Famous Monuments in Barbados | Most visited monuments in Barbados

If you’re planning a holiday to Barbados, apart from beaches there some historical monuments in Barbados, you must mark on your list.  Stunning natural landmarks abound, such as Animal Flower Cave, Coles Cave, Harrison’s Cave and The Spout, while those which have been constructed by the people of the island include the Bridgetown Historical Centre, Garrison Historic Area, Nidhe Israel Synagogue, St. James Parish Church, Drax Hall Estate, Sam Lord’s Castle and St. Nicholas Abbey, to name just a few. Barbados people are proud of their history, and you can visit and take photographs which will make you proud to have been a witness to it.

Travel to Highway 1 on the Emancipation roundabout and you’ll find Bussa, a massive bronze statue depicting a slave with broken chains, which celebrates the emancipation of the island and its people. Read this blog on monuments of Barbados, I am damn sure you will feel nostalgic about this island country.

Barbados Monuments List

1. Cubana Monument

Historical monuments in Barbados, Barbados monuments

Cubana Monument is designed by Virgil Broodhagen. He was the son of Barbados’ well-known sculptor, Karl Broodhagen. Very few know that the Cubana Monument was erected at Payne’s Bay on the West Coast of the island of Barbados in 1998.

2. Dolphin Gardens

Historical monuments in Barbados, Barbados monuments

This fountain was erected by public subscription to commemorate the bringing of piped water to the City of Bridgetown on 29 March 1861. It is a famous monument in Barbados.  On the 27th of July 1865, Governor Robert Miller accepted custody of this fountain on behalf of the Government of Barbados. In 1861, Piped water was introduced to the city and this tri-dolphin fountain was erected in 1865 some four years later after a local newspaper made the suggestion. In 1882 it is recorded that work began to establish the garden and enclosure with the help of convict laborers.

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3. Codrington College

Historical monuments in Barbados, Barbados monuments

The oldest Seminary in the Western Hemisphere, Codrington College was founded in 1702 under the Will of Christopher Codrington and opened in 1745 as a Theological College and known as most important medieval sites in Barbados. Codrington College is originally a plantation house, later bequeathed to a religious society that grounds into a seminary and transformed the house. This was the first higher learning for an institution in Barbados. The College has now completely fallen into ruin, but lines of poetry inscribed near the swimming pool still survive.

Address: 5GGF+4W Sargeant Street, Barbados

4. Cherry Tree Hill

Historical monuments in Barbados, Barbados monuments

Cherry Tree Hill is approximately 850 feet above sea level, this area offers an excellent view of the Scotland District. It is known in the historical sites in Barbados. It is believed that the name of this historic Cherry Tree Hill was originated from a large number of cherry trees, which once existed there,  you must visit the monuments in Bahrain. But today the road is lined by mature mahogany trees, all were introduced to Barbados after the Treaty of Paris in 1763.

5. George Washington House

Historical monuments in Barbados, Barbados monuments

George Washington, later to become the 1st President of the United States of America, visited Barbados in 1751 and spent about two months. The most interesting thing that very few people know this is the only place George Washington ever visited outside of the USA. it is one of the famous monuments in Barbados.

Address: Bridgetown, Barbados

6. Glendairy Prison

Historical monuments in Barbados, Barbados monuments

Though no longer used by the state, the structure and facility itself still represents a unique example of colonial architecture and moreover governance.  In its time it housed many of Barbados’ most notorious criminals until its eventual demise during a controversial insurrection and subsequent burning.

Address: 4GR9+RF Church Village, Barbados.

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7. Signal Station 

Historical monuments in Barbados, Barbados monuments

Both nature and history lovers will appreciate a visit to Grenade Hall. It is an attraction that combines a restored natural forest and historic signal station. In fact, it’s really a three-in-one attraction since one entry fee gains admission to both Barbados Wildlife Reserve and the Grenade Hall.

Address: 7C85+M2 Cleland, Benny Hall, Barbados.

8. Gun Hill Signal Station

Historical monuments in Barbados, Barbados monuments

Gun Hill Signal Station was used by the British Army in 1818. Here in this historical place families can visit the great white lion, a symbol of British rule on the island, you must visit these monuments in Armenia. This place now is counted in the top historical monuments in Barbados. The artist was also a soldier and it is said to have carved the statue from a single block of stone, using a lion drawn on a book of matches as his guide.

Address: 4CVV+72 Gun Hill, Barbados

9. Harrison’s Cave

Historical monuments in Barbados, Barbados monuments

Harrison’s Cave is considered as one of the most famous natural history sites and most unique monuments in Barbados. If you go 3-mile long you will get a cave, it is home to some of the most beautiful rock formations in the western hemisphere. Harrison’s Cave is also a true glimpse into the very formation of Barbados.

Address: 5CPG+35 Allen View, Barbados

10. Parliament Buildings

Historical monuments in Barbados, Barbados monuments

The Parliament Buildings of Barbados is one of the most visited monuments in Barbados. the location of this place at the top of Broad Street. In 1639,  the Barbados Parliament building was established. it is the third-oldest Parliament in the entire Commonwealth.

Address: 39WP+QC Bridgetown, Barbados

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11. Sam Lord’s Castle  

Historical monuments in Barbados, Barbados monuments

The Sam Lord’s Castle was once a world-renowned resort.  The history of the place is far more colorful as it was the home of Sam Lord, a notorious pirate of that time. Historian said that he accumulated his bounty by luring ships into the bay with the use of lights hung in coconut trees. It is currently closed for renovations work. It is known in the world’s important monument in Barbados.

Address: 4HGC+55 Long Bay, Barbados

12. Sir Frank Hutson Sugar Museum

Historical monuments in Barbados, Barbados monuments

How sugar was produced in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, you will find the information regarding this because this museum has a permanent record of it. It is one of the most famous museums in Barbados is a tribute to Sir Frank Hutson, who with assistance from the Barbados National Trust, collected the items in the museum. 

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