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The cities of Denmark have a lot to offer visitors, from stunning scenery and quaint villages to bustling cities full of life. You will have heard of Copenhagen and Aarhus. But why stop there? There are fantastic cities across the country, each with its own personality and quirks. Because you can’t see ALL of Denmark’s cities on just one of our tours, we’ve put together this guide to what we think are the absolute best cities in Ireland. With a metro population of approximately 1.99 million, Copenhagen is the capital city and the largest of the Republic of Denmark. Here in this article, we have collected some of the cities in Denmark to visit are discussed below.

Denmark City List

1. Copenhagen

Denmark cities to visit, favorite city in Denmark, beautiful cities in Denmark


Denmark’s capital and largest city, Copenhagen is a treasure trove of food, unique architecture and culture, and scenic sights around every corner. One of the Scandinavian gems, it is connected to the Swedish city of Malmo through a long-running tunnel across the Oresund strait. All across Northern Europe, the Danish city is a hotspot for culture, food, nightlife and unique architecture. A former Viking fishing village, Copenhagen’s cityscape is akin to a Nordic fairy tale. The history and heritage of this best city to visit in Denmark is complemented well with the contrasting modern buildings and innovative urban design and plan of the city. The quaint atmosphere is amplified with the presence of green spaces, antique architecture and the waterways and bridges across the city. You will see many bicycles around the city, which has consistently been voted as one of the most liveable, clean and greenest cities of the world. The heritage of Royal Copenhagen can be witnessed at the four major places spread across the city. The city is also famous for one of the world’s best amusement park resorts, the Tivoli Gardens, which has been operational since the 19th century. 

To top it off, Copenhagen offers the best of Danish cuisine, and one of the world’s best gastronomic adventures, with over 15 Michelin starred restaurants concentrated in the city. Some of the must-try delicacies of the city are Smorrebrod, Weinerbrod, Rababergrod as well as the famous cheeses and wines of the country. Don’t forget to stop by Noma, one of the best and most culinary innovative restaurants in the world.

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2. Herning

 Denmark cities to visit, favorite city in Denmark, beautiful cities in Denmark


In Jutland (Jylland) Denmark, Herning is a city located and generally, Herning attracts few tourists with the sole purpose of visiting Herning. The main bulk of visitors come to Herning to attend the MHM Messecenter Herning which is the largest trade and conference centre in Denmark. The popular city in Denmark truly does lack any surprising attractions, but this doesn’t mean that Herning doesn’t have some attractions which are worth visiting. For a day visit, the city of Herning is a fine place. Herning has a lively art and cultural scene with many exhibitions, conventions and trade fairs being held here throughout the year. A lovely sculpture park surrounding the city’s art museum is great to visit and worth checking out. Most people visit Herning when taking part in a convention or event hosted here with a number of great bars and restaurants for visitors to enjoy.

3. Aarhus

Denmark cities to visit, favorite city in Denmark, beautiful cities in Denmark


Currently serving as Denmark’s principal port, Aarhus is a charming city that makes it a great spot for finding some of the world’s freshest seafood. You’ll find Aarhus on the east coast of Jutland, Denmark’s western peninsula, about a three-hour drive from Copenhagen, but you can also travel to this beautiful city in Denmark from the Danish capital by bus, boat, or air. There is plenty of beaches ideal for a refreshing dive in summer and it is also one of the best seasons to visit Aarhus not only because you can enjoy almost 15 hours of daylight, but also because The best part is that they’re close to the city centre and you can get there by bus or bike. Head to Bellevue beach, Den Permanente or Mariendal Beach after taking a break from sightseeing and soak up some sun while exploring Aarhus’ great outdoors. 

Nightlife, sidewalk cafes, and architectural sites rich in cultural history are the primary attractions in Aarhus. After dusk, you can dance the night away at the Train, Glasshuset, or Musikcafeen clubs or grab a casual drink at Herr Bartels or The Römer bars.

4. Odense

Denmark cities to visit, favorite city in Denmark, beautiful cities in Denmark


Odense is a city of just under 200,000 people and was formerly one of Denmark’s industrial centers. Today, this famous city in Denmark is still the commercial hub of Funen (one of Denmark’s islands) and has a notable shopping district. The University of Southern Denmark first welcomed students to their main campus in Odense in 1966 and has since expanded to more than 27,000 students across their five campuses. 

The city was the birthplace of Hans Christian Andersen, author of hundreds of globally beloved fairy tales. There are a great number of museums, sculptures and attractions in Odense dedicated to his works. Alongside these, Odense offers plenty of museums, art galleries and even a zoo, to keep students entertained between lectures.  Odense is the up and coming location of choice for many large industries, particularly robotics, making it a good choice for tourists looking to benefit from its excellent employment prospects.

