Top 12 Foods to Eat in Switzerland | Famous Foods from Switzerland

Switzerland offers lots of delicacies that are creamy and stretchy for sure but along with such amazing dishes, there are more incredible foods to try in Switzerland that you must never miss out. Be ready! To leave your diet back at homes as in this country you won’t find one single dish that hasn’t used cheese in its preparation. Even some of the best foods in Switzerland are actually cooked inside the creamy cheese to bring out the best of flavours in Swiss cuisine. Still, they maintain a perfect balance of taste as you won’t feel the dish to be extra soggy or overly creamy plus don’t miss out their desserts. When the whole country is known for its extraordinary chocolates, you don’t wanna miss their sweet sections for sure. Usually, people plan their honeymoon in Switzerland hence with some romantic rides a romantic dinner is definitely the show stopper which you can explore if you follow up the given below list of top foods of Switzerland that can be enjoyed and with all your loved ones.

List of Must-Try Foods in Switzerland

1. Fondue

Best foods to Eat in Switzerland, Foods of Switzerland


If you want to start your Switzerland food tour on a cliche cheesy note then you must try this fabulous food from Switzerland. It might look very regular and simple but its flavours are way beyond your imaginations. You get a rustic country bread which is dumped into creamy melted cheeses and later it’s infused with lashings of wine and garlic. All of this preparation comes alive when the simmer over an open flame. You can pair this amazing dish from Switzerland with white wine, schnapps or tea for an epic winter meal. Such a serious cheesy meal you won’t get anywhere in the world.

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2. Papet Vaudois(Leeks with potatoes and sausage)

 Best foods to Eat in Switzerland, Foods of Switzerland

Papet Vaudois

If I describe this dish only over its resemblance then it’s just a mash of leeks and potatoes that are stewed for hours. But an earthy, onion-tinged mixture when mixed with the recipe it makes a perfect root bed for fat sausage that you can never forget. This is one of the best foods in Switzerland that is so unique that it might never leave your food menus even if you leave the country. This is an emblematic dish which rocks your dinner tables with its notorious crimson sausage that is loosely stuffed and plump. 

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3. Basel-style Roasted flour soup

 Best foods to Eat in Switzerland, Foods of Switzerland

Basel-style Roasted flour soup

For all those who are annoyed with the liquidy soups where instead of having a thick delicious soup they get a watery mixture of different veggies, you must explore this famous food in Switzerland that might look very basic but has a very creamy texture. There is even an accidental story behind the invention of this soup where the chef forgot to switch off the gas and the soup got overcooked into a brown creamy coup which is now consumed as one of the popular dishes in Switzerland. Everyone has their own recipe to prepare this dish but the core ingredients are simply flour, butter, onion and beef stock that is topped with a reserved grating of Gruyere. This soup is a must-have dish especially during Basel Carnival, which is officially launched with a serving of it at 3 am. 

4. Raclette

Best foods to Eat in Switzerland, Foods of Switzerland


You might not find anything more cheese than this! (not even those bad pick up lines in pubs). Raclette is a local cheese dish customarily grilled slowly over a fire. Numerous slices of cheese are layered one after another melting slowly over boiled potatoes, pickles and onions. Hailing from the canton of Valais, raclette is such a top food from Switzerland that you can enjoy only among your friends who gather for hours while waiting for the slices of raclette to melt and blanket all the tasty veggies. In between everyone keeps on drinking copious glasses of local Fendant wine and chat for long hours about everything unnecessary yet funny. 

5. Rosti, Valaisanne-style 

Best foods to Eat in Switzerland, Foods of Switzerland

Rosti, Valaisanne-style

These are grated potatoes that are pan-fried until crisp and golden to make the best food to eat in Switzerland that you can pair with anything you like. Rosti is one of Switzerland’s iconic national dishes that was basically eaten by the farmers in the canton of Bern as breakfast. It is served steaming hot in a ceramic dish and the Rosti Valaisanne is a delightfully addictive mash-up of rosti topped with salty bacon, fried egg, and melted raclette cheese. Such exceptional rosti is served alongside tangy gherkins and pickled pearl onions to enjoy all the authentic flavours of Switzerland.

