Top 8 Water Parks in Jerusalem, Israel | Best Aqua Parks in Jerusalem

Israel has so much to see and enjoy that is located on the Mediterranean Sea. You will find some of the famous water parks in Jerusalem. A long seashore has provided Israel with a number of beautiful beaches where you can take your family. Apart from that, there are also a number of amusement and water parks in Jerusalem, which your children will absolutely love. Given the heat that the country faces during summer months, water parks are an absolute must. Please note that most water parks in Jerusalem operate only from April/May to September/October and are closed down during the rest of the year.

List of Aqua Parks in Jerusalem

1. Speedy Kef

Water Parks in Jerusalem, Aqua Parks in Jerusalem

Located in Jerusalem, this water park has a lot of activities. As it is a floating water park, the fun is even better. There are three different sections inside one for families, one called Olympic and the last extreme. Your children, whatever their age, would love this place. There are inflatable slides, competitive water sports, obstacle courses and what not – all in this one place. Hands down, one of the most popular water parks in Jerusalem.

Address: Mevo Beitar, Israel
Hour: 9 AM – 3 PM (All week except Saturday, closed on Saturdays).
Official Website:

2. The Miracle Mountain Water Park

Water Parks in Jerusalem, Aqua Parks in Jerusalem

In the sunny weather of Israel, the best water parks in Jerusalem are the best way to enjoy a day together with the rest of your family. One of the most popular places to be in summers, The Miracle Mountain Water Park is almost always overflowing with people and gallons of water. You can surf or swim in the innumerable pools here. Or choose to chill around in the wet slides over here. There are games, fun activities of all kinds going on for most of the time over here. The staff is fun and polite, adding to the whole experience.

Address: Nes Harim, Israel
Hour: 9 AM – 5 PM (All week except Fridays, closed on Fridays)

3. Rose Garden

Water Parks in Jerusalem, Aqua Parks in Jerusalem

Located on the capital, this wonderful water park in Jerusalem overlooks the sea, which makes it quite unique in its own way. For adults, there a number of water sports to indulge in. For kids, they have tub slides, tubing slides, an Olympic pool, a kamikaze slide and so much more. One of the most popular attractions in the country, this water park also has a waterfall, music fountains and other such things to add to your vacation.

Address: Jerusalem, Israel
Hours: 10 AM – 4 PM

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4. Teddy Park

Water Parks in Jerusalem, Aqua Parks in Jerusalem

This is the only best aqua park in Jerusalem for friends which has separate facilities for men and women. There is an Olympic size pool, a waterslide, a wave pool, one tube slide and so much more at this place. They also have small pools suitable for toddlers. There are roller coasters, baby cars, and other things too in case you don’t like getting wet particularly. Run by a religious group, Chofetz Chaim Water Park also has huge lawns, fountains, a stage, and a Kosher buffet.

Address: Paul Emile Botta St., Jerusalem
Hour: 10 AM – 4 PM

5. Waterland – Jericho

Water Parks in Jerusalem, Aqua Parks in Jerusalem

This incredible water park is also the biggest waterpark in the whole country. Perfect to spend a hot and sweaty summer day, you will find over 22 slides as well as three large pools, and a paintball complex over here. It is one of the best water parks in Jerusalem for couple. There are restaurants and fast food stalls inside the premises too. You can also indulge your inner shopaholic over here. A wholesome place for the entertainment of the whole family, Shefayim Water Park is everyone’s first choice when it comes to having some fun in summers.

Address: Jericho Street, Khribe
Hour: 9 AM – 6 PM (Sunday – Thursday), 9 AM – 5 PM (Friday & Saturday)

6. Meymadion

Water Parks in Jerusalem, Aqua Parks in Jerusalem

Another place to take your family to this aqua park in Jerusalem is one of the less crowded ones. There are seven slides over here including one Kamikaze one, which is quite a favorite of kids as well as adults. The wave pool here a huge number of fans as there is no other pool like that in this area. Shallow pools, loop slides, huge lawns make this place perfect for a weekend outing. If you do not want to get wet at all, enjoy at the bathing beach which is full of sand. The proximity to Golan Heights adds to the beauty of the place.

Address: Water Park, Ganei Yehoshua Sderot Pharmacist 150 Dimension, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel
Hour: 9:30 AM – 5 PM

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7. Yamit Water Park

Water Parks in Jerusalem, Aqua Parks in Jerusalem

Located about 15-20 minutes away from the capital Jerusalem, this amazing and best aqua parks in Jerusalem for family is one of the biggest of its kind in the whole country. There are over 20 slides, some of them spiral and some bungee kind. One of the crowd favorites here is the Banana Jump. Black Hole and Super Kamikaze are also high in demand. While your kids are out having fun, head over to the jacuzzis or the Olympic pools here. And if that does not excite you, Yamit Water Park also has hammams and squash courts in the premise.

Address: 66 Mifratz Shlomo Street, Holon, Israel
Hour: 8:30 AM – 10 PM (Sunday – Thursday), 8:30 AM – 5 PM (Friday & Saturday).
Official Website:

8. Superland Amusement Park

Water Parks in Jerusalem, Aqua Parks in Jerusalem

Probably the most popular water parks in Jerusalem, this wonderful place is a hit amongst all the adrenaline junkies of the capital and otherwise. You will get a number of roller coasters, Ferris Wheels, and other rides. Think of it like a carnival, and they have all the best rides in business. They have both wet and dry experiences to offer. Innovative rides like bungee jumping from a pirate ship and swan boat on the river make the park a must-visit for everyone in the area.

Address: 5 Sderot Maryland Rishon LeZion, Israel
Hour: 9 AM – 10 PM (All week except Friday, closed on Fridays)

So far we have discussed the most popular water parks in Jerusalem Israel. I hope you might have gathered some information related to it. If you are planning your trip to Jerusalem then kindly go through our other articles as well which will be quite beneficial for you. Please share your views regarding the content explained above and liked it too.

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