Famous Foods in Capetown You Must Try 

No matter, as the Africans have tried hard to make every dish their own and displayed a very myriad palette of flavors which can be easily seen in the best food in Capetown. Capetown is the hub of a lot of ethnicities hence its hard to signify which dish is the typical food in Capetown, South Africa, and which is being bought from other countries. No matter, as the Africans have tried hard to make every dish their own and displayed a very myriad palette of flavors which can be easily seen in the best food in Capetown. The super delicious food is in such abundance that you can be easily baffled by Capetown’s wide range of foods hence I have curated a list of the top 20 foods in Capetown which are a must-try food if you ever visit there. 

List of Foods in Capetown

1. Tagliatelle Ragu

 best foods of Capetown, famous foods in Capetown

Tagliatelle Ragu

If you want to taste the colonial touch of the city then Tagliatelle Ragu pasta is one of the best Spanish influenced dishes you can try in Capetown. The pasta is usually handmade at home using organic semolina flour and prepared along with a rich minced veal Bolognese sauce infusing the iconic flavors of typical Spanish cuisines. After tasting this pasta you can inherently feel the authentic Spanish touch fused perfectly with the aroma and spice of the city yielding this top food in Capetown. Tavola is a renowned place to try this fabulous dish.

2. Mushroom Pithivier

best foods of Capetown, famous foods in Capetown

Mushroom Pithivier

A fine combination of pastry with the mushrooms is truly unimaginable. But this puffed pastry pie filled with porcini mushrooms, button mushrooms & cream breaks all the boundaries to transcend such great food in Capetown. All of the dishes at this fine dining hot spot are truly perfect, but this surely a show stopper. Riverine Rabbit is, suggested as the best fine dine spot to enjoy this incredible dish.

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3. Pizza 

 best foods of Capetown, famous foods in Capetown


When the Spaniards and British didn’t cease their culture and cuisine styles to pervade the Cape Town’s popular foods then how come Italians won’t bring their typical pizza techniques! Turns out now you can enjoy a completely original Italian flavored Pizza in Cape Town without any contamination. You can surely enjoy such unbelievably tasty pizzas at any time in the city. Probably the most authentic Italian style pizza in the country can be found in Capetown.

4. Burgers

best foods of Capetown, famous foods in Capetown


For a short lunch break in the city while wandering around to explore various famous landmarks Burgers are the best foods to eat in Capetown. The twist of extra deliciousness touches the regular styled burgers when the regional sauces and toppings, along with freshly prepared juicy burger patty are added upholding the smoky infatuating tones from typical African style cooking.  The Dog’s Bollocks at YARD is one of the famous food joints to enjoy the top foods of Cape Town at an affordable rate.

5. Seafood Platter 

best foods of Capetown, famous foods in Capetown

Seafood Platter

When you are landing in the city which is harbored by the two most incredible oceans of the world being South Atlantic and the Indian Ocean then surely you can’t miss the epic seafood platter infused by numerous exotic seafood. The fabulous selection of fresh seafood is carried every day by the highly skilled chefs across all fine-dine restaurants arranging the platter according to consumer’s best tastes and appearance. It’s one of the famous foods to try in Capetown. Seafood is sometimes cooked over the grill to add more flavors to the tender meat of the seafood. The Codfather is a very popular restaurant to try the best and fresh seafood platter.  

6. Tapas Platter

best foods of Capetown, famous foods in Capetown

Tapas Platter

Another well-known food combo which is supremely delicious and famous among the food lovers of this city. Tapas is a stylish colonial Moroccan style platter which comprises fresh Calamari, Moroccan Meatballs, Spicy Chilli Poppers, Peppadew dip, Vegetable Crudites, Tzatziki, and Hummus paired skillfully with a nice & evenly baked Pita Bread. There’s more to the platter if you prefer to eat extra food tasting diets. Rick’s Cafe is the perfect destination to consume this popular food in Capetown without any imbalance in the original flavors. 