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5. Aalborg

Denmark cities to visit, favorite city in Denmark, beautiful cities in Denmark


Because of the fact that Aalborg has retained its old-world charm as a quaint university town that’s why it is one of the few cities in Denmark not geared toward tourism. With its recently restored waterfront at the heart of the city, this most beautiful city in Denmark is attempting to rejuvenate and breathe fresh life into the industrial parts of the city that have long been neglected. Straddling the Limfjord – the narrow strait of water that cuts Jutland in two – the waterfront is much improved and is now a nice place to stroll along. However, Aalborg, whose history dates to 700 A.D., also hosts the largest carnival in Northern Europe and is one of the northernmost cities on the list. You should also bring your camera to capture images of some spectacular sites such as Limfjord, a North Sea fjord that has been well known to Danes since the Vikings ruled the country. You can stop by the Aalborg Historical Museum, which was established in 1863, or stop by the Lindholm Hoje Museum at the archeological dig site that uncovered antiquated internment destinations from the Viking era.

6. Billund

Denmark cities to visit, favorite city in Denmark, beautiful cities in Denmark Description: Best Cities, towns in Denmark to Visit, here the explained Denmark city list contains the prope


A particularly unique city in Denmark, Billund has developed around the Lego toy company which was founded in 1932. A trip to Billund will take you on the journey into the legends and traditions of creative toys. This Danish city is home to the large Legoland theme park, which offers a world centred around the famous plastic building bricks. Billund located in central Jutland is a modest city with a big story to tell: It’s the birthplace of LEGO and boasts the original LEGO factory and Legoland resort. Most of the people descend on Billund because of the amusement park and it’s a world-class attraction that the little dudes are sure to love. You’ll see Denmark’s best Viking runestones, open-air museums of all descriptions and face to face with a lion at Givskud Zoo if you spend some of your trip branching out into this best city in Denmark to visit.

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7. Kolding

Denmark cities to visit, favorite city in Denmark, beautiful cities in Denmark


Over a million tourists visit Copenhagen each year, but Denmark’s other cities can often get overlooked. Kolding, about an hour’s drive from the German border on the Jutland peninsula, is a less-discovered area of the country, but with its cornucopia of things to see, do and enjoy, it’s well worth a trip. Famous for its pizza, and only a short trip away from the Jelling stones, a UNESCO World Heritage site, Kolding is not a city to be missed. And for a small city with fewer than 100,000 inhabitants, Kolding offers plenty of things that will surely steal your heart. 

One of the better-known sights in this most popular city in Denmark, the royal castle was founded in the 13th century and has since been in use as a border guard, a royal residence and the seat of local politics. After a fire in 1808, Koldinghus has become a popular, picturesque destination for creatives and those wanting to take in the culture of the area. Local resident Emma Tambo Simonsen describes Kolding this way: “A city in development. The best places for tourists would, therefore, be a mixture of both the new and the old – Koldinghus is the biggest attraction because of the history behind it. To absorb centuries of history, check it out.”

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8. Roskilde

Denmark city list, best cities in Denmark to visit, Denmark cities to visit, favorite city in Denmark, beautiful cities in Denmark


With a population of just 50,000 people, Roskilde is still a city worth visiting on your trip to Denmark. Located just 19 miles west of Copenhagen, Roskilde offers a number of historical sites including 1th-century Viking vessels and an active boatyard next to the harbor. Each year in June and July, the Roskilde Festival welcomes over 130,000 visitors from around the world to the city to experience eight days of music, art, activism, and events featuring over 180 acts, delicious food, and plenty of entertainment. Other times of the year, this top city in Denmark is relatively quiet but still offers plenty of great attractions for casual tourists. For a unique experience, you might consider heading west of the city to the Land of Legends attraction, where actors recreate Stone Age and Viking life at an interactive open-air museum.

9. Elsinore (Helsingør)

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Known as the “Home of Hamlet” the city of Helsingør (Elsinore in English) is located in eastern Denmark on the shores of Øresund strait. A 15th-century castle, Kronborg Castle, served as the setting for Shakespeare’s “Hamlet,” and is currently the city’s most popular attraction. Lying on the Oresund strait and facing Helsingborg, Helsingor is a gateway to Sweden. Many Swedes descend on the city to buy cheap alcohol. An affluent place, Helsingor became rich from taxing trade passing through Oresund – this funded the fantastic medieval buildings which we see today. However, you can also stop by the M/S Maritime Museum of Denmark or the Culture Yard to catch a glimpse of over 600 years of Danish history at sea. Additionally, the summer residence of the Queen of Denmark, Fredensborg Castle, is also relatively close to Elsinore, and you can make a day-trip out of touring this piece of architecture. Wandering its picturesque streets lined with old, half-timbered houses is delightful – it seems a world away from its busy shopping streets. The massive castle of Kronborg Slot is the undoubted highlight of the city.

10. Esbjerg

 Denmark city list, best cities in Denmark to visit, Denmark cities to visit


You can’t miss  Esbjerg when it comes to Danish cities worth visiting which is the largest city in the region. Esbjerg is a bustling port city in the southwest of Jutland that provides picturesque views as well as plenty of shopping opportunities, entertainment options, and fascinating museums. Esbjerg, a relatively new city built on oil, fishing and trade is a wealthy place that is a bit soulless and grim. This is primarily due to its industrial origins and the rapid pace at which it sprung up. The delightful Fano island is just a short ferry ride from the center, and the fairytale-Esque streets of Ribe are a fantastic place to visit. Legoland is about an hour away. From here, Fanø is just a ferry ride away on North Sea island, which offers tourists a chance to enjoy long, sandy beaches and massive dunes.

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