February 28, 2023

Himachal will introduce houseboats in a bid to boost tourism

Synopsis: The CM asks concerned officers to propose a new policy to promote tourism in the Chamera, Bakra, Pong, and Koldam regions. Houseboats and high-end cruise services will be started in these regions for this reason. 

Himachal Pradesh is one of the best hill stations in northern India that is known for its majestic Himalayan mountains, clear lakes, and peaceful landscapes. It plans to increase its tourism by putting houseboats on its beautiful lakes and dams. The state government's plan is meant to bring more tourists to the area and give locals more job opportunities.

According to a spokesperson from the state government, CM Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu instructed the tourism department to take necessary actions in a bid to boost tourism in Himachal pradesh. 

In addition, the concerned officials have been given the instruction to prepare the policy's draft rule. Before beginning work on the draft, the officials will conduct in-depth research on the surrounding area.

The development of houseboats as a mode of accommodation in Himachal Pradesh is a fantastic step toward fostering the state's growing tourism sector. The state is already known for its scenic beauty, but this move will add a new dimension to the tourist experience. The primary locations for these houseboats will be the state's many beautiful lakes, such as Dal Lake in Dharamshala, Khajjiar Lake in Dalhousie, and Renuka Lake in Sirmaur.

Reports confirmed that the government is making all possible efforts to promote tourism in the region along with power generation by these major dams of Himachal. This effort of the tourism department and the government will be luring both people of Himachal as well as for tourists visiting here.

Devesh Kumar, Principal Secretary Tourism, added that houseboats and cruises are being planned in Chamera, Pong, Bhakra, and Koldam after CM’s order.

The Himachal Pradesh government's move to introduce houseboats is a step in the right direction towards promoting sustainable tourism in the state. The state has immense potential for tourism, and this initiative will go a long way in realizing that potential. It will not only attract more tourists to the region but also create job opportunities for locals and promote the region's economic growth.

The introduction of houseboats in Himachal Pradesh is a game-changer for the state's tourism industry. Officers from the Tourism department have been directed to draft a policy. Soon tourists will get a good new on Himachal houseboats.