Japan’s passport is the world’s most powerful passport for 2022

Synopsis: Now Japanese residents can enjoy the freedom of global travel with the most powerful passport ever. Japan’s passport becomes the world’s most powerful passport in 2022 by providing direct access to 193 countries.

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According to the quarterly report released by Henley & Partners  London-based global citizenship and residence advisory company, the passports of three Asian countries are ranked as the world’s best passports for 2022. 

Japan’s passport ranked first in the list released by Henley & Partners as it will provide visa-free or visa-on-demand access to a record 193 countries worldwide. Singapore and South Korea are following Japan in this list by providing access to 192 countries through their visas. European countries are preceding the Asian trio by providing access to 190 countries. 

Residents of Asia are currently unwilling to travel abroad because of COVID-19, which has had a severe impact on the region. However, things are not that bad in Europe or America, and people feel at ease traveling abroad. 

Most recent figures by the International Air Transport Association show that the demand for international travel in the Asia-Pacific region is still less than a quarter of pre-Covid levels. Hence, the Japanese people may not be able to get benefits from their passports. 

Numerous European nations named Finland, Italy, and Luxembourg, with 189 destinations, and Germany and Spain, with 190 destinations, are positioned close to the top of the leaderboard after three Asian countries.  Austria, Denmark, the Netherlands, and Sweden are tied in fifth place with 188 destinations, followed by France, Ireland, Portugal, and the United Kingdom, which are ranked sixth with 187 destinations. 

Here is the complete list of the best passports that you can hold in 2022 to get access to most countries. 

  1. Japan -193 destinations.
  2. Singapore, South Korea – 192 destinations
  3. Germany, Spain – 190 destinations 
  4. Finland, Italy, Luxembourg – 189 destinations 
  5. Denmark, Austria, Sweden, Netherlands – 188 destinations 
  6. France, Portugal, United Kingdom, Ireland – 187 destinations 
  7. New Zealand, Belgium, Norway, United States, Switzerland – 186 destinations 
  8. Canada, Australia, Malta, Czech Republic, Greece – 185 destinations 
  9. Hungary – 183 destinations 
  10. Poland, Lithuania, Slovakia – 182 destinations 

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