Best Places to Visit in France- Most Visited Tourist Attractions in France

Holding some of the greatest treasure troves, France is nestled in Western Europe. This most beautiful country is also renowned as the most famous and most visited tourist destination in France. France is really a remarkable land, from the cuisine to the language, and also their architectural style – everything that’s French is just impeccable. Lucky are those who reside or at least live near here because most of the outside world has only seen France in movies and travel shows. The motion picture industry rarely does justice to this country, because not a lot of people know any French city other than Paris. So you can discover other great attractions, we have listed the best places to visit in France. Please stay with us and scroll down below to have a look.

Here are Top Places to Visit in France:

1. Corsica


Surrounded by the famous Mediterranean Sea, the island of Corsica is the perfect example of an artistic blend of natural beauty and rich history. The island is blessed with an incredible diversity of beaches and a myriad of other beatific terrains and is a gem worth exploring. This beautiful place in France is one of the 18 regions located southeast of the country, west of the Italian peninsula. Most of the island is covered with mountains and the island boasts of more than two hundred beaches and a coastline extending more than a thousand kilometres. A truly surreal Corsica packs the best of nature and offers an experience absolutely unparalleled. The terrain changes its shape and form throughout its length and breadth, encapsulating pure and sheer awe. Holidays in Corsica are hence incredibly varied, right from hiking and canyoning to getting a splendid tan, enjoying a leisurely cruise, delving into the island’s rich history and savouring local specialities. 

With its own unique culture and set of norms, Corsica revamps your soul into a happier, more relaxed vibe. The aroma of the sea that leaves you with a pleasant salty tang enhances the breezy feel all the more. Plenty of engaging evenings await you at this island, especially if the trio of food, wine and melodious Corsican music are involved. Resplendent in its own true sense, Corsica will be a place you never forget.

2. Paris 

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Synonymous with culture, architecture, food and fashion and one of the dream destinations for many, Paris needs no formal introduction. Eiffel Tower in Paris is the most famous tourist place in France. Paris is a significant hub of culture, architecture, food, art, and fashion. It is one of the most charming tourist places in France and also the capital city. Paris boasts of its splendid cityscape reflecting old world charm, intersected by expansive boulevards with River Seine flowing by its side as one of the most beautiful European cities. The amazing historic monuments, museums, bustling river bank and vibrant people pull tourists from all over the world and have made Paris one of the immensely famous places in France. Exquisite French cuisine, enticing patisseries and boulangeries (bakeries), luscious fromageries (cheese shops), fragrant wine shops. Bohemian Montmartre, trendy Marais. Key attractions of this one of the popular tourist spots in France are Eiffel Tower, The Louvre, Notre Dame Cathedral, Palace of Versailles, Arc de Triomphe, and Montmartre.

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3. Lyon

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The ancient city of Lyon is France’s third largest city and a pinnacle for history, culture and delicious French cuisine. Established by the Romans as Ludgunum over 2000 years ago, the city is more than meets the eye, distracting you with its historical remains and fine renaissance architecture to keep you from finding the secret passageways and hidden gems scattered across this fascinating city. Apart from being one of the oldest surviving cities of the glorious Roman empire, Lyon is also famous for being the birthplace of cinema, starting from the invention of the cinematograph by the Lumiere brothers. The gothic and European architecture of the buildings of the city is amplified by the two rivers that flow through the area, River Rhone and River Saone. The natural beauty of the city is amplified by the two hills that surround it, Fourvière et Croix-Rousse, both of which are scenic vistas populated with more of the classic architecture and facades that make Lyon popular. Much of the historic sights are found in these best places in France to visit, along with Vieux Lyon and Presqu’île, all of which combined form the UNESCO World Heritage site of Historic Lyon. The Roman Amphitheatre and its surroundings are the only remains of the ancient site of Lugdunum.

 The Basilica Notre Dame de Fourviere is one of Lyon’s prime Cathedrals, a massive edifice combining Roman and Byzantine architectural styles from the 19th century that is the site of Lyon’s most famous festival, Fete des Lumieres of Festival of Lights. But Lyon’s historical trip doesn’t stop there, as it is home to over a 100 museums, all detailing various portions of French culture and lifestyle in the most informative way that is sure to reel you in and keep you in the city. Musee des Beaux-Arts has to be the top of that list, proudly standing as France’s largest museum of Fine Arts. The gastronomic capital of gourmet-loving France, Lyon has specialised restaurants called ‘bouchons’, quaint little cafes where you can have some of the best Lyonnais cuisines that’ll drive you into a food coma. If not a Bouchon, most of the restaurants are sure to leave you wanting more.

4. Toulouse

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In the pursuit of amazing architecture, you can also visit Toulouse. This city in Southern France is also known as the ‘Pink City’, due to the fact that most buildings are built with pale-colored bricks. The town hall that looks a lot like Buckingham Palace in London is also a great example of structure designing. You can go to each place one after another, but the easiest way to explore the main attractions in Toulouse is by getting a ticket for this hop-on hop-off tour. This tour bus will be covering a total of 26 landmarks in France including Saint-Etienne Cathedral, Saint Sernin Basilica, and more. The multi-language audio guide will be available to you.

