Experience the nostalgic side of Hong Kong through bright neon lights

Synopsis: 1910’s Neon Lights have a noticeable significance in the history of Hong Kong. However, in present times, the government is removing these neon signs considering them accident-prone. Most of these signs have now been replaced by energy-saving LED lights.

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Hong kong has many cities with amazing nightlife. In every direction, you will get to see a glazing neon sign. These Neon lights are considered a vital element of Hong Kong’s past. They were first installed in 1910 and have been used ever since. In fact, they are still being used today. These lights are known to be a major tourist attraction in Hong Kong. You can’t deny the fact that these lights gave the city its exceptional look. 

Indeed, the city is developing impetuously and so are the people. However, it’s still common to see these 19th-century neon lights on the street. These splendid neon lights represented an exuberant and clamoring city. These are not just to showcase the place but have a vital part in helping the newcomers to recognize their way. Or we can say that these neon lights are the perfect guide for foreigners. You can easily find your way following these glamorous lights in Hong kong.

These lights have a strong past and these are hand-tailored by craftsmen. Several craftsmen have spent years learning the technique and procedure to design these neon lights with perfection. Only a few of them are alive now and they are the ones who want to take this culture to the future. 

There is so much to preserve about these lights. These are neither ordinary lights nor everyone is qualified to design them with excellence. Traditional Chinese characters are used to design these lights and experts spent years learning those Traditional characters. In short, we can say that Hong Kong’s neon lights are unique and inimitable. It requires years of experience to design such lights with perfection.

Despite holding so much significance, nowadays the government is planning to remove them from the streets. They are now seeing it as an accident-prone element that can distract the travelers to risk their life. It is not that these lights are not energy efficient or have any involvement in an accident. Still, the majority of the neon lights have been removed from the streets. 

The neon sign has become a symbol of contemporary Hong Kong and removing them from the streets will definitely wipe out a very big part of Hong Kong’s history. Many neon signs around the city can be seen on the street. Some of them are even lit at night. This is a great way to attract attention. Many people still come to Hong Kong to enjoy watching these glamorous works of neon lights for which Hong Kong stays alive even at night.

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