Top 10 Souvenirs to Buy in Agra | Famous Things to Buy in Agra

Agra is one of the top tourist cities in India which is well known for its famous monument that also accounts for an epic love tale carried by a beautiful landmark- The Taj Mahal. Apart from delicious Mughali cuisines, there are some well-known things to buy in Agra that comprise rich artwork, refined embroidered sarees and so on that can tempt your sight in one go. But spending money under the high intimidation, you will empty your pockets hastily as well. Therefore, I have curated a list about what to buy in Agra? That is full of classic handicrafts that combine every touch of  Agra’s essence from their cuisines till their embroidered zari clothing that you must not miss at any cost if you really want to experience the raw Agra’s culture and life.

List of Things to Buy from Agra

1. Leather Products

Things To Buy In Agra, What To Buy In Agra

Leather Products

Leather products in Agra hold a very significant spot as the industry of leather is running in the region for a very long time and it has earned its higher reputation in the production of fine and genuine leather all over India. Agra is well-known as the Leather market and manufactures some of the famous leather products like bags, shoes, jackets, belts, slippers, etc giving a great option of top souvenirs to buy in Agra for your loved ones.

2. Marble Replicas

Things To Buy In Agra, What To Buy In Agra

Marble Replicas

Despite the great popularity of Taj Mahal Souvenirs Agra in itself holds a long lineage of marble workers that are very skilled in their art forms and deliver some great products for you to take away as a precious token of memory. Among them, marble replicas are very famous still you can collect different marble crafts in various styles like vases, ornamental boxes, statues, plates, tabletops, etc.

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3. Rugs and Carpets

Things To Buy In Agra, What To Buy In Agra

Rugs and Carpets

Holding the lineages of Mughals, these carpets and rugs are very popular in Agra. Ranging from miniature paintings and designs till huge room-sized carpets you can find the best quality of rugs in Agra. These painted rugs and carpets look very authentic and attractive to decorate your homes especially when typical Mughal art of beautiful flowers and designs are incorporated into it. For sure these are some of the best things to buy in Agra that can decorate your homes with their distinct elegance and royal touch.

4. Embroidered Textiles

Things To Buy In Agra, What To Buy In Agra

Embroidered Textiles

Agra is known for hand embroidery textiles all around India. Embroidery textiles range from various styles and designs like Zari embroidery, silk embroidery, chain stitch embroidery etc that are very popular things to buy in Agra. Embellished with such beautiful semi-precious stones work and embroidery anyone will be impressed. Subhash Bazaar, and Gems and Art Gallery are some of the top-selling places to find the best hand embroidery products that prove to be a perfect present from Agra for your loved ones back at home. 

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5. Silk Saris

Things To Buy In Agra, What To Buy In Agra

Silk Saris

If you want something more traditional and artistic than silk sarees in Agra, are the best gifts. They also come in various types of silk varieties such as silk velvet, Banaras silk, pure silk, Tussar silk fabrics, etc. comprising the perfect idea to get the best souvenirs to buy in Agra. Along with that, you can also find numerous collections of silk items in Agra that are super classic and valuable. For good quality of silk sarees visit Subhash Bazaar in Agra.

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6. Handicrafts

Things To Buy In Agra, What To Buy In Agra


Mughals were very fond of crafts and art that led to a great collection of skilled workers migrating to this city in the olden times. And till now, Agra is home for a number of craftsmen who can create various styles of handicrafts like flower pots, marble soapstones, glass handicrafts, different statue handicrafts etc. in their most fabulous designs that are completely exclusive and refined. For sure these are the must-buy things in Agra that no one should miss.

7. Sweets(or Petha)

Things To Buy In Agra, What To Buy In Agra


Just like every city has its one signature dish that is named all around the country for its uniqueness. Similarly, Petha is one of those dishes which is a famous sugary treat of Agra prepared from the whole pumpkin and dipped into sugar syrups of various flavours. This is one of the top things to buy in Agra. You can try out their most sold-out Panchhi Petha or other different flavours like Angoori Petha and Chocolate Petha for variety.

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8. Jewellery

Things To Buy In Agra, What To Buy In Agra


For finding the most refined jewellery art-n-craft there’s no better place than Agra in India after Jaipuri pieces of jewellery.  Infused with very precious stones and diamonds the workers here put in a lot of effort to create such masterpieces of jewellery available to all their customers. Some small pieces even take years to be completed but the result of such hard work totally worths every penny. You can find a variety of things to buy in Agra that are made with some of the most precious stones like a star, sapphire, ruby, diamonds etc. These constitute among the famous things to buy in Agra that any accessory loved will shop whole-heartedly.

9. Taj Mahal Souvenirs

 Things To Buy In Agra, What To Buy In Agra

Taj Mahal Souvenirs

It’s just like visiting Paris and returning with a miniature Eiffel Tower! Similarly, Agra holds the top epitome of love as Taj Mahal which you can take back with you in the form of these miniature gifts that are also very popular souvenirs to buy in Agra reminding you or your friend and family about this great monument and its loving people back at home. The Taj Mahal souvenirs sold here are made of crafts, marbles, and even glass which looks extraordinarily surreal and attractive. The best place to find such things to buy in Agra are the shops located near the Taj Mahal Complex.

10. Metal Wares

 Things To Buy In Agra, What To Buy In Agra

Metal Wares

These are some of the most priced objects that are sold in Agra extensively.  Mostly these are utensils made out of brass and are also considered among the handicraft’s best souvenirs to buy in Agra. Some of the most popular metal wares bought by numerous tourists are jewelry boxes, flower vases, metal sculptures, plates, and wall hangings. These look extremely designer and are very eye-catching for your home decor so don’t forget to try out these precious products from Agra.

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Hope you enjoyed the top 10 things to buy in Agra, India. No wonder the city is filled with superb craftworks that you can consume at any time of the hour. Ranging from tremendous varieties of embroidered clothing of this city in which it excels in providing rich handicraft that never loses count of adding umpteen legacy to the popular souvenirs to buy from Agra. For more engaging blogs like these keep following our website and please like, share and comment. It will motivate our creative writers to find more interesting guides for making your travel trips more exciting and full of flavors.

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