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7. Bacon Avocado Toast 

 best foods of Capetown, famous foods in Capetown

Bacon Avocado Toast

For the health-conscious people who prefer to maintain their diet even while traveling. This is the best food in Capetown that is perfectly suited and always provides a drool-worthy entrance. This is basically a morning sandwich that holds the filling of Roasted bacon, crushed avocado, and a soft egg coming on top of mosbolletjie bread. You might not get, more nutritious version of breakfast than this in Capetown.

8. Fish and Chips

 best foods of Capetown, famous foods in Capetown

Fish and Chips

The colonial history of British rule has led to the infusion of various foods culture being combined with Capetown’s food traditions. The vibrant fish and chips culture that initiated as a casual street food style snack food in Capetown now registered its remark over the famous eateries and hole-in-the-wall restaurants who serve up deep-fried fish and chips like the professionals of top restaurants. You will love this simple yet delicious dish that comprises deep-fried fish pieces covered with crispy batter and slightly flavored or salted chips completing the whole deal of crispiest meal in one plate.

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9. Game Meat

best foods of Capetown, famous foods in Capetown

Game Meat

It’s not a rewarding game which results in an award of juicy meatloaf. Instead, game meat is a unique dish served up on South African tables consisting of grilled meat coming from various wild animals such as zebra, kudu, springbok, and warthog. Despite being a completely new genre of meat add-on, you can enjoy their incredible flavors prepared in the regional styles for a fun night out. There are various iterations of grilled game meat, which high-end restaurants produce. This is one of the top foods in Capetown which you must try once.

10. Gatsby

best foods of Capetown, famous foods in Capetown


Irrespective of the iconic movie ‘Great Gatsby’ offering fictional places, this food to eat in Capetown is fully real and comprises a large submarine-style sandwich that comes with various fillings. The fillings make it even harder to finish one serving individually. The meat served inside the sandwich is full of a variety of meats, chips, and sauces that costs only a few Rands and is almost impossible to finish due to its size. For a cheap lunch break, this popular food is the best option in Capetown. But, you won’t find this meal on the menu of your typical high-end restaurants, instead, it is a rather hole-in-the-wall kind of cuisine which you can find at places like The Golden Dish, Cosy Corner, or Bona Fast Food.

11. Bunny Chow

best foods of Capetown, famous foods in Capetown

Bunny Chow

No matter how Chinese this cuisine sounds! It a wholeheartedly classic South African meal that has been inspired by the Indian migrant’s food traditions. You’ll love this popular food of Capetown as its light, spicy, fresh, and wholesome meal that you can consume at any time of the hour. Such a filling fast food dish that is essentially half a loaf of hollowed-out bread filled with varieties of Indian curry is surely a complete bliss for food lovers. The addition of juicy beef or chicken makes it even more tempting and fabulous. Due to the addition of meat, it’s safer starting out with a quarter loaf, or Kota because above this you might not be able to finish off one serving on your own.

12. Bobotie

best foods of Capetown, famous foods in Capetown


Bobotie (pronounced Buh-boor-tea) is a very old cuisine inspired by Malay tribes dating back to the 17th century when Indonesian slaves were brought to Cape Town. They bought their way of cooking which is cherished in various cooking styles of Capetown even today. Bobotie is basically a wholesome meal which consists of minced beef topped with a custard of milk and eggs. It’s a fragrant dish flavored with spices and dried fruit resulting in a sweet and sour flavored meal. 

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13. Biltong and Droëwors

 best foods of Capetown, famous foods in Capetown

Biltong and Droëwors

This is one of the most illustrious staple bar or road trip food that is segregated in many cities of South African diets. Biltong and droëwors are prepared by drying meat and adding a special blend of spices in the dried meat chips. These are some of the most famous foods of Capetown as they get along with almost every beverage and become the most desirable food in all kinds of parties. Biltong is simply cured and dried meat while Droëwors is a dried sausage that beats any party chip in one go.

14. Braai

 best foods of Capetown, famous foods in Capetown


One of the initial Afrikaans words that most tourists learn is ‘Braai’. It’s one of the top foods to try in Capetown which is inspired by typical Barbecue servings but holds essentially the twist of South African flavors adding a new light in the food. There’s no real restriction on what you can braai, but most popular meat varieties that make their way into every get-together are boerewors, a local spiced sausage, beefsteak, pork, and lamb chops.  Mzoli’s in Gugulethu is one of the unique places which lets you enjoy the facility of choosing the meat according to your preference from the deep freeze shelves and later it’s grilled by the professional to serve you a delicious Braai.

