Top 10 Foods to Try in Florence | Best Foods in Florence

You can experience the best of everything in Florence. This city delivers some of the tremendous varieties of flavours to explore. You will love the popular foods in Florence as they cater to every genre of food ranging from juicy steaks to completely vegan meals, you will get all types of custom dishes in this city. You might feel chaotic after looking at so much variety and wonder about what food to eat in Florence? But trust me as soon as you fill your palette with the delicious Italian and Florentine cuisines that have evolved into tastier versions of themselves in this city. All the fabulous dishes will make you realise that there is nothing more tempting than the famous foods to try in Florence. So, here I have collated a list of the foods of Florence that you must not miss on your adventurous trip. 

List of Must-Try Foods in Florence

1. Lampredotto

Best foods to Eat in Florence, Foods of Florence


This is one of the most intimidating dishes that has sustained its legacy from the medieval period of Florence’s history. Lampredotto is basically a sandwich made with thinly sliced tripe (intestines) that’s been boiled in broth and seasoned with several spices. This is one of the best local foods to eat in Florence that is generally loved by a lot of street wanderers. You can try out their spicy red sauce, herbal green sauce, or even Bagnato (with wet bread, and a little bit of gravy) from outdoor markets or street vendors around the city.

2. Pappardelle al Cinghiale

Best foods to Eat in Florence, Foods of Florence

Pappardelle al Cinghiale

There are a lot of varieties of Pasta in entire Italy but the one famous food in Florence that never goes out of top cuisines in this city is the Pappardelle which is long, wide, flat kind of pasta, usually paired with a heavy sauce, such as a ragu. But you can have a lot of variation with the inclusion of different meats in the dish. Such as the ‘Cinghiale’ is wild boar (traditionally wild, but now usually made with free-range boars on a farm), but you can also get a wild Hare, goose, or rabbit for your dish’s meat if you prefer other varieties of meat.

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3. Tagliatelle Funghi Porcini e Tartufo

Best foods to Eat in Florence, Foods of Florence

Tagliatelle Funghi Porcini e Tartufo

This is another famous pasta that you would definitely love if you can identify the best quality of mushrooms and love to include them into your pasta dishes. This dish is so popular that you can find this food to eat in Florence almost at every food corner. Because it contains two delicious local ingredients, truffle mushrooms and porcini mushrooms. Tagliatelle is the pasta in the dish paired meticulously with such fine mushroom varieties but the literal translation of Tagliatelle means “cuts” since the pasta is thin, long and flatter than Fettuccine pasta and can come in different sizes. This is one of the main course meals that you would like to have in Florence. 

4. Crostini (Antipasto Toscano)

Best foods to Eat in Florence, Foods of Florence

Crostini (Antipasto Toscano)

For beginning your journey of top foods in Florence, you need to recognise that Florence comes with major varieties of bread that are very distinct from the existing bread varieties. This dish is an appetiser platter with assorted types of bruschetta bread, which are also regular Tuscan bread topped with different sauces, purees, or vegetable salsas. One of the most traditional antipasto Toscano is a chicken liver paté on top of a piece of crunchy Tuscan bread. It’s a light and healthy appetizer that you can try in Florence.

5. Pane Toscano

 Best foods to Eat in Florence, Foods of Florence

Pane Toscano

As explained earlier, Florentine bread is very different and Pane Tuscano is one of those bread which has a very bland taste and dense texture. This bread is very hard and owns a crunchy crust but it compliments all the major famous foods to eat in Florence very well. Most of the people love this pairing of bread because they love the crunchiness which becomes the flavour of whatever you are pairing the bread with. But the bread becomes hard due to the fact that it is traditionally made without salt. Back in times when a neighbouring city halted their salt export to Florence people started making salt-less bread which was harder in texture but cheaper in price hence, this tradition is still followed, especially when you know the salt shop is just below the apartment(laziness of traditions guys!) 

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6. Schiacciata

 Best foods to Eat in Florence, Foods of Florence


By far now don’t already judge all the bread of Florence to be bland and tasteless guys! They finally realised they now have salt too and you are served with a very flavourful salty bread which is quite similar to what most people know as focaccia bread. But this Tuscan bread goes the extra mile, in which they use more salt and oil to give this bread a thin and smashed version seeming like a token adding more soft texture and flavour to it. Perhaps that’s why they call it ‘Schiacciata’ meaning “smashed”.

7. Cornetti

 Best foods to Eat in Florence, Foods of Florence


If you think it’s the female version of Cornetto ice cream then it’s not! (I know a P.J.) But it has some relations with creamy pastries. These desserts compliment all the best foods to try in Florence as such a typical Italian breakfast pastry can be eaten whenever you like. Cornetto (Italian for croissants) are pastry versions of cookies which you can enjoy while standing at the bar before sipping down a cappuccino. Florentines love to try these cornettos with stuffed apricot jam (Albicocca), blackberry jam (mora), wildberry jam (Frutti di Bosco), classic honey (Miele), all-time favourite cream (Crema), chocolate (Cioccolato), or even Nutella. Almost every dessert you find in Florence will have this selection of flavours so be ready to serve yourself with the delicious dessert trail of all kinds of jam-derivative dishes.

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8. Tagliere

 Best foods to Eat in Florence, Foods of Florence


Another great appetiser which can be best suited for a light meal in the summer, or even just a snack to taste different meats and cheeses with a friend while touring the city. Tagliere literally means ‘cutting board’ in which basically grilled vegetables, slices of Tuscan bread, and sometimes a marmalade or honey are served over a wooden board or platter. You would love to enjoy the variety of items included in the platter that is not going to fill you up completely but you will be satisfied with amazing distinct flavours for short intervals. This is a must-try food in Florence that every road traveller must taste.

9. Ribollita

Best foods to Eat in Florence, Foods of Florence


Ribollita is translated as “reheated”, and in this traditional Tuscan dish, you are served with an astonishing soup made with stale bread, tomatoes, beans (usually Cannelli) and any other in-season vegetables, along with some herbs that are served specifically in a mashed version, similar to the Spanish Gazpacho, with reduced water. Hence, this soup becomes more of a semi-solid food in Florence, Italy that you can either pair with different pieces of bread or just eat it as a whole when served hot. This is one of the healthiest cuisines you can find in Florence.

10. Schiacciata Fiorentina

Best foods to Eat in Florence, Foods of Florence

Schiacciata Fiorentina

Ending your journey with a sweet note is one of my favourite goodbyes. Every city has one incredible dessert that you can’t ignore and leave without eating. For Florence, this is one of the sweet Florentine cakes which you must try once. These are very simple rectangular-shaped soft, spongy yellow cakes which are made in one flat layer, covered in powdered sugar, and are easily identified by the large fleur-de-lys stencilled in cocoa powder on top. You will find this with other top foods to eat in Florence especially during the times of Carnivals in entire Italy.

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Hope you enjoyed these top 10 foods of Florence, Italy that is super juicy and delicious. You can find the above-mentioned foods anywhere in the local’s corners of the city, therefore, no need to search expensive places to dine anymore. Besides, you can shop around with your saved money from foods and thank us later! Because Florence is also a very major shopping hotspot for designer accessories and clothing. So, just enjoy the famous foods in Florence that can fill your tummy and save your pocket money. For more engaging blogs head on to our other travel blogs and try out our latest Adequate travel app available on play store now for more exciting features.

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