Most Visited Monuments in Zimbabwe l Famous Monuments in Zimbabwe

If you want to explore the history of Zimbabwe through the ages there are a number of historical monuments in Zimbabwe including the time-honored buildings, palaces, and parks where you can learn about the glorious past of Zimbabwe. The presence of these monuments of Zimbabwe will take you on a walk through the city’s rich history. If you are willing to have in-depth historical information about Zimbabwe, we recommend that you take a wonderful guided tour to cover the major historical attractions. Also, check the opening and closing time for each so that you can organize your time. Make sure that you go through the complete list of historical sites in Zimbabwe for a great trip.

List of Monuments in Zimbabwe

1. Frog and Fern Cottages

Monuments in Zimbabwe, Famous Monuments of Zimbabwe

Frog and Fern Cottages

The Frog and Fern Cottages are a must-visit, flooded with character, well maintained, and only a few minutes away from incredible adventures. Jane and Dee, the owners have a wealth of knowledge and tell you about all the magical places in the mountains. Just listen to what they have to offer and be sure to enjoy the most amazing time. Chimanimani National Park is incredibly beautiful; from all crowds, he reaches the quiet mountains, swims under waterfalls, and wanders among the groves. Do yourself a favor and book a week up there using frogs and ferns. Tourists have stayed in many cottages, hotels, lodges, which are charming, so they grab them. Value for money – you simply can’t beat this important landmark in Zimbabwe. Take the extended family and have a place for yourself. There is golf, hiking, swimming, bird watching, and much more.

Address: Frog and Fern Cottages, Chimanimani, Zimbabwe

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2. Victoria Falls

Monuments in Zimbabwe, Famous Monuments of Zimbabwe

Victoria Falls

The Zimbabwean side of Victoria Falls offers a unique perspective on this famous natural wonder and is fast becoming one of the most popular tourist attractions in the country. The nearest town to this natural monument in Zimbabwe– commonly known as Vic Waterfall – is the main tourist base. The waterfall was formed more than 150 million years ago. It only became known in the rest of the world in the 19th century, thanks to the explorer David Livingstone, who was the first European to watch “thunder that smoke”.

Address: Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, ZW, Africa

3. The National Art Gallery

Monuments in Zimbabwe, Famous Monuments of Zimbabwe

The National Art Gallery

It is one of the largest national galleries in the world and has been enjoyed despite the shortcomings of visitors. This is a good gift shop with interesting books on African art. Here are traditional wood carvings and fetishes, and so on, as well as quite a few modern canvases, some of which provide insights into modern Zimbabwean travels. When tourists visited, there was also an “international” exhibition that glued up to a few colorful copies of European photocopies to the pieces of planks. But, hey, every art lover will find some of the sculptures and paintings he admires here. This most visited historical landmark in Zimbabwe is the best place for artists.

Address: The National Art Gallery, Park Lane, Harare, Zimbabwe

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4. Matobo Hills

Monuments in Zimbabwe, Famous Monuments of Zimbabwe

Matobo Hills

The Matobo Hills are a multitude of characteristic granite rock formations that form a dramatic feature of the Zimbabwean landscape. In addition, it is one of the most extensive collections of rock paintings in southern Africa, covering a vast area of more than 3,000 square kilometers / 1,160 square miles. The drawings show people, animals, and trees in red ocher pigment – evidence that these historical sites in Zimbabwe have been inhabited for millennia.

Address: South of Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, ZW, Africa

5. Balancing Rocks

Monuments in Zimbabwe, Famous Monuments of Zimbabwe

Balancing Rocks

Balancing rocks is one of the famous monuments in Zimbabwe, the balancing rocks are geomorphological features of igneous rocks found in many parts of Zimbabwe. The formations of these rocks are natural occurrences in a perfectly balanced state without any support. Their popularity grew when the reserve bank of Zimbabwe featured the formation of the last series. You would love to find many interesting balancing rocks in Zimbabwe, and fascinates the tourists to make their tour memorable.

Address: Balancing Rocks, Zimbabwe

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6. Chinhoyi Caves

 Monuments in Zimbabwe, Famous Monuments of Zimbabwe

Chinhoyi Caves

Geologically interesting site, these dolomite, limestone caves are an interesting site whose main attraction is the deep blue natural pool; they say the pool at Sleeping pool maintains the same temperature all year round. These popular monuments in Zimbabwe have a mystical appeal about them as local elders believe they are sacred. A visit to the Chinhoyi Caves provides an opportunity for the historical significance of the caves as well as the folklore surrounding the mysterious place.

Address: A1, Chinhoyi, Zimbabwe

7. Heroes’ Acre

 Monuments in Zimbabwe, Famous Monuments of Zimbabwe

Heroes’ Acre

Built on the ridge of the outskirts of Harare, Heroes Acre is also a shrine and national monument. Its special features are the Statue of the Unknown Soldier, the Eternal Flame, murals, and a small museum dealing with the history of the liberation of the country.

Address: Warren Park, Fourth Avenue, Harare, Zimbabwe.

8. The Great Zimbabwe Ruins

Monuments in Zimbabwe, Famous Monuments of Zimbabwe

The Great Zimbabwe Ruins

The presence of many ancient and ruined civilizations sets Zimbabwe apart from the rest. Built-in a dry stone style unique to the ruins, the explosion of the past brings a whole new layer of authenticity to the country. Of these, the great ruins of Zimbabwe in Masvingo are the most famous and are a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Zimbabwe. Its walls are one of the most outstanding features, some of which exceed the 5-meter mark. It is believed to have once housed 18,000 people, it was the royal palace from which the contemporary rulers would rule.

Address: Masvingo, Zimbabwe

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9. Kopje 

Monuments in Zimbabwe, Famous Monuments of Zimbabwe


Kopje is a granite hill that rises from the ground in the southwestern part of the city of Harare. It is a great place to climb if you want a panoramic view of the city and is also a very popular picnic spot.

Address: Harare, Zimbabwe, ZW, Africa

10. Khami Ruins

 Monuments in Zimbabwe, Famous Monuments of Zimbabwe

Khami Ruins

This archeological site in Zimbabwe is located on a hilltop just a drive east of Bulawayo. As the second-largest stone monument in the country, it has had important national monument status since the 1930s. It was later named the UNESCO World Heritage Center. Unusually, the site did not fall victim to treasure hunters, so the authenticity of the ruins is in doubt. The Khami Ruins provide visitors with an insight into the early civilizations of this part of the world. It used to be the capital of the Torwa dynasty and was only abandoned in the 19th century.

Address: Masvingo, Zimbabwe

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