Top 10 Beaches in Venice | Famous Beaches to Visit in Venice

Venice is one of the best cities in Italy having a perfect combination of ancient as well as modern architecture to explore. The Venetians have been so creative with their natural gifts that they empowered some of their left out island with spectacular and top beaches in Venice that are tremendously beautiful and adventurous for any visitor touring the city. But if you want to explore some of the best destinations in Venice which pulls out a great camaraderie between the relaxing and fun night outs then beaches of Venice, Italy are the best tour sports that are not even offered by the typical beaches in the world. Hence I have mentioned a list of 10 best beaches that not only flourish with soothing sandy shores but have some weird and interesting architecture holding their lineages.   

List of Beaches in Venice

1. Albarella

best beaches in Venice


A complete beach experience can never be accomplished in Venice without the inclusion of this popular beach in Venice that offers all luxurious facilities to make your vacations exciting and adventurous. You can cycle along the bike path to Albarella or book a stunning private island for a secluded time with your loved one. The surrounding nature reserve with vast groves of Poplar trees makes this destination more rejuvenating and relaxing. It’s free of cars and is well known for its largest saltwater pool in entire Europe. If you are facing any trouble while searching various beach activities then you booked, resort’s staff can also help you organize deep-sea diving and sailing excursions.

Address: 45010 Isola Albarella, Province of Rovigo, Italy

2. Alberoni

best beaches in Venice


This is a barrier island’s farthest beach which is totally free to enter as you don’t have to pay any extra fee unlike other beaches of this island. This is one of the best beaches in Venice to go on a natural retreat where a luscious nature reserve with its popular beachcombers and naturalists makes your ride more privileged and full of fresh natural vibes of the city.  In late summer, the clear waters get covered by moored boats and water sports enthusiasts to enjoy the gushing waves and soothing winds near the beach.

Address: 30126 Lido, Metropolitan City of Venice, Italy

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3. Isola Delle Rose

best beaches in Venice

Isola delle rose

This is one of the closest beaches of Venice that takes about a 25-minute ferry ride from San Marco. You are not only offered with fine coarse sand and soothing waves but any traveler will be thrilled to know that they can experience some of the finest Venice’s cuisines from the well structured Michelin-starred restaurants located nearby this beach. Even the rest of the relaxing facilities are also not left behind to make your vacations as perfect as you imagine. They provide an outstanding spa with authentic local experiences with which you can spend your whole day indulging in some of the island’s posh services at your ease.

Address: Isola Delle Rose Laguna Di, 30133 Venezia VE, Italy

4. Punta Sabbioni

best beaches in Venice

Punta Sabbioni

This beach in Venice, Italy is initially a lively port on the west coast of Cavallino-Treporti. Since most of the area here is under-developed therefore you can chill at the beaches without any interruption from crowded human traffic or annoying vendors. This place is even aided by frequent ferry traffic to and from Venice that makes your travel easier and exciting. One of the featured landmarks of this beach is the lighthouse that attracts umpteen tourists through its spectral beauty and adds significant character to the nearby ruins of historic Venetian forts that you must see once.

Address: Benetke, 30013 Punta Sabbioni VE, Italy

5. Rosolina Mare

best beaches in Venice

Rosolina Mare

For adventure seekers, this beach, lying at the south of Chioggia is one of the top beaches in Venice that must not be missed. This is one of the longest and widest beaches in the region and owns a fabulous seaside bike path where you can pull your ride in the evening while watching the wonderful hues of the sunset disappearing in the sea. Otherwise, you can chill out in the lavish rooms or flats which are very easily available here and easy to navigate. From the rooms, a local seafront view just worths every penny you spend on your stay. There are quite a few well-furnished pools and tennis courts to ease out the adventure seeker in you!

Address: 48CH+X3 Rosolina Mare, Province of Rovigo, Italy

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6. Bibione

best beaches in Venice


This beach is not as popular as other destinations near Venice, but the area still holds up a lot of charm and fun in its region. This famous beach in Venice is the typical vacation destination where you can get lazy and lie under the vibrant striped umbrellas over the wooden chairs that are available for rent at the beach as well. You can rule out the tanning time and escape the beach for a long, lazy lunch at the nearby cheap restaurants. Such restaurants serve some of the best foods of Venice at very affordable rates. Reaching this beach is also very accessible, you can take a local train from Venice to reach this beach.

Address: Piazzale Zenith, 30028 Bibione VE, Italy

7. Sottomarina

best beaches in Venice


If you are traveling with your family and you desire a family-friendly beach then this is your place. Everyone loves this huge, sandy and spotlessly clean beach that has warm and shallow waters making it a perfect beach of Venice, Italy suitable for children while adults can take their free time leaving the children to play without any difficulty. Since most of the beach is private you can book your own secluded place to enjoy leisure time with your loved ones as well. There is an excellent sea-front bike path that leads to the town to Chioggia which you can mooch around in the evening.

Address: Lungomare Adriatico Nord, 30015 Chioggia VE, Italy

8. Cavallino

best beaches in Venice


This is one of the most famous Venice, Italy beaches that is especially known for its 15km of pristine white sand and crystal clear water. With a rich history of fishing practiced according to ancient Venetian methods here, this is one of the popular landmarks among history lovers to explore the ruins of the area.  Beside incredible beach sports, they offer well-equipped campsites and a good selection of restaurants, bars, and shopping in the area’s tiny seaside villages, Treporti and Ca’ Vio to effectuate all your beach requirements.

Address: 30013 Cavallino-Treporti, Metropolitan City of Venice, Italy

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9. Lido di Jesolo

best beaches in Venice

Lido di Jesolo

If you are looking for a fun night beach party or Venice’s most popular beach bars then this beach near Venice, Italy offers the top nightlife scene which is much more varied and exciting than Venice’s own beaches. You can sense the favoritism from the huge crowded regions that come alive as the sun hits the horizon and night takes in the whole vibe at this beach to just another realm of partygoers and night lovers. It’s very crowded during summer months so book in advance before visiting any nightclub.

Address: 30013 Cavallino-Treporti, Metropolitan City of Venice, Italy

10. Santa Cristina

best beaches in Venice

Santa Cristina

Lying at Venice’s northern lagoon this is a private island that is really the epitome of ultimate beach experience for those seeking absolute privacy. With a splendid and stunning private pool and outdoor lounge for those who prefer experiencing the beach from a distance this is one of the must-visit beaches in Venice that makes all your beach fanatics real. You can also enjoy a natural promenade in the thick vineyards and flowering gardens where wild peacocks and grouse scurry and roost.

Address: 30142 Venice, Metropolitan City of Venice, Italy

Hope you enjoyed the suggested list of top 10 beaches in Venice, Italy that you should explore and acquire the best experiences of all the Venetian delicacies. Apart from rich historical landmarks, this city offers great luxurious destinations out of which the famous beaches of Venice mentioned above are one of the substantial factors in attracting thousands of tourists every year. You can discover more about this city from our succeeding blogs and ping us in the comment section below about your valuable views or any queries regarding travel. We will be happy to help!

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