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Bolivia is one of the countries located in the heart of South America, and cities of Bolivia belong to one of the most diverse and perplex nations, spreading from the Atacama Desert through the high Andes down to the Amazon basin. The cities in Bolivia are rich not only on thousand species of animals and plants but also on people and their culture, who are by nature more withdrawn and shy. But it can be also warm and hearty once you get to know them and become great friends for life. Bolivia is a country of great beauty, stunning landscapes, and unique attractions.  This country also with the highest capital city in the world, the largest salt flats in the world, mountains, jungles, lakes, and everything else in between. If you are planning to visit South America, Bolivia could be the best place to visit. Let us check out find out our list of beautiful cities in Bolivia that you should visit while you are exploring this most loving country.

List of Cities to Visit in Bolivia

1. La Paz

Best Cities in Bolivia to Visit, Cities in Bolivia, Best Cities to Visit in Bolivia

La Paz one of the Bolivia largest cities set in a valley surrounded by snow-capped mountains, offers anything a travel lover could want. La Paz is the administrative capital of Bolivia and Sucre is the constitutional capital. Situated on steep hills at an elevation of roughly 11,975 ft above sea level. First, the sprawling slums of El Alto appear, slowly giving way to the sight of La Paz itself. This amazing city provides delicious cuisine, from Indian to the Middle East to local, accommodations of all shapes, sizes, and prices, a rousing nightlife, and activities for everyone. Huge markets, busy traffic, incredible architecture, ornate churches, and the Presidential Palace await you in La Paz. There aren’t many important cities in Bolivia where a room can cost a cheap price, so consider beginning your Bolivian trip here, get the best cities to visit in Belize.

2. Copacabana

Best Cities in Bolivia to Visit, Cities in Bolivia, Best Cities to Visit in Bolivia

This is one of the main cities in Bolivia and a  place to board a ferry to the islands of the Sun and the Moon, and to enjoy the beach of the Incas. At the shores of Lake Titicaca lies a small city, where most touriscenerysts head to visit the mystical Isla del Sol, a place where according to the legend the first Inca was born. There are daily boats taking tourists to Isla del Sol, where you can either sleep in numerous hotels or get back to Copacabana by the afternoon boat. Those whom to wander outside the touristy part of this best city in Bolivia will find enjoyable hikes and great scenic views, as well as a combination of beautiful Incan and colonial ruins. 

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3. Sucre

Best Cities in Bolivia to Visit, Cities in Bolivia, Best Cities to Visit in Bolivia

Sucre is the official capital and largest city in Bolivia. Its beautiful colonial architecture can fascinate you and easily make it to the top of the world capital cities and one of the most stunning Bolivia cities. Sometimes it is also called the white city because of clear the minute you step on its streets. If Spanish is your weak point, then making Sucre your first stop on your travel through Bolivia is more then wise – numerous language schools with friendly prices will make sure you are ready for your Bolivian adventure. Sucre offers a year-long comfortable climate and sunny weather, so make sure you don’t spend all your time on the school desk as this city is the best place for some outdoor activities. If you are looking for the best cities to visit in Bolivia, Sucre welcomes you heartily.

4. Potosi

Best Cities in Bolivia to Visit, Cities in Bolivia, Best Cities to Visit in Bolivia

The list of best cities in Bolivia is incomplete without Potosi. The city of Potosí is situated 4000 meters above sea level. It is famous for its Cerro Rico Mountain. It’s a very interesting experience, and we recommend choosing your tour operator very carefully and maybe spending a little more to ensure safety. Potosi is the most popular place to visit in Bolivia, known for its friendly inhabitants. The entire city is full of hostels, guesthouses, and hotels; if you haven’t made a reservation, there’s a high chance that you can stumble upon a comfortable and cheap place to stay. The majority of the hostels are modern and you can pay with a credit card but in some cases, you’ll be asked to pay by cash. 

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5. Tarija

Best Cities in Bolivia to Visit, Cities in Bolivia, Best Cities to Visit in Bolivia

Tarija belongs to one of the less-visited cities in Bolivia, but it can be one of the most popular vacation spots for travelers. It is counted in one of the popular cities in Bolivia. No wonder it is, as here you can easily sit down and relax while enjoying good wine, good food, and a very pleasant climate. Besides wine tours, you can also visit the Cordillera of Sama Biological reserve with beautiful nature, Inca trail and some great spots to watch flamingos and flying condors. Tarija is a city in southern Bolivia with a pleasantly mild climate and easily walkable colonial center. This place is full of cute little shops, cafes, and restaurants. Tarija is also Bolivia‘s premier grape-growing region, that’s why Bolivian wine produced here in large amounts. The most interesting fact that you didn’t know that means the only thing – this wine is produced mostly for local consumption, making it one of the cheapest in the world without taking a toll on its quality. 

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6. Cochabamba

Best Cities in Bolivia to Visit, Cities in Bolivia, Best Cities to Visit in Bolivia

Cochabamba is one of the top cities in Bolivia. Its year-round spring-like climate makes it an ideal place to visit anytime during the year. Rich cuisines of this city make your day wonderful. It is a place where you can discover all the flavors of Bolivia. Besides eating delicious food, you can take a cableway up to the small hill above the city to see a Jesus Christ statue. This Statue is 4m higher than the one in Rio de Janeiro. Go and visit the National Park Torotoro nearby, which bursts with peculiar rock formation, dinosaur footprints, and fossils, some of which date back 300 million years.

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Bolivia ranks as one of the cheapest countries in South America to visit, meaning your bolivianos will go surprisingly far and offers several best cities to visit in Bolivia. On a budget of between £15-20 a day, you can find a comfortable hostel, eat in good restaurants and visit various tourist attractions.

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