Germany won’t glow this Christmas: Eco-Activist calls for light out

Synopsis: Everyone is Europe is concerned about the energy crisis. To cope with the situation, several environmentalists came out and advised the government to ask citizens to torn off their lights during Christmas to save energy. 

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When all of Europe is preparing for the celebration of Christmas, the statement from an environmental advocacy group in Germany makes people think about new ways to celebrate Christmas this year. 

Everyone knows, Europe is struggling with skyrocketing electricity bills and gas shortages. 

The German government has already taken several steps to deal with the power shortage and save energy this winter. They ask citizens to keep the temperature low in their room and office buildings. Even its advised to keep the lights off at the capital’s monuments, Brandenburg Gate.

Amid the energy crisis, Deutsche Umwelthilfe (an environmental and consumer protection association) proposed a petition and asked the government to urge citizens to turn off their lights this Christmas to save energy. 

Germany is one of the prime locations in Europe to witness the grand celebration of Christmas. There are several Christmas markets in Germany where you will get to see an endless array of fairy lights. But as the country is facing an energy crisis, the government has introduced measures to save energy. However, none of these measures applies to citizens.

According to Deutsche Umwelthilfe, stand against the energy crisis in Europe and ask the government to keep the lights dim during the Christmas celebration to save energy.

They further added that a festive mood does not need streaks of lights to enjoy Christmas to the fullest, as the country had been experiencing in earlier years. He continues that 

Jürgen Resch, DUH Federal Managing Director, while talking to Euronews stated that they are not planning to cancel Christmas markets. However, they ask citizens and stall owners to keep their lights dim and use the least amount of power during Christmas days.

Where else is Christmas lighting reduced?

Other neighboring countries like Spain and Portugal also introduced new laws for citizens to reduce energy consumption this year. They ask their citizen to turn off or dim the Christmas lights. 

Alicante’s mayor has proposed that all Valencia municipalities turn off 20% of Christmas lights this year while the Portuguese government issued guidelines to switch on lights only between 6 pm till midnight from 6 December to 6 January.

In the past few months, several countries in Europe have introduced several ways to reduce energy consumption and save energy. A few days ago, French ski to cut the cost and save energy bills. Also, they decided to turn down the lighting at Eiffel Tower early to save energy

Will Germany keep their lights off?

Germany is very attached to its Christmas traditions and has some of the world’s most famous Christmas markets. Families meet at one place to bake traditional cookies and drink “Feuerzangenbowle” and Glühwein with their loved ones on Christmas. 

It’s difficult to predict how Germans will feel about the blackout this winter and during the Christmas days. It’s also important to keep in mind that, unlike in the UK and the US, Germans don’t have a custom of decking their homes with thousands of bright lights for Christmas. Still, its to be seen if the large Christmas trees that dominate German town centers and the lights that adorn traditional markets will be turned off this year or not

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