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Columbia is a multicultural heritage of various colonial countries. That’s why major beautiful cities in Colombia are home to a rich history, dazzling colonial cities, and stunning views. Colombia can impress any traveller with its diverse traditional and historical collections. You can experience a great difference among distinct cities of Columbia as if they offer unique worlds in every city of this country ranging from the silver sandy beaches on the Caribbean Coast, the rich luscious green manors covered up in the Andes Mountains or the cobbled lanes of colonial towns. Colombia bordering South America provides a significant number of astonishing destinations for any traveller to explore. To help you in o choosing your breath-taking destination, here is a list of the top 15 best cities to visit in Colombia.

Colombia City List

1. Bogota

Colombia cities to visit, favorite city in Colombia, beautiful cities in Colombia


If you are a history geek then you will love this city of Columbia. Bogota is even referred to as ‘The Athens of South America’. This Colombia’s capital has much more to offer than you can imagine. Apart from being the biggest cities of the continent and the famous city in Colombia this city’s cultural centre- La Candelaria attracts the highest number of visitors due to its cobblestoned memorable downtown. This city has numerous landmarks to explore which are rich in history and cover most of the colonial buildings that are infused with stylish bistros and fascinating galleries. One of the most popular gallery-Museo del Oro, that contains in excess of 34,000 bits of gold is one of the famous tourist attractions of the city. After all, who denies watching such, amount of gold in real life?

2. Medellin

Colombia cities to visit, favorite city in Colombia, beautiful cities in Colombia


The second most adventurous city of  Colombian is Medellin. The encapsulation of a city that has totally reinvented itself is such a bliss to watch. When home to Pablo Escobar and considered as the most perilous city in Colombia, Medellin is presently gladly situated as the nation’s most attractive city to live in. Because of its astounding urban innovations throughout the previous years, it was even voted as the World’s Most Creative City in 2012. Explorers who come here will get an inviting, dynamic city with the best atmospheres one would ever need.

3. Manizales

Colombia cities to visit, favorite city in Colombia, beautiful cities in Colombia


Manizales is the top city in Columbia which is tucked high in the Andes Mountains among Medellin and Bogota, encompassed by espresso cultivates and loaded up with soak slopes. Being home to a few major colleges in Colombia, the town has a hip and young vibe all year; one of a kind thing to encounter is the symbolic Manizales Fairs, a national social legacy that happens each year on the second seven day stretch of January, facilitating bullfighting, marches, and the popular Global Espresso Magnificence Event. Manizales is very near to the popular Parque de Los Nevados and its snow-capped volcanoes. Climbing up the national park is testing yet the landscape is unquestionably fulfilling; you will even get the opportunity to see the world’s solitary pink lava.

4. Cartagena

Colombia cities to visit, favorite city in Colombia, beautiful cities in Colombia


Cartagena is another best city in Colombia that is known for its beachside adventurous destinations and it is saturated with tropical warmth, making it the ideal spot for drenching up the sun while tasting on a glass of lemonade. Cartagena is additionally venerated for its bubbly nightlife and profound old town—a perfectly safeguarded labyrinth of cleared boulevards, great houses of worship and splendid hued provincial structures canvassed in blooms. Make sure to complete your trip by watercraft to Isla de Baru. It is barely short of an hour outside Cartagena and is home to Playa Blanca, a dazzling shoreline with completely clear water and influencing palm trees.

5. San Andres

Colombia cities to visit, favorite city in Colombia, beautiful cities in Colombia

San Andres

Colombian beaches start with the talk of its most popular city which has regionally made the beaches famous in the entire Columbia. San Andres is a seahorse-shaped island that sits off the shores of Nicaragua and albeit moderately far from the terrain, it remains the most well-known beach goal for mainlanders. Apart from many other popular cities to visit in Columbia this city is the hotspot for all the shoreline goers who are looking for a touch of unwinding and want an ideal spot to laze away in loungers while viewing the world cruise pass by. The dusk won’t disappoint and numerous easygoing beachfront restaurants with incredible feeling can be found. 

6. Santa Marta

 Colombia cities to visit, favorite city in Colombia, beautiful cities in Colombia

Santa Marta

Another main spot for beach lovers would be the Santa Marta. Additionally situated in the Caribbean Ocean, usually utilized as only hopping off point for the encompassing islands, yet is certainly worth devoting some more opportunity too, Santa Marta’s moving sea views are no less breathtaking than those in San Andres and offers some remarkable encounters, for example, swimming with dolphins and reef swimming. Remember to visit Tayrona National Park, it is maybe the best outing you can go for from Santa Marta which is the best city to visit in Colombia and takes just 45-minutes by transport. Its immaculate shorelines and provincial appeal make it a standout amongst the most pleasant sights in Colombia.

7. Salento

Colombia cities to visit, favorite city in Colombia, beautiful cities in Colombia


Salento is an enchanting little town and the best city in Colombia to visit situated in the core of Eje Cafetero, a locale in the Andes Mountains well known for creating magnificent espresso. Broadly known for its espresso homes and verdant scenes, the community has long been a prevalent escape for travelling Columbians and outside hikers, yet has had the capacity to hold quite a bit of its old-world appeal. The genuine draw of Salento would be Valle de Cocora. Bounce on one of those mutual jeeps at the primary square and visit the influencing lines of Quindio wax palms, Colombia’s national tree. They are additionally the tallest palm trees known to man, standing about 60 meters over the green valley floor.