5. Nice

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The scenic beauty of the coastal city of Nice is why it has constantly attracted artists to her shores. It is one of the top beach destinations in France, serving as a gateway to the French favourite Cote d’Azur. This beautiful city encompasses everything you could expect from a quaint European town, with charming architecture and urban design, culture and scenery that draws in artists from all over the globe, and a rich history that you can lose yourself in. Nice is the capital of the Cote d’Azur region, France’s favourite stop for beachside fun. The Promenade des Anglais, a long, picturesque boulevard carved around the Bay of Angels is just the place to discover how Nice’s urban area and her coastal charm combine to form one of the most attractive panoramic views of the French Riviera. This famous place in France is a cultural hub of Western France, home to famous icons of the art industry like Henry Matisse. With a multitude of museums primarily dedicated to various nuances and styles of art, Nice is the perfect place to rediscover your imaginative, aesthetic eye. The Musee Matisse is a comprehensive collection of painting and art by Henry Matisse, while the Musee Marc Chagall holds all the art of the French artist, Marc Chagall. The rich history of the town is a unique combination of European cultures, founded by the Greeks as a vacation destination for the elite, going on to be a part of Italy till the mid-19th century. Enter one of the many cafes here to eat some of the most delicious pastries while watching budding artists live it up in this French cultural centre.

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6.  Mont Saint-Michel

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Mont Saint-Michel

Mont Saint-Michel definitely stands in Normandie and it makes the inhabitants proud. It is the most visited site of Normandie and one of the ten most visited places in France. It is located on a rocky island in the Channel. You can access it after a walk or by bus (better not to try swimming). The abbey’s church is the highest point of the island and it has been listed as a historic monument since 1862. You will also find shops and restaurants to buy souvenirs and taste the culinary specialties of the area (try the restaurant de la Mère Poulard). About 40 people only live in this most popular tourist spot in France, essentially from tourism, and they are always happy to see new visitors (as long as they are respectful). The abbey is a Catholic pilgrimage destination, and some people even take a retreat here with the Jerusalem monks community. From the local gastronomy and the panorama to the spiritual aspect of the place, there are many reasons to come and see this rocky island.

7. Cannes

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Located on Cote d’Azur or more commonly known as the French Riviera, Cannes is a city famous for its luxury shops and hotels and the distinctive annual Cannes Film Festival. Apart from this the city also has a lot of natural beauty to offer making your trip worthwhile. Originally a fishing village, this best place to visit in France now sparkles with glamour and luxury, be it the numerous boutiques, couture shops, the elegant Belle €poque hotels or superstars and celebrities making it the social hub of Europe. The city bustles with life in the month of May when it’s the host of the annual Cannes Film Festival and hereby, the best place for fans to be busy celebrity spotting. Cannes never ceases to mesmerize its visitors with the beautiful Mediterranean climate and blessed with scenic beauty, boulevards lined with palm trees. Cannes became a traveler’s paradise because of the harbours, the bay, the churches, and the architectural beauty of La Suquet.

8. Strasbourg

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Strasbourg is a historical heritage and the capital of the Alsace region. This is a picturesque city that sits between two rivers: Ill and the Rhine and features several monumental bridges. Just a day spent in this city will make you yearn to stay longer. This is, perhaps, why UNESCO has recognized a major part of this city as a World Heritage site. It’s a very good idea to explore this exact area of Strasbourg by taking this private walking tour. Learn the rich history of this most visited place in France from your guide while visiting top landmarks like the Cathedral of Notre Dame de Strasbourg and Rohan Palace. Admire and appreciate the elegance of the city’s architecture on a stroll along the canalside.

9. The Châteaux of the Loire Valley

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The Châteaux of the Loire Valley

Like the scene of a fairy tale, this beautiful tourist spot in France named Loire Valley is a lush, forested landscape dotted with magnificent castles along the gently flowing Loire River. Stretching for 280 kilometres, from Sully-sur-Loire to Chalonnes-Sur-Loire in Anjou, the Loire Valley is the largest UNESCO-listed site in France. The region boasts an incredibly rich cultural heritage. During the 15th and 16th centuries, France’s kings built sumptuous country retreats here purely for entertainment and enjoyment. Extravagant châteaux, such as the grandiose Château de Chambord and the emblematic Château de Chenonceau, offer insight into the opulence of the Renaissance-era French court. French nobles and elites also built stately manor houses, such as the majestic Château of Cheverny and the Château d’Azay-le-Rideau in an idyllic setting with a water-filled moat. For families with kids, the Parc Mini-Châteaux in Amboise is a marvelous destination. Set in two hectares of woodlands, this adorable and educational amusement park features more than 40 replicas of Loire châteaux built on a 1/25 scale. Children love exploring the kid-sized castles designed with authentic details.

