Top 10 Beaches in Taipei Taiwan | Famous Beaches in Taipei

Taipei is a beautiful island in Taiwan that offers some of the most extraordinary beaches of Taipei. You can find extremely coarse and soft sand along with luscious greeneries decorating these spectacular beaches that are not following the cliche model for sandy beachside and blue shoreline but mark their unique place for having the algae-filled rocky trenches and trails with rough hills perfect for gliders and skydivers. Therefore, I mention the best beaches to visit in Taipei that are perfect combinations of sandy beaches and natural beauties altogether.

List of Beaches in Taipei

1. Laomei Beach

 Beaches in Taipei, Best Beaches to visit in Taipei

The first picture which comes to your mind when it’s time for summer fun are the beautiful beaches but what if I tell you they are filled with green troughs and trenches carving out of volcanic rock? and probably among the best beaches to visit in Taipei. Yes in this city beaches have a whole new side you can discover that offers you much more than just sandy beaches and blue shorelines. Laomei beach is a must-visit section of coastline especially for the photographers as the algae growing on the stones thrives from April to May making it the best time to visit to see the full spectacle of these green snaky lines all over the shoreline areas.

2. Dawan

 Beaches in Taipei, Best Beaches to visit in Taipei

This beach was first owned by a resort and became a private beach but later it was back to its public life and offers the best coarse sand and fresh hustling waves to all the locals of the city. This famous beach in Taipei has some of the best five-star resorts on the beach that offer some of the luxurious entities along with various other fun beach activities that you can enjoy together with your family or love partner.

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3. Fulong

 Beaches in Taipei, Best Beaches to visit in Taipei

If you find some huge sand art statues lying in the middle of the beach just be sure its Fulong beach as here the quality of sand is perfect for all the sand artists to carve out either a mermaid or other artistic figures from the sand making it the popular beach in Taipei, Taiwan. This beach is a long stretch of golden sand which is partitioned off as a private area at the mouth of the Shuang River, which divides it into two parts. You can cross between the sections using the pedestrian “rainbow bridge” for reaching the other side. There are a lot of fun activities available at this beach so do try them during your vacations here.

4. Baishawan Beach

 Beaches in Taipei, Best Beaches to visit in Taipei

This beach is the perfect place for sports enthusiasts as this top beach in Taiwan, lying to the north of the country is renowned for its 1km stretch of fine white sand and crystal clear blue water which is beautifully surrounded at the back by the hill. The hill offers the best gliding spot for explorers and adventurers, or you can head to the western end and explore the volcanic rock formations and the hiking trails.

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5. Feicueiwan Beach

 Beaches in Taipei, Best Beaches to visit in Taipei

This beach is called out with one more amazing name as the Green Bay, due to its ferocious greenery and white sand in the perfect combination of location that marks it as the most-visited beaches in Taiwan for water activities. Along the 1.5km white-sand beach you can find surfing, jet skiing, water skiing, snorkelling, scuba diving, and many more water sports as the best privilege due to its perfect location. There are even a few spots in the country for paragliding and hang gliding as well.

6. Chishingtan Beach

Beaches in Taipei, Best Beaches to visit in Taipei

This is one of the spectacular beaches in Taipei that is famous for its scenic landscapes instead of the swimming and sunbathing areas. Since I told you before, in Taipei you discover some new perspectives of beaches that you might have never seen in your life.  As this stony beach of Chihsingtan might be similar for you. The long, curving beach is bordered by cloud-shrouded mountains and walking and cycle paths take you on a tour of the best views surrounded by the clouds and foggy peaks of the hills.

7. Jici Beach

Beaches in Taipei, Best Beaches to visit in Taipei

When all the extraordinary cloud-shrouded beaches are over you might think this is the limit but Taiwan still has more to offer. This beach in Taipei has black sand but only if you visit in winter. Jici is one of the Taiwan beaches worthy of your attention at any time of year, due to their ideal conditions for swimming and surfing. The surrounding mountains make the whole area feel wonderfully secluded and romantic to take your loved one on an evening walk nearby this beach in Taipei, Taiwan.

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8. Kenting

 Beaches in Taipei, Best Beaches to visit in Taipei

This beach in Taipei is famous because of its Kenting National Park that encompasses the southern tip of Taiwan, and outstanding tropical climate combined with a favourable sea breeze means its beaches are kept pleasantly warm. You can explore the coral reefs and meet the colourful marine life underwater. You’ll also have easy access to the park inland, where you’ll find plenty more wildlife and a bountiful botanical garden all just enhancing your experiences for this must-visit beach in Taipei.

9. Davulun Lovers’ Beach & Waimushan

 Beaches in Taipei, Best Beaches to visit in Taipei

This beach is also sometimes called Waimushan Beach and it occupies a pretty spot beside a small fishing harbour that is still active. This is one of the best-known beaches in Taipei for exploring the fishing industry of Taipei that excels due to its top quality of fisheries. The beach is small but the sand is soft, water is very clear, and the mountains backing the beach give it a secluded feel for the best romantic vacations.

10. Wanli Beach

Beaches in Taipei, Best Beaches to visit in Taipei

Whenever you visit the beach decide to stay in nearby resorts. Your wish to have the beach facing rooms is usual but the prices are very high for such rooms in resorts. Not at this popular beach in Taipei, as the distinctive feature of this beach is the White House Resort that often hosts major events and activities. Almost all the rooms of these resorts are beach facing hence you won’t have to pay extra for it plus the hotel is right on the beach, but still, the public is permitted to use any part of the beach.

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Hope you enjoyed the list of top 10 beaches in Taipei, Taiwan that are popular in the entire world for their extraordinary features that even provide you beaches having a cloud-shrouded area or algae-filled rocks that look like giant anacondas rolling across the shore of the beaches. Hence it would be a fun ride if you explore the best beaches in Taipei and do follow along our other blogs to find out more about this city.

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