10 Best Cities in Uruguay to Visit | Major Cities in Uruguay

Uruguay, as well as cities in Uruguay, has always lived in the shadows of Argentina and Brazil.  Uruguay is a bigger and faster neighbor. This little country is finally getting some of the recognition it deserves, But in recent decades.  Progressive, jam-packed with nature, culturally sophisticated, stable, and outdoor adventure, and accessible, the major cities in Uruguay have everything you want a holiday country.  You’ll get lots of “local experience,” which comes with great memories and stories to retell back home because it’s not yet heavy on the tourist circuit.  Why Uruguay has called the Switzerland of South America, come and discover for yourself. Here are the best and largest cities in Uruguay:

List of Cities in Uruguay 

1. Montevideo

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Montevideo is the seat of government and one of the biggest cities in Uruguay. The city is the southernmost city in the Americas, located on Uruguay’s southern coast on the Río de la Plata’s northeastern side. Montevideo was under brief British rule in 1807 and was established by a Spanish soldier in 1724. The city as the Latin American city has for long been regarded that ensures the highest quality of life for its citizens.  In 2015, the city achieved a per capita of $24,400. Montevideo is known to be a multicultural, vibrant, and eclectic place and also a Beta World City with a rich culture. The city serves as chief financial, an educational, and cultural hub and the major port of Uruguay.

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2. La Paloma

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One of the important cities in Uruguay, La Paloma is located on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean.  Amongst South Americans and Uruguayans, this city is a popular summer beach resort, who flock here to enjoy the sun, sea, and sand. , This laid-back city is great to visit with spectacular beaches and to try out such as surfing, sailing, and windsurfing there are lots of fun watersports for you. Anaconda Beach is one of the best beaches for sunbathing were watching the sunset over the ocean is absolutely divine. La Paloma’s remote location makes it ideal for a quiet and peaceful holiday by the beach and perfect for those who are looking to kick back and relax


3. Salto

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Salto is Salto Department’s biggest city that lies in northwestern Uruguay. On Route 3. on the Río Uruguay’s east bank, the city is located about 496 km away from Montevideo. With and near the ‘big jump’ fallsSalto is built on hills and bluffs. Like the  Holy Cross Parish Church, Cathedral Basilica of St. John, Parish Church of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel and numerous religious centers, and others are located in this one of the popular cities in Uruguay. A major attraction for the city folk is the thermal pools close to the city. Despite housing a number of slum areas, Salto provides all modern amenities to its people.

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4. Durazno

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Originally built in the 19th century and situated on the Yi River, Durazno is one of the best cities in Uruguay. It named after the Brazilian Emperor Pedro I.  You will love to see here the Casa del General, with exhibits on Uruguayan archaeology, Gaucho art, and local history. Kids will love the Durazno zoo and sports fans will enjoy the local sports museum. Designed by well-known architect Eladio Diesde, there’s also the wonderful Iglesia San Pedro De Durazno

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5. Ciudad de la Costa

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Located on the banks of the Río de la Plata, the Ciudad de la Costa lies in the Canelones Department of the country. It is one of the third biggest cities to visit in Uruguay. Ciudad de la Costa regarded as an extension of Montevideo, the country’s capital.  The growth in infrastructure has been insufficient to meet the needs of the growing population through the Ciudad de la Costa has experienced rapid population growth in the past few decades. However, despite drawbacks, the Ciudad de la Costa serves as a tourist center and as an important commercial in Uruguay.

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6. Paysandu

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Located on Uruguay River’s banks, the Paysandu city lies where it forms the natural border between Uruguay and Argentina. International Airport names the Tydeo Larre Borges serves the city. The city in Uruguay to visit is known for a large number of companies that handle Eucalyptus planting is the country’s center of the plantation forest industry, and harvesting is located in this city. The city also houses a number of sporting clubs, more tourist attractions, and recreational beaches


7. Colonia

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Colonia is now designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, founded in the 17th century. You’ll love the cobblestone streets and old colonial buildings that provide so many things to do.  For a long time the city itself was a smuggling port and between the Portuguese and the Spanish changed hands several times. As you’d imagine, the main attraction is the old historic center.  There are eight small museums you can find here to know the city’s history here (all for the price of one ticket). A lovely view of this beautiful city in Uruguay and the river, you can take from the lighthouse. Enjoy some of Colonia’s Asado, a favorite among the locals and visit the old bullfighting ring named Basilica del Sanctísimo Sacramento.

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8. Cabo Polonio

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Cabo Polonio making it a big attraction for the hippie and backpacker crowds but there’s no water, sewage, or electricity. The entire area is a natural reserve complete with a nearby colony of sea lions behind the picturesque lighthouse and a forest of Ombu trees. It is considered in one of the popular cities in Uruguay. The main reason to come here is to unwind from all your travels and to relax on the beach.  If you plan to relax on the beach don’t forge to bring real books with you – recharging your e-reader will be a challenge


9. Las Piedras

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Las Piedras is located in the Canelones Department of the country and known as the fifth biggest and one of the famous cities in Uruguay. The city was witness to the Battle of Las Piedras and was founded as a settlement in 1744. The official status of a “Pueblo” (village) prior to the independence of the country the settlement acquired and became a city on May 15, 1925.

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10. Mercedes

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Mercedes offers nautical sports the full enjoyment of nature and an ideal environment for fishing as it stands by the Negro River. This small city in Uruguay lies on National Route 2 and the capital of the Department of Soriano. With the Department of Río Negro, a bridge featuring a magnificent view of the city joins it. The capital of the Eastern Republic of Uruguay, the City of Montevideo is located 278 kilometers away. Mercedes is a lively and joyful city. During the entire year in order to foster tourism, an important calendar of events is organized.  Include the International Jazz Street Festival, the “Grito de Asencio” (Asencio’s Scream) Festival, and the Power Boat F1 Great Prize the most outstanding happenings, which attract a great audience across the world


All of the mentioned important cities in Uruguay and most visited cities in Uruguay are the best cities to visit in Uruguay which are worth visiting. All the cities are rich in culture, history and offer a lot to his visitors. I hope the post is beneficial to you kindly read our other blogs also if you want to know more about Uruguay.

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