10. Cliffs of Etretat (Normandy)

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Cliffs of Etretat

Do you know those strange rocks in the North of France?” Those white chalk cliffs, sculpted by the sea, are impressive and welcome many visitors each year. You can walk to the cliffs and admire the astonishing view. Each part of this amazing place to see in France has a different name: the Devil’s Door, the Needle, the Manneporte, the Amont’s Cliff. Artists celebrated them, like Monet, Courbet, Flaubert, and Maupassant; they gained a worldwide reputation and always drew more people to them. Etretat became a beach resort in the 19th century and lives essentially from tourism since then. Many castles, mansions, and villas were built on the heights of the city, as well as a casino, which are also part of the touristic animation. We advise you to leave your car when you enter the city, as the streets are very small and the inhabitants do not welcome big cars jamming the streets.

11. The Côte d’Azur

places to visit in France, best places to visit in France, top places to visit in France

The Côte d’Azur

The Côte d’Azur also referred to as French Riviera, is a glamorous stretch of Mediterranean coastline named for its deep azure-blue waters. The skies are often a mesmerizing cerulean hue as well, thanks to the sunny weather most of the year in this area of southern France. This top tourist spot in France begins at Saint-Tropez (overlapping with the Provence region) and extends all the way to Menton, less than 30 kilometres from the border with Italy. The Côte d’Azur became popular with the British as a wintertime resort in the 1820s. Nowadays, it’s a bustling (and crowded) summer vacation destination. Spring and autumn bring milder weather and a quieter, more relaxing atmosphere. The Côte d’Azur has something for everyone. Nice is the place to enjoy the good life, visit art museums, and stroll along cobblestone streets and palm-fringed boulevards. Many top days trips from Nice offer seaside beauty and cultural attractions. Cannes (famous for its film festival) and Monaco are glitzy resort towns, complete with lavish vacation villas, luxury hotels, gourmet restaurants, and yacht-filled marinas. Saint-Tropez (once just a typical Provençal fishing village) has million-dollar yachts in its Old Port, as well as exclusive private beaches, but its public beaches appeal to regular tourists. In Antibes, nature lovers and sun-worshippers bask on expansive sandy beaches.

12. Bordeaux 

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Situated on the Garonne River in the Gironde department of southwestern France, Bordeaux is a magnolia Port city known for the best of wine, the most gracious and elegant of gothic architecture and amalgamated. This popular place in France classified as the World Heritage Site by UNESCO and deemed as “the very essence of elegance” by Her Royal Majesty Queen, Bordeaux’s sublime existence thrives at a dynamic pace. It is nowhere else, through the entirety of Europe that the consistency of old gothic architecture has been maintained with such devotion and remains a major feature in harmonious coexistence with the modern structures. The Cathedral St.Andre, the Left bank Quays overlooking the Garonne, the Opera house are some of the many exceptional places to visit that transport you in an era of its own kind! Exceptionally famous for its wine(hereby a must-try), Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Château de Bensse are few of the numerous other wine products that are crafted to tantalize your senses. 

Visiting the wine country is what makes the experience richer than ever. A gastronomical hub with myriad versions and varieties of cuisines, French or otherwise, the kitchens of Bordeaux know how to ensnare every taste palette. Courtesy fusion dishes, there is something or the other for anyone and everyone. The very personality of Bordeaux with its air of aristocratic finesse, aesthetic appeal, and gastronomic indulgence, pampers and rejigs the traveller. A leisurely stroll on the Miroir D’eau that overlooks the grand structure of Place de la Bourse (built from 1730 to 1775), or for that matter any of its graceful streets is bound to create everlasting memories that shall be looked back upon with utmost fondness.

13. Saint-Tropez

places to visit in France, best places to visit in France, top places to visit in France


The given tour presents you with a day trip from the populated municipal of Nice to the little town of Saint-Tropez. This town is known for its beaches, great shopping experience, and its history. By taking this tour, you will mainly see two historic monuments from the 16th and 17th centuries that have been turned into museums: Citadelle de Saint-Tropez and Musée de l’Annonciade. Subsequently, after a stroll to the traditional market Place des Lices Provencal, enjoy a boat ride for a couple of hours. The duration of  tour of this iconic place in France should take around nine hours before you head back to the city of Nice.

14. La Rochelle

 places to visit in France, best places to visit in France, top places to visit in France

La Rochelle

The coastal city of La Rochelle was established in 10th century AD, and it is still a major seaport on the Bay of Biscay. Despite the fact that it’s not a metropolis, it still carries some features of a big city. Vieux Port, or the old harbor, is the most happening zone here. Besides this location, there are some casinos, aquariums, and famous beaches to be found here. However, if you’re interested in relics, there are medieval fortresses like Tour Saint-Nicolas, Tour de la Chaîne, and other landmarks such as La Rochelle Cathedral, and more. La Rochelle enjoys pleasant weather all year round, so plan to visit this city en route to the western regions of France.

Here we listed the best places to visit in France, which are mentioned as per the visitor’s requirements. I hope you have gathered some information about tourist places in France. If you are planning your trip to Paris then read my other articles as well through which you will be able to get the best tourism places in Paris, restaurants in Paris and other related things as well. If you liked our post please like it and comment in the below comment section. 

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