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Shenzhen was a fishing port 40 years ago but now their amazing skyscrapers and well-known structures are ‘talk of the town’ all over the globe. Perhaps no city has emerged so well and developed their amenities at much faster rates. Shenzhen is known for their generous welcoming nature and top trending entities in every sector of the business. You will barely feel left out of anything you desire that you can’t find in Shenzhen, as they take care of everything with full concern and great management. Just follow along with this list of top 10 reasons that signify What Shenzhen is best-known for all around the world.

List of Reasons Why Shenzhen is Popular

1. Temples

Shenzhen is known

Shenzhen has varieties of temples that are not just a place to worship but you can explore an adorable natural beauty wreathing these temples with their wide long mountain ranges and greeneries. Hong Fa Temple situated within the Shenzhen Fairy Lake Botanical Garden is such a picturesque place located in the Wutong Mountains that must be visited once in life. But Shenzhen is famous for the Dahuaxing Buddhist Temple which is much less crowded than Hong Fa temple and lies a bit far away from the city in the eastern regions where the typical lotus-shaped roofs will provide you with a perfect sign visible far away from the place on the hilly mountains. You can explore other soulful temples of Shenzhen such as Guan Gong Temple based on a warrior in the famous novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms in Nanshan District, Chen Yang Hou Temple or San Sheng Temple etc.

2. Parks

Shenzhen is known for

In comparison to the neighbouring country of China which faces a huge problem of pollution, Shenzhen, in contrast, has the best air quality which even after being around 1/16th part of China maintains a fine balance between the modern world and sustained natural ecosystems. This incredible quality provides some very scenic parks in Shenzhen which are filled with fresh air and calm surroundings mesmerising your eyes and imagination. You must not miss the Mangrove Park which is Shenzhen’s famous place to ride along over a rented bike into the dense green canopies of the park while experiencing the fresh tints of every aromatic flower blooming in different seasons. You can also gaze down the lake from the top of the archaic stone bridge in Lychee Park, or just lie down and relax while starring the clear blue sky in the lush lawn of Lianhua Park.

3. Theme Parks

Shenzhen is known for

If only the endless fields of green lawns are not enough for you then, you must go through the exclusive theme parks of the Shenzhen which showcases a great imagination and creativity of people here. Shenzhen is most popular for the Window of the World owns miniature replicas of around 130 most famous sights in the world where you can let your kids explore the world’s best things in a fun and interesting way. And for some healthy, happy fun visit the Happy Valley amusement park especially for kids that represents health, fitness and world cultures. There is one more park, the Splendid China which has replicas of famous places from China. It is a part of the China Folk Culture Village. There are a lot of fun places to visit even inside these huge parks so take out a major amount of your time to explore these full-family pack amusement parks in Shenzhen.

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4. Buffet of Tallest Buildings

Shenzhen is known for

Yes, you might not believe that such a small city can have a collection of world’s tallest skyscrapers that even scrape the whole world out of jealousy with their versatility and greatness. Still you must watch over their great legacy of a modern era marked with their buildings. The Ping An Finance Centre is the 4th tallest building in the world which stands erect in the Guangdong province since 2017. If you are wondering about that famous pencil-shaped building visible in all those panoramic views of Shenzhen its KK100, the 2nd tallest building in Shenzhen giving a signifying remark for the world about What is Shenzhen famous for?. After adoring all these skyscrapers, do visit the Shun Hing Square (Diwang Building) which ranks among the tallest all-steel buildings in the entire China. All these are fabulous remarks over the incredible creativity skills of Shenzheners who keep on breaking the boundaries with their amazing works.

5. Hiking

Shenzhen is known for

When your adventure calls, you need to answer with the most enthusiastic screams possible, especially when you are in Shenzhen which is geographically gifted with the privileges of beautiful hilly areas. So why not hike them with your buddies and enjoy nature in its best forms possible. You must not miss the Wutong Mountain and Nanshan Mountain, where you can get a slice of nature along with some temples hidden in the forests or botanical gardens making them among the best places to visit in Shenzhen for a close touch from natural experience and healthy hikes.

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6. Beauty and Spas

Shenzhen is known for

If your definition of relaxation starts with lying in bed then I have a perfect suggestion for you to relax in Shenzhen’s famous spa both for men and women who are looking for a luxurious spa in a five-star hotel. Shenzhen’s service industry caters to people of all economic backgrounds with extremely affordable massage houses and nail salons scattered in sundry corners of the city. You might not wanna miss the Chinese-style acupuncture and traditional treatment clinics that are running such meditating grounds since ancient times and own some of the mysterious and incredible skills to ease all your stress and pain to provide you with a beauty which shines from within.

7. Fashion

Shenzhen is known for

We have stereotypical notions about the strict dressings of Chinese cultures but here as seen before in the case of tallest buildings Shenzheners are great in breaking those notions to construct something very amazing as the incredible fashion catalogues of more than ten large scale shopping malls are a treat to watch the fabulous fusion of traditional and modern trends. It provides a facilitating environment for fashion designers who think beyond the borders. Along with that Shenzhen attracts tons of talents with their expressions of fashion and duty-free materials. Shenzhen’s famous fashion brand Jixiangzhai which combines the traditional elegance with modern style aand has made its appearance on London Fashion Week marking it a must-visit place in Shenzhen for the trendiest fashion in the world.

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8. Beaches

Shenzhen is known for

The natural dose of Shenzhen is already high with its great location surrounded by hills which is increased tenfold with the seashores that take a dip at Dameisha and Xichong beaches, the two most popular public beaches here. Shenzhen is best-known for the luxurious, quiet private beach experiences at, Sheraton Dameisha Resort also which are the tourist hubs, especially in summers. You must not miss these famous beauty centres which are dazzling with golden sand and crystal shiny blue water of the sea.

9. Cantonese Food

Shenzhen is known for

Not Chinese! Yes, this city is famous for its versatile variety of Cantonese food which is sold in every corner of the Shenzhen streets and restaurants. Some of the famous foods of Shenzhen have a weird and bland taste that might not suit your taste buds at first but keep on exploring the city as their varieties of Cantonese foods are endless. Personal suggestion: try Cantonese Dim Sums and sausages first, not the Cantonese congee which is more of a traditional taste that you might not prefer. Shenzhen’s popular for their welcoming nature from a very long time hence you will find a lot of variations of different country’s cuisines that have been introduced into their cultures long back into history.

10. Electronics

Shenzhen is known for

If your transit date is nearby and you have to buy some returning gifts from this city go for the electronic items that are best found in Huaqiangbei street in Shenzhen, which is like the forest of electronic gems than you can ever imagine available at very low prices due to reduced export tax duties over a lot of items here. You might even find it hard to get only one-stop-shop for rip-off phones, authentic smartphones, repair workshops and any tiny phone component you can or cannot think of which are available here in every electronic market of Shenzhen providing you tonnes of choices. Shenzhen is most-visited for the maze-like streets of various electronic factories in Baoan and Longgang, just don’t get lost there, do bring some of your local friends for bargaining and easy routes.

Hope you liked the entities of Shenzhen which display a plethora of colours representing What is Shenzhen is famous for? Along with the best natural landmarks in Shenzhen that are adored all over the globe. You have to appreciate this city which turned its way all over from being just a fishing port into a high-end metropolis city in just 40 years, which has now the buffet of tallest buildings intricately structured with a fine camaraderie of sustained natural beauties and luscious green parks of the Shenzhen.

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