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6. Polenta and Braised beef

 Best foods to Eat in Switzerland, Foods of Switzerland

Polenta and beef

Since Switzerland experiences a long year of winters and chilling seasons there are some winter-specific dishes that are just mouth-watering. Out of those Polenta is an Italian cornmeal dish that is cooked into porridge. Traditionally, it was cooked slowly in a copper cauldron over a fire, until thick and hearty but now you can get it ready-made at stores or make it at your own houses with the pressure cookers taking the least amount of time in comparison to cooking them over fires for hours. This is one of the best wintertime, savoury braised beef, teeming with wine-induced flavours you can taste only in Switzerland along with polenta.

7. Tartiflette

 Best foods to Eat in Switzerland, Foods of Switzerland


This is a staple dish at most ski resorts, particularly those in Swiss-Romande. If you desire smoky flavours that are creamy and nutty at the same time then this is the best food of Switzerland made just for you. Tartiflette is served in a rustic plate to embrace its starchy combination of thinly sliced potatoes, smoky bits of bacon, caramelised onions and oozy, nutty, creamy Reblochon cheese. This dish is appealing to the eyes and stomach. You must never miss this dish on your afternoon lunches.

8. Zurcher Geschnetzeltes( Zurich-style ragout of veal and mushroom)

 Best foods to Eat in Switzerland, Foods of Switzerland

Zurcher Geschnetzeltes

This is an iconic national dish that makes a hearty, wintertime lunch for all the locals in Switzerland. You can also taste such a rooted dish which will give you their classic traditional flavours originated in the very beginning of this country. This famous food in Switzerland is prepared with sliced veal, calve kidneys and sweetbreads sautéed in a gravy of onions, butter, white wine, cream, and mushrooms. This dish will definitely make you remember your childhood afternoon when anything your mother prepared tasted like a heavenly dish.

9. Vacherin Mont d’Or

 Best foods to Eat in Switzerland, Foods of Switzerland

Vacherin Mont d’Or

Switzerland cheese also has seasonality and can be acquired through this cheese variety in the country. Vacherin Mont d’Or is only available between September and April when the mountains are snow-capped and this soft, pungent cow’s milk cheese is freshly made from the villages around the Jura region. Later it’s cooked in its round wooden packaging creating one of the gooiest, creamy cheeses that are served warm over boiled potatoes to present delicious top foods from Switzerland as a delightful winter ritual. 

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10. Nusstorte

Best foods to Eat in Switzerland, Foods of Switzerland


Let’s have some dessert in the Swiss style. Nusstorte is a sweet nut tart which you can find in any bakery throughout the canton. Everyone has their own secret recipe, but this rich dessert usually consists of a shortcrust pastry, cream, caramelized sugar and chopped walnuts making it one of the crunchiest desserts. You can find a very good version of this dessert within the famous Hanselmann cafe near the gorgeous ski resort of St Moritz. This is definitely a must-try food in Switzerland that you have to try once for sure.

11. Älplermagronen

Best foods to Eat in Switzerland, Foods of Switzerland


An interesting variation on macaroni cheese by the Swiss people. This meal is often called the herdsman’s macaroni as it was created using ingredients that the herdsmen working on the Alpine pastures used. The core ingredients of this top food to eat in Switzerland includes pasta, cream, cheese, potatoes and onions. It is often served with stewed apples and fried onion rings, occasionally you might find it paired with bacon as well.

12. Basler Leckerli

Best foods to Eat in Switzerland, Foods of Switzerland

Basler Leckerli

‘Lecker’ means ‘delicious’ and this delicious food in Switzerland is everyone’s favourite. You can take it back for your kids and loved ones back at home. Basler Leckerli is basically biscuit that is traditionally made with hazelnuts, almonds, honey, fruit and Kirsch and, while they can be found all year round these are the most traditional delicacy you can have during the Christmas season in Switzerland.

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Hope you liked the above mentioned top 12 foods from Switzerland that not only fulfil your hunger but can make you feel nostalgic the next time you eat a slightly cheaper version of such rich and creamy dishes in other countries. You are offered with one of the best foods of Switzerland if you follow as a par guide having super delicious and popular dishes lined up from this country. So don’t miss out to pour some love in our comment section below where you can even put some cheesy comment too we won’t mind!

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