Top 10 Foods to Eat in London | Famous Foods in London

There are a lot of famous notions of consuming British foods but besides expecting them to be extremely lavish and expensive we expect very less from British flavours. Therefore regarding the best foods in London, you can try under limited budgets might seem like an unrealistic dream but don’t worry that’s what we are here for after all. Yes! The notion of London being super expensive is true at one end but you can still try out a lot of delicious and popular foods from London without being bankrupt! After watching their regular coffee rates it does seem like you can get bankrupt but not to worry. This city does give, besides taking a lot. Here is the list of top 10 foods to eat in London which covers all range of food items, therefore, you can try according to your budget and let us know if there’s more you can manage in a lesser amount.

List of Foods to Try in London

1. Fish & Chips

Best foods to Eat in London, Foods of London

Fish & Chips

This one of the most typical meals you can have in London that screams I am a ‘British Food’! The whole world is fascinated with the idea of how well fish can pair up with the crunch chips and yield this amazing food to try in London that you must try once. This British dish is on the top of any foodie list for visitors in London and the U.K. You can get the best fish & chips near the seaside, in London. This is a very simple dish but the flavours are just mind-blowing and you might not get a better deal than this to suffice your tummy with an affordable lunch in London.

2. Sunday Roast with Yorkshire Pudding

Best foods to Eat in London, Foods of London

Sunday Roast with Yorkshire Pudding

How can you not try the roasted duck? When you are all set to try out the top foods to eat London. Sunday roast with turkey, beef, pork, chicken, lamb and veggie options are the best non-veg meals in London. And pairing them with a Yorkshire pudding which is basically a savoury pastry ideal for soaking up gravy and manages to be both crispy and doughy. This can be a little expensive in terms of other meals in London but you can visit any of your British friends’ get together party(if you got lucky!) they will love to serve you with a lunch of such meals on weekends. Sunday roast is a true British classic you can have after all.

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3. Scones

 Best foods to Eat in London, Foods of London


Scones are the best friends of tea time. Yes, if you want to have a typical British tea you will have scones too! These are among the most famous foods from London that are clotted with cream and jam in a very classic British tea break. The most common types of scones are plain scones and scones with raisins, although you may find other variations of these stuffed soft pastries. This seems like breakfast food, but in England, they are really just an afternoon thing to catch up with a cup of tea or coffee. You can try the finest scones from Gail’s Bakery in London.

4. Crumpets

 Best foods to Eat in London, Foods of London


Another side dish that is a delicious spongy version of English muffins. You can soak up these crumpets into anything or in fact, you try buttering them they will soak up whatever you spread on top of it. These are one of the most satisfying dishes you can ever taste. Such crunchy and soft little cakes can make your morning exciting with such an astonishing flavour. You can spread butter, jam or if you are feeling a bit daring add Marmite jam.

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5. Shepherd’s Pie

Best foods to Eat in London, Foods of London

Shepherd’s Pie

You will notice that British cuisine is not about having one true meal but their lavishness can be experienced through their foods as well. You will have numerous small little varieties of whole foods in London rather than just one single main dish. Just like this popular dinner recipe where ground meat and vegetables topped with mashed potatoes are turned into a delicious pie that a whole family can enjoy.

6. Victoria Sponge

Best foods to Eat in London, Foods of London

Victoria Sponge

There are a lot of simple dishes that you might feel like you can make it at home in London, especially when you have to pay extra money even for a small amount of extra topping.  With the major population health-conscious or following some latest trend, you can cheat on your diet in this city by having this delicious food in London consisting of a light vanilla sponge cake filled with jam and whipped cream.

7. Chicken Tikka Masala

Best foods to Eat in London, Foods of London

Chicken Tikka Masala

Well, before even starting you can start augmenting whether this is even an authentic dish of London or not? But trust me the origins of the dish are debated tonnes of time, as many believe that it was created by the British Bangladeshi community but who cares? Just enjoy the flavours man! Especially when you miss your Asian homeland you can have this popular food in London thinking it’s from your country. These are basically chunks of chicken in a very creamy curry sauce that is super delicious to make you lick your fingers at the end for sure.

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8. Ploughman’s Lunch

Best foods to Eat in London, Foods of London

Ploughman’s Lunch

Out of all, I will say this is one of the expensive meals you can get in London, but the flavours it holds are worth that money. This top food to try in London has a cold meal of bread, meat, cheese, and onions all cooked up a very intricate fashion. It is usually served with beer but you can choose the drink you like. Ploughman’s Lunch was created in the 1950s by the Cheese Bureau and Milk Marketing Board to promote the consumption of cheese because a lot of industries might have faced a severe loss as their cheese was going to rot without any serious sales.

9. Baked Beans and Baked Potato

Best foods to Eat in London, Foods of London

Baked Beans and Baked Potato

This dish is considered as one of Prince Charles’s favourite meals when he was a college student. A royal legacy huh! Yes, of course, how can you break out from any food tour in London without getting a pinch of royalty in it? This dish comprises a baked potato which is topped with Heinz Baked Beans which are far better than the American version of baked beans! You enjoy this simple dish with the delicious cheddar cheese which makes it even tastier and creamy to consume.

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10. Eton Mess

Best foods to Eat in London, Foods of London

Eton Mess

Ending this in a most British fashion that is with a bring berry-infused dessert which was created at a place named Eton. And why is Eton more specific? Because there is a fancy private school where Prince William and Prince Harry attended their schooling. This famous food to eat in London values much more than anything to all those royalty fans who follow up the trends of British royalties. An Eton Mess is a deconstructed dessert made with meringues, whipped cream, and berries. It looks much more appealing and delicious than it looks that you can say no to it if you spot it in any bakery.

Hope you enjoyed these top foods to try in London that perfectly represent the most authentic food culture of the British empire. You can get yourself the best of everything from the above-mentioned list of famous foods in London. You can try them according to your budget plans as not all the dishes are going to fit in your plans if you want to explore other sites in London. Hence, try out the tastiest delicacy in London without any clutter to decipher what is supposed to be authentic and what is not? I have mentioned the must-try foods in London that you can find easily in any restaurant. For more engaging information about London, you can visit our other blogs or just ping us in the comment section below.

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