8. Jardin

Colombia cities to visit, favorite city in Colombia, beautiful cities in Colombia


While Salento is mainstream on the explorer trail, you could have the ideal town of Jardin to yourself. Known for its splendidly painted houses, vivid botanical shows, and milk confections, Jardin is one of the prettiest Columbian towns that has remained basically unaltered for over a century, you will feel like you’ve entered a period container and have been brought back before. For nature darlings, go on a provoking climb to Cueva del Esplendor, a dazzling arrangement of caverns and cascades a couple of hours outside the city. In the midst of lovely scenes, this staggering cavern has a 10m cascade spouting through an expansive gap in the rooftop. Hop into the regular pool and have a snappy plunge.

9. Filandia

Colombia cities to visit, favorite city in Colombia, beautiful cities in Colombia


Another of Salento’s sister best towns in Colombia is Filandia, likewise situated inside the “Espresso Triangle”. It is considerably less frequented by outsiders than different zones of the locale, in truth, you will presumably be the main couple of outsiders around the local area, which is the ideal opportunity to have a valid encounter of the spot. You won’t discover stores selling gifts and printed shirts; rather, you will see a Colombian common labourers town that is focused around itself and what it does – customary woven baskets and coffee.

10. San Juan de Pasto

Colombia cities to visit, favorite city in Colombia, beautiful cities in Colombia

San Juan de Pasto

Pasto is one of the top Colombian cities that houses a wide assortment of individuals, including major diversity among the ancient clans of its society. The rich history and culture, matched with the awesome wonders, makes the city an incredible goal of decision for those needing to investigate someplace that is off the beaten track. Consistently during the first and second seven-week of January, the city turns into the world’s greatest playground. Pasto is known for facilitating the yearly Carnaval de Negros y Blancos, an uproar of shading and rambunctious motorcades where local people wear both highly contrasting cosmetics to celebrate racial mix.

11. Pasto

major beautiful cities in Colombia, top 15 best cities to visit in Colombia, the famous city in Colombia


This city neighbouring Ecuador sits in the southwest of the country. Pasto is like the relaxing base of Columbia where visitors mainly stop off on their way to Colombia’s southern neighbouring adventurous destinations. The stunning nature of Laguna de la Cocha or the dramatic Volcan Galeras in the region surrounding Pasto makes this must more tempting and peaceful for staying longer. There are a lot of tourists who directly book resorts and hotels in this city to mark this famous city of Columbia as their beginning. After all, a beginning with ease and peace is an end with happiness.

12. Leticia

If you are looking for a secluded city where you can rest after your tiresome rides from various other cities in Columbia then Leticia is the best option for doing so. This city is the largest city in the Amazonas region, has a laidback and provincial vibe in its atmosphere which results due to its secluded location. This city lies at a special spot where Brazil, Colombia and Peru meet, therefore a large diverse cultural mix can be easily experienced throughout the city. Leticia’s main feature is that it is a perfect base from which you can take some fantastic trips into the rainforest or along the river.

13. Bucaramanga

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Apart from adorable riverside cities and resting landmarks if your wish is to trek over lovely mountains or just do some adventurous trips that can regurgitate your blood altogether then Bucaramanga’s skyscraping mountains are the best destination to land upon. Although it is not the most exciting place in the world, still there’s more than enough to see and do. This is one of the top cities to visit in Columbia that has a plethora of pleasant parks giving Bucaramanga a relaxing air and during the night, city’s younger population comes out to play and enjoy a multitude of bars and clubs with heavy music that keeps going on till early mornings.

14. Valledupar

est towns in Colombia, Colombian cities, the famous city of Columbia


Another city that owns a special location of lying between two mountain ranges. Valledupar is one of the greenest cities in Colombia to visit. This city has a delightful colonial centre which has gained its flavour over time and now the rich fun and festive nightlife is offered to every visitor landing in this city to enjoy their vacations. It might be awkward to acknowledge but Valledupar has one of Colombia‘s most modern maximum-security prisons.

15. San Gil

This city is also referred to as ‘the land of adventure’. Well, the signals for what is the best city to visit in Columbia? Are red! Your enthusiastic mind can already race its heart to reach San Gil’s incredible surroundings that make it an awe-inspiring place to visit for nature geeks and lovers of extreme sports. This place is renowned for fantastic white-water rafting, therefore, don’t miss out the summer doing boring things when you can splash the boisterous waterfalls with swaying through the rafting boats. If you enjoy nature, you can also trek through forests, explore caves or even go paragliding under the freshest air of this city.

The above described Colombia City List can easily introduce you to the best cities in Colombia to visit. While the suggested brief description of the top 15 cities in Colombia to visit are the best guidelines to choose your favourite destination according to your preferences and budget plannings. Hope this article was beneficial for you if yes! Then please kindly share your happy views with us in the comment section below. If No! Then you can put down your valuable queries in the comments below Adequate Travel will try its best to solve any of your travel problems.

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