Most Visited Monuments in Tanzania l Famous Monuments in Tanzania

Tanzania is definitely a novel place to be and a remarkable sight to see. With a trove of deep-rooted traditions and celebrated cultures, a visit to the monuments in Tanzania departs from the humdrum sightseeing tours to bring you an enriching experience of scenic colonial buildings. Dodoma is Tanzania’s capital city, the country’s most populous city, and the most important commercial center and continues to flourish more than ever. Surrender yourself to the infectious energy of the locals, coated in the beautiful tongue of the Swahili language, as you embark on this journey. Here is one of the top 10 monuments in Tanzania:

List of Monuments in Tanzania

1. Mount Meru

Monuments in Tanzania, Famous Monuments in Tanzania

Mount Meru

Mount Meru is Tanzania’s second-highest mountain and considered one of the beautiful landmarks in Tanzania. This place is not only a favorite for hikers but animal and bird lovers too who prefer to steer clear of the crowds attracted to nearby Mount Kilimanjaro situated within the Arusha National Park. If you are energetic enough can hire a guide and follow the trail up Mount Meru. There are options for those with energy to spare to ascend Little Meru at 3,820 meters passing through giant heather and moorland. At 4,350 meters, Cobra Point is where hikers can admire views of the cliffs of Meru’s Crater Rim and the Ash Cone. From there, a steep path heads up to the summit of Socialist Peak at 4,566 meters.

Address: Arusha National Park, Tanzania, TZ, Africa

2. Kondoa Irangi Rock Paintings

 Monuments in Tanzania, Famous Monuments in Tanzania

Kondoa Irangi Rock Paintings

The Kondoa Irangi Rock Paintings are renowned to be one of the finest collections of their kind in the world. Spread over 200 different sites in the Irangi Hills of Tanzania, you would see there are around 1,600 paintings. The place where the paintings were preserved here known as the ancient monuments in Tanzania and the paintings depict simple human figures, rivers, and animal silhouettes date back a staggering 30,000 years.

Address: Dodoma, Tanzania, TZ, Africa

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3. Ol Doinyo Lengai 

 Monuments in Tanzania, Famous Monuments in Tanzania

Ol Doinyo Lengai

Tanzania is said to have a home to several extinct volcanoes. Ol Doinyo Lengai means ‘Mountain of God’ overlooks Lake Natron in the north of Tanzania. Since the end of the 19th century, this volcano has been explored, photographed, and admired. The last known eruption took place in 2010 and it is possible to climb the Ol Doinyo Lengai Volcano, although it is a demanding and challenging environment. Therefore, it is advisable to hire a guide of an experienced safari operator or book your trip through this historical site in Tanzania.

Address: Arusha, Tanzania, TZ, Africa

4. Kalambo Falls

Monuments in Tanzania, Famous Monuments in Tanzania

Kalambo Falls

The Kalambo Falls drops some 235 meters and ranks as the tallest of all Africa’s uninterrupted waterfalls marking the Zambian border and located on the western side of Tanzania. March is the best time to pay a visit to this most visited landmark in Tanzania since heavy rain makes the cascade particularly strong. Look out for the marabou storks during the dry season, who come here to breed on the surrounding cliffs. A giant valley with a width of up to 1 km found just downstream is the Kalambo Gorge.

Address: Arusha, Tanzania, TZ, Africa

5. Ngorongoro Crater

Monuments in Tanzania, Famous Monuments in Tanzania

Ngorongoro Crater

Complete with lakes and a high concentration of wildlife, the Ngorongoro Crater lies at the heart of a conservation area that encompasses a rich volcanic landscape. Ngorongoro Crater forms a fairly self-contained safari park all of its own in fact. The crater’s vast bowl is some 20 km wide and its sides are up to 600 meters feet deep, making it amongst the planet’s biggest caldera. Including grassland, forests, and swamps, as well as Lake Makat, a soda lake at the bottom of the crater is a fascinating mix of ecological environments. This beautiful place is always a popular destination for visitors on safari and one of the important monuments in Tanzania.

Address: Ngorongoro Conservation Area (NCA), Tanzania, TZ, Africa

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6. Askari Monument 

Monuments in Tanzania, Famous Monuments in Tanzania

Askari Monument

Erected in 1927, the Askari Monument depicts an armed bronze soldier from World War One, pointing his bayonet towards the harbourfront, and during the conflict lasting from 1914 to 1918 commemorates the role played by African troops. The engraving that shows up on this mainstream landmark in Tanzania in both English and Swahili was composed by the British creator Rudyard Kipling.

Address: Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, TZ, Africa

7. Uhuru Torch

Monuments in Tanzania, Famous Monuments in Tanzania

Uhuru Torch

This famous monument in Tanzania was built in 1961 to commemorate the Independence of Tanganyika which is located within the grounds of Dar es Salaam’s Mnazi Mmoja Park. This monument symbolizes the Freedom Torch that was placed at the top of Mount Kilimanjaro at the time that independence was declared. The torch has become nothing short of an iconic national symbol over the years, appearing on the reverse side of the Tanzanian shilling coin.

Address: Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, TZ, Africa

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8. Old State House 

Monuments in Tanzania, Famous Monuments in Tanzania

Old State House

During colonial times dating back to the late 19th century, this famous monument in Tanzania is used as the residence of the German Governor. In 1914, the building of the State House suffered considerable damage as a result of British military action. During the 1920s it was finally rebuilt. Today, the State House is home to Tanzania’s president and isn’t open to the public. If only to admire the building’s arched and crenelated exterior, however, it’s certainly worth a visit.

Address: Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, TZ, Africa

9. Azania Front Lutheran Church 

Monuments in Tanzania, Famous Monuments in Tanzania

Azania Front Lutheran Church

The Lutheran Church in Dar es Salaam was built by German missionaries in the closing years of the 19th century. Today, this religious monument in Tanzania remains a distinctive building in the city, with its red-tiled belfry rising high above the surrounding buildings. The nurseries of the congregation are additionally an inviting sight for guests who need to energize their batteries before heading back onto the traveler trail. Now, the Azania Lutheran Church serves as a cathedral and popular tourist attraction among the tourists who come here from across the globe.

Address: Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, TZ, Africa

10. Isimila Stone Age Site

Monuments in Tanzania, Famous Monuments in Tanzania

Isimila Stone Age Site

Stone Age Site is evidence of prehistoric nomadic hunter-gatherers and now perfectly preserved. This nomadic hunter who lived around a shallow lake and which is today nothing more than a dry bed. During the 1950s first revealed these prehistoric site excavations that took place here. Unfortunately, visitors to this historical site in Tanzania won’t see much evidence of the exciting discoveries, which included stone artifacts, tools, and fossilized bones, although the rock formations are rather amazing.

Address: Iringa, Tanzania, TZ, Africa

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