58% of Australians change their travel plans due to high prices.

Synopsis: According to research, 58% of Australians face challenges to accomplishing their travel plans in 2022 due to various reasons, including high costs, flight cancellations, lost or delayed luggage, unexpected fees, or illness while traveling.

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A recent study states that Australian travelers have faced a lot of disruptions in their travel plans this year. These disruptions are caused by multiple factors, including high expenses, unexpected charges, airline delays and cancellations, and missing luggage. So, 58% of Australians say they will change their plans to account for the uncertain travel problems that are happening right now.

But since there are so many things that can cause interruptions and flight delays, more people might book their trips through travel agents to try to avoid the high costs and problems that come with them.

According to the results of a survey done by Money, transportation delays have been the most common problem for 29% of travelers since November 2021.

Also, 16% of travelers had their flights or other modes of transportation cancelled, 9% had to cancel their trips because they were too expensive, and 7% had their luggage go missing or be delayed. Six percent of people who went away from home had some kind of health problem or financial shock while they were away.

This year, a growing number of young travelers had their flights be late or their bags go missing. This may be because more young people are using budget airlines and other travel services.

The survey found that more than half of people under 30 years old (58%) had had at least one travel problem. Then came those over 50 (34%) and those between the ages of 31 and 50% (55%) in that order.

In Australia, only 5% of people under the age of 30 choose to take road trips, compared to 19% of people over the age of 30.

Traveling at off-peak times to lessen the impact of disruptions (22%) and cutting vacations shorter (8%) were two other ways that people adapted to the new, disruptive environment and the high prices. It’s also been found that when people are trying to cut costs when traveling, they are more likely to select less reputable airlines (4%), less expensive destinations (4%), and less upscale hotels (7%).

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