15. Springbok Salad

 best foods of Capetown, famous foods in Capetown

Springbok Salad

After consuming such heavy on oil meaty delights there comes a time when you can’t have more! The old diet guilt comes in and bam! You have to stop. Hence in such times of misery surely you can’t halt your food in Capetown but having a nutritious salad is always the lifesaver.  This is one of the well-known salad of Capetown that every traveler tries for sure. On a beautiful Friday night in Cape Town pat yourself on the back for being a healthy diet consumer and enjoy the meal. Bay Harbour Markets are the best destination to find this food. 

16. Sushi

 best foods of Capetown, famous foods in Capetown


The signature cuisine of Japanese food has fortunately won the hearts of South African people as well. But pervading the dishes with their own versions is a long lost habit of Capetown, therefore finding unusual ingredients from around the world, into a delectable plate of sushi is evident. But surely, it’s a must-try food in Capetown to enjoy umpteen varieties of filling ranging from farmed abalone to Mozambican conch, eel, sea urchin, and even Alaskan king crab. Sometimes you can also preferentially ask for chefs to add deep-sea scallops and wild salmon into your sushi as well.

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17. Malva pudding

 best foods of Capetown, famous foods in Capetown

Malva pudding

There are lots of delicious desserts in Capetown cuisines that are enjoyed by both the locals and tourists visiting the city. Malva pudding is a famous sweet and sticky baked sponge pudding prepared with apricot jam and served smothered in a hot cream sauce. This is South Africa’s version of the British sticky toffee pudding, which is served in many restaurants but mainly baked at home for Sunday lunch. Surely, it can easily defeat any popular food in Capetown if you love desserts more than the foods.

18. Springbok Carpaccio

 best foods of Capetown, famous foods in Capetown

Springbok Carpaccio

One of the refreshing dishes served with basil pesto, baby leaves and a sweet parmesan crisp. The flavors and presentation of this exotic food to try in Capetown, are marvelously amazing and beautiful. It’s one of those dishes that you eat hesitantly as if you start eating, the adorable art carved on your plate will vanish into chunks of food here-n-there. Beluga is a super stylish Euro-Asian restaurant known for trying this amazing dish. You can also grab a table in the courtyard for the best vibe if you like. Don’t forget to order some extra butternut mash to pair up with this dish, it tastes delicious.

19. Steak

best foods of Capetown, famous foods in Capetown


By far now you might have understood the unrequited love of Africans with their meat. There are a lot of eateries in Cape Town that serve tremendous varieties of meat cuisines but if you get the chance to dine at a multiple award-winning Hussar Grill then definitely go for their juicy steak which is undoubtedly drool-worthy and wholesome. This restaurant has been renowned for its absolute excellence in selecting and flame-grilling the finest quality of meats. Surely, you’ll be served with the best foods of Capetown at this food joint.

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20. Freak Shake

best foods of Capetown, famous foods in Capetown

Freak Shake

After such heavy proteinous diets, you might need a food neutralizer or a sugary chilled shot to ease your tummy and your head with a refreshing touch in the sunny weather of Capetown. Freak shake is the ultimate drink to get your sugar fix from around 100 milkshakes options for choice available at this Gibson’s food joint. The flavors are surely seductive and extremely delicious ranging from classic SA flavors Malva & Custard, Trifle, Sweet & Salted Popcorn to Chocolate & Salty Pretzels.  

Hope you enjoyed the mentioned list of top 20 foods in Cape Town, South Africa that is not only extremely delicious but comes in the cheapest price range. You might love some of the incredible food to try in Capetown due to their unique cooking style and presentation setting them completely apart from other top dishes of the world. For more engaging information like these head on to our other blogs or just ping us in the comment section below about your desired topic. Our enthusiastic travel bloggers will definitely love to find more travel places in the world.

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