History of Venice | Historical Facts about Venice

The history of Venice is like the city itself. The resident from the neighboring mainland seeking shelter from the savage Barbarians who overcome Italy after the fall of the Roman Empire, the Venice history began with the Venetian lagoon offering a refuge for these people. Here we will mention all the Venice history facts.

Brief History of Venice

Here we will discuss all Venice, which tells that Venice history begins around 400 A.D. The people to settle in the Venetian Lagoon were frightened men, coming from the nearby Italian mainland. For centuries these people had enjoyed prosperous lives in splendid cities of the Roman Empire strung along the north-eastern shores of the Adriatic.

But, in the fifth century, with the collapse of the Roman Empire and barbarians sweeping down from northern Europe, their communities were thrown into chaos. The populations of these towns fled before the Goths, in search of a shelter where their enemies could not follow them. And so, the historical Venice began.

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Further the waves of invaders swept across the mainland, more and more people seek sanctuary in the channels and shoals of the lagoon. Although, the waves of invaders passed, so people need to return to the mainland to try to resume their own lives.

According to tradition, Venice came into existence at the stroke of noon on the 25th March, 421 A.D.  And that large number of peoples decided to settle there permanently in the lagoon.

The arrival of Attila the Hun, and the devastation caused on the mainland were enough for the inhabitants to finally realize that it is no possible to continue their life on the mainland. In fact, many of the refugees found their new lives in the lagoon more compatible than they had expected.

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Living in a refuge was both inevitable and inaccessible; where their enemies were lacking their ships and knowledge of the sea, the isolation of these early Venetians enabled them to enjoy independence from the upheavals by which Italy was now being shaken.

Early Venetians lived like seabirds, their land was secured only by osier and wattle. The Venetians enjoyed by one great wealth was the fish and salt from the lagoon, which gave them the power to purchase those things that they did not possess.

For nearly 1400 years, the two or three miles of shallow water separate the Venice from mainland Italy, which did not only protected the Venice from invaders but effectively isolated the Venetians from the Italian political life.

A city built from fear was soon to be declared as the most dazzlingly beautiful city in the world. While the Florentines were honored as a great thinker, the Venetians should be regarded as great doer’s. For that, they conquered the malaria-ridden swamps to build a city from nothing.

Historical facts about Venice is the perfect introduction to Venice, through which the first-time visitor is easily introduced to the beauty and complex history of the world’s longest existing Republic.

The architectural and artistic treasures are found throughout the city of Venice, reflects a continual process of enrichment through which Venetians showed their great sense of nationalism at a time when the rest of Europe was in chaos.

Doge’s Palace introduces you to the political and social institutions that made Venice the most liberal and free state in Europe during the Middle Ages. The richly decorated chambers of the Palace, provide the perfect introduction to the great artists of Venice.

So far we discussed the historical facts about Venice which help you to discover Venice history.  Hope you have gathered some information regarding Venice history facts if you are interested to discover some other facts related to Venice then kindly refer to our other article they will provide the proper as per your requirement.

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