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Situated precisely at the crossroads of Asia and Europe, Armenia is a nation which is known for his picturesque mountainous landscape, gastronomy and cultural heritage and history. In this article, we are focusing on the top 10 cities in Armenia. The real magnificence of Armenia is seen inside her excellent welcoming, superb and amazing cities. All of the cities in Armenia offers a lot of attractive vistas which make Armenia an explorer’s hub in the Eurasian nations. We have gathered a list for you of some of the best cities in Armenia which are must to visit during your trip to this famous southeastern Asia nation.

Cities to Visit in Armenia

1. Armavir

 famous cities in Armenia, unique cities in Armenia


Armavir is arranged at the area of Armavir don’t get confused as the city and the region bear a similar name and it takes somewhere around 35 minutes to arrive from capital Yerevan. The city was at first known as Sardarapat. During the Soviet time frame until the year of 1992, this city was popular as Hoktemberyan, and the main thing is many individuals even such huge numbers of years after the fact still call it Hoktemberyan. If you don’t like ht temperature then don’t visit here at the time of summer as summers can be extremely sweltering. Winters here are typically cold yet not all that much cold that you find it difficult to investigate the city. Armavir is one of the famous cities in Armenia.

2. Goris

 famous cities in Armenia, unique cities in Armenia


Goris is a standout amongst the most beautiful town in Armenia situated while in transit to Nagorno Karabagh. The town itself is set along a stream and encompassed by rich green mountains. What separates it from different towns is the amazing rock arrangements on the edges of Goris. Guests can likewise make a beeline for the adjacent antiquated cavern town named Old Khndzoresk. However, the must-find in the area remains the wonderful religious community of Tatev. To achieve the religious community situated on an 850 plus meter high precipice, guests can take a ride on the longest link vehicle on the planet while looking at the most shocking characteristic scenes from above.

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3. Abovyan

 famous cities in Armenia, unique cities in Armenia


Found toward the upper east of Yerevan Abovyan has a populace of 45,000 individuals, covers a zone of 7,08 square kilometers and is 1450 meters above ocean level. Toward the northwest of the city, Geghama Mountain Range gladly rises, while the north is “reinforced” by Gutanasar and Hatis mountains. The city’s atmosphere is generally cool independent of the time. Summers are never excessively sweltering, however, the winters may be extremely cold with bunches of snow. The name Abovyan has to do with Armenian author Khachatur Abovyan after whom the town was named and up right up ’til the present time the city is known with this name.

4. Sevan

 famous cities in Armenia, unique cities in Armenia


Armenia country probably won’t have an ocean, still, it has a beautiful jewel that is similarly as delightful; to be specific Lake Sevan. Sevan is a perfect destination which is situated on the lakeside of the stream. It is located around 1907 meters above ocean level, it is the perfect town to take a fresh dip on hot summer days, and on the off chance, you think that it is not the perfect weather to swim still you can appreciate a flavorful fish barbecue near the lake. The prevalent site of enthusiasm there is the monastery situated here named Sevanavank. This historic and famous church is wonderful for the unrefined dark stones which make up its outside structure and the shocking old special raised area situated inside. It is additionally the best spot to appreciate staggering views on the immense lake.

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5. Artashat

 famous cities in Armenia, unique cities in Armenia


Artashat at the modern-time is one of the most developed and advanced cities in Armenia, which has till now left no vacationer with dissatisfaction or disappointment. This beautiful city was founded in the year of 1962. In the spot of the city, there were towns, which were converted in the mentioned year above and then Artashat appeared. It is found 10 kilometers north-west of Historical Artashat and spreads a territory of 2510 hectares out of which 1265 hectares covered by farming centrality. The population of the city is over 25,000. Artashat was Initially named ‘Artashashat’ which stands for the delight of Artashes. After some time the second ‘sha’ in the naming was contracted and the city came to be known as Artashat.

6. Dilijan

 famous cities in Armenia, unique cities in Armenia


Dilijan is a famous and noteworthy spa town in the region of Tavush, which is well known for its mineral water wellsprings. One of the favorite spots among both tourists and visitors, the green town offers a significant number of stunning sanatoriums and hotels, allowing guests the chance to take in the excellence of the encompassing National Park and the great recorded sights. Local people at times allude to Dilijan as the Switzerland of Armenia or Little Switzerland. This wonderful forested town additionally flaunts some customary Armenian engineering, particularly in the ‘old town,’ and is the ideal spot for picnicking, climbing and even hiking. Dilijan is one of the best towns in Armenia.

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7. Jermuk

 famous cities in Armenia, unique cities in Armenia


Jermuk is a loosening up little town f for famous for its healing mineral water, dazzling nature and mild climate. Numerous guests to Jermuk come here for health treatment purposes, making it the main town for wellbeing resorts. You can likewise go to the distinctive water stations where you can attempt the crisp shining water at different temperatures. Altogether, there are more than 40 hyper-warm mineral wellsprings in Jermuk. One of the other primary attractions around the local area is the Jermuk cascade, the second biggest in the nation with waters tumbling from an elevation of 70 meters. Jermuk is one of the unique cities in Armenia.

8. Ejmiatsin

 famous cities in Armenia, unique cities in Armenia


The religious focal point all things country people– the city of Ejmiatsin has a strange pulling power, because of which it has turned into an essential vacationer goal. Ejmiatsin has been inhabited since the most seasoned occasions. The primarily composed notices of Ejmiatsin city were found in the engraving of Urartian King Rusa II (685-645 BC) in which the city is referenced as Kuarlini. By and by Ejmiatsin is a standout amongst the most amazing urban areas of Armenia. Wine and liquor industrial facilities work in the city. The presence of different fake lakes just as the great atmosphere make it conceivable to raise fish there. Particularly high is the interest for the trout in Armenia as well as in CIS states and Europe.

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9. Yerevan

 famous cities in Armenia, unique cities in Armenia


Yerevan is one of the major cities in Armenia. Armenia’s rich social legacy is unmistakable wherever you look, particularly in the nation’s shocking capital city of Yerevan. Most structures are of an early Soviet building style, and the city likewise has several huge scale postmodern miracles. Yerevan is once in a while alluded to as the ‘Pink City’ in view of the pink shade of the tuff stones utilized for making the buildings. Armenia’s capital is known as home to various workmanship displays exhibiting crafted by gifted nearby craftsmen, just as history and culture galleries to visit. Those on a culinary visit will likewise be pleased to hear that most Armenian social occasions focus on nourishment and that Yerevan is home to a wide scope of eateries offering the best of Armenian food.

10. Gyumri

 famous cities in Armenia, unique cities in Armenia


Gyumri; the city of experts is found 126 kilometers from capital Yerevan and is the second biggest city in this nation with roughly 150,000 individuals. The city offers various places of parks, museums, monuments and churches to explore. Winters are extremely cold in this city and the normal January temperature ordinarily comes to degrees Celsius. Summers are generally sweltering and the normal temperature is 19 degrees Celsius. On the off chance that the mid-year is extremely hot, at that point be set up to face a temperature as high as 36 degrees Celsius.

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All of the above-mentioned cities are the top cities to visit in Armenia where you can visit on your trip to this country all of these cities are very popular among locals and visitors as they offer a lot of things to do. Hope the post is beneficial to you kindly read our other blogs also is you want to know more about Armenia.

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