below suggestion about what to buy in  San Francisco? that attracts a lot of tourists and serves them, with the most unique take away gifts. You might experience a lot of weird San Franciscan historic traditions or items that can shock any non-resident person but that also attracts you towards its wide range of top souvenirs to buy from San Francisco that can be found all around the city and if you want to explore more about these interesting products then read out the given below list and find your personal favorite items to take back for your loved ones.

List of Things to Buy in San Francisco

1. Olive Oil

best things to buy in San Francisco

Olive oil

In entire California, Olive oil production first began in the 16th-century through Spanish missionaries who started a Mission olive for further development of this business in San Francisco due to the city’s active port culture. Stonehouse’s Silver Ridge grove harvests Mission olives along with the most common variety of Spanish olive-Manzanillo and Barouni olives (Tunisian variety) in this city. Olive oil is the healthiest cooking oil due to its antioxidative properties therefore, it serves as one of the best things to buy in San Francisco. You can even taste some of the oil varieties before buying at some store in SF.

2. Hats

best things to buy in San Francisco


Bringing the most popular souvenirs to buy in San Francisco reminisce the classic memories of the signature products that define the city in the best forms. Hats are some of the most crucial forms of clothing that represent San Francisco’s olden culture and relive their classic tales from history. There is a fourth-generation enterprise Goorin Brothers working endlessly in this field of hat designing and creation since 1895. They are one of the U.S. oldest hat makers and their exclusive stores having 1333 Minna Collection, designed by local tattoo and graffiti artists, printers, and illustrators are the best designer hats that you can take away from this city.

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3. Messenger Bag

best things to buy in San Francisco

Messenger bag

Taking formal or designer handbags for men or women is now a very cliche gift idea. Even it costs you much more than any expensive jewelry due to various exporting charges. Therefore, take back one of the top souvenirs to buy in San Francisco that was founded in 1989 by San Francisco’s bicycle messenger Rob Honeycutt and his sewing machine. These were Timbuk2 messenger bags which were intended for both messengers and civilians in ancient times. Distinguished by a three-panel design and military-grade fabrication not only they showcase the rich history of SF but they are long-lasting and stylish. The bags were inspired by the movement of populations around the city between various groups and disparate activities, so be proud of your choice as you support a great cause with just a relic bag of this city.

4. Mushrooms

best things to buy in San Francisco


If you are looking for any edible material that you can take back home with you from this city then Mushrooms are the best option. At the edge of the Pacific Ocean, more than 40 wild and cultivated varieties of mushrooms are grown on the Far West farm in San Francisco. The location of this city is well-suited for mushroom production and you get a plethora of options to choose from various famous mushroom varieties. Don’t worry about the poisonous contamination of several mushrooms because most of the varieties are treated with a blend of straw, rice bran, and red oak sawdust under high-pressure steam before being seeded in sterile chambers. You can get these famous things to buy in San Francisco at a very affordable rate and depending on the species growth cycles they can last from four to eight weeks.

5. Coffee

best things to buy in San Francisco


Who doesn’t love an imported finely roasted variety of coffee especially when you are getting the best prices for the fine quality of the coffee? San Francisco is the best city in California to shop for these beverages. You are served with a great variety of distinctly roasted beans that are sold regularly. For example, the Four Barrel coffee which refers to the gas-heated, four-barrel roasted coffee bean varieties in which about 7,500 pounds of coffee are turned out every week. A series of single-origin roasts are kept for sale along with the most popular Friendo Blendo blend. If you are still perplexed about what to buy in San Francisco? Then go for the Ritual Roasters that is co-founded with Eileen Hassi and many culinary coffee drinkers have called it superior in flavors and aroma from Four barrel roasted beans. Such a lighter Scandinavian roast allows the flavor of the coffee bean to speak for itself.

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6. Vintage Levi’s

best things to buy in San Francisco

Vintage Levi’s

As everyone already appreciates the legacy of this famous brand, Levi’s owns a large warehouse that is situated in the south of San Francisco where it stores its pre-1900-era jeans along with reliquary documents, photographs, fliers, and handbills. So, if you love the old-school stuff then this is your jam to get lost into the world of vintage clothing manufactured by the most reliable apparel brand. The special limited edition items are also created to replicate other old vintage jeans found in mine shafts and in the Nevada desert. It is very hard to choose only one thing to buy in San Francisco when you get your hands over the top lumberjack-looking flannel shirts, hunting coats, shooting vests  and so on from original Levi’s industry.

7. Pint Glasses

best things to buy in San Francisco

Pint glasses

These are named after a book written in 1933 by Herbert Asbury in SF. Usually, it’s hard to bring glass items from any trip back at home but if you want to pick out something thoughtful and valuable from this city then Pint glasses are the perfect souvenir to buy in San Francisco, California. Popular author Faedi’s collection draws importance over these relics from the city‚Äôs past attracting more history geeks to buy this product from SF. Sutro Baths, once a glass-enclosed swimming pool at the north end of Ocean Beach and now a Roman ruin is also adorably reciprocated and relieved through Pint glasses.

8. Muni T-Shirt

best things to buy in San Francisco

Muni T-Shirt

For clothing and famous casual wear in this city, Muni t-shirt company has successfully sold umpteen t-shirts that hold a signature logo of squiggly-line representing San Francisco’s Muni transit system that governs the collection of buses, trolleys, subways lines, and cable cars in the city. The shirts pay tribute to a public transportation system therefore, if you want to give a respectful goodbye to this city before leaving then a Muni T-shirt is a must-buy thing in San Francisco that you should purchase.

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9. Eyepatch

best things to buy in San Francisco


This might sound weird as the eyepatches are now only seen in the movies where either a great pirate is cherished from its one-eye look or the ‚ÄėGreek God Odin‚Äô spreads its valor through the gold plated eyepatch in Asgard. Such an extraordinary idea of a pirate supply store comes from the ancient sailing culture of the San Francisco Bay that speaks of the legendary tales during its Gold Rush heydays that happened through North Africa‚Äôs pirate-infested Barbary Coast. These famous souvenirs to buy in San Francisco will be your most unique take away that embellishes the rich history of pirates in the San Francisco Bay. You can get the eyepatches in black, pink, hot pink, powder blue, turquoise, yellow, and tan line at the pirate supply store of the city.

10. Wine

best things to buy in San Francisco


For drinkers, taking a great flavorful aged wine from a foreign city is a default tradition that must be followed at last. Therefore, if you are looking for some top brands in SF then PlumpJack is the well-accomplished option that has been in this business for many years.  Now, it has successfully followed a restaurant, bar, wine shop, and resort group, and a Cabernet house winery where you can enjoy all sorts of wine with classic cultures from the city. If you are still hesitant about what souvenirs to buy from San Francisco? then look for the Boutique Wineries such as Hill Family Estate that manufactures top-quality flavored wines ranging from caramel popcorn, black licorice, chocolate, till cherries.

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Hope you enjoyed these above-mentioned suggestions about top 10 souvenirs to buy in San Francisco that can not only enhance your adventurous exploration throughout the city but also weave tonnes of happy nostalgic memories with the famous things to buy from San Francisco that you can take back and relish your journey forever. For more engaging info like these read our other blogs. Do share and comment in the below section for more filtered and customized information from our travel chums.

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