Best Places for Shopping in Kochi | What to Buy in Cochin, Kerala

It becomes a struggle when you end up in a totally stranger city and have to find the best shopping places for buying various gifts or memorials for your own nostalgia which are artistic and cheap as well. Cochin is the best place to buy a lot of things if someone has good knowledge about the best places for shopping in Kochi, India and knows a little art of bargaining. There are various artistic handicrafts, famous Indian sarees, ornaments, jewelry, organic food items, Portuguese spices, aroma oils available in Kochi shops or at shopping malls in Kochi at very cheap prices that I have mentioned here for your easy shopping along with nearest eatery stalls if available for keeping your shopping spirits on track.

List of Places for Shopping in Kochi 

1. Milan Design

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After a relaxing vacation when it comes to the baffling time to take back souvenirs or buy some clothing for our loved ones back at home it always troubles us. But this shop in Kochi can ease your troubles about all dress shopping in Kochi with its superb ethnic collection of sarees ranging from Kanchipuram, Tussar, Banaras and other designer sarees of silk and cotton. Sari is the regular clothing especially for Hindu communities of women in entire India. But the intricate designs and good quality fabrics in saree are always on the hunt list of such Indian women. Milan design offers thousands of varieties in their saree collection to buy having beautiful embroidery and fabulous dye works.

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2. Thread Clasilks

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If you don’t enjoy the regular ready-made styles in your sarees visit Thread Clasilks who is one of the top-rated boutiques in Kochi with a unique collection of the six yards sarees along with exquisite craft accessories which might suffice all your list of saree shopping in Kochi, India. They have the ideology of “Less is More” therefore you might not have a wide collection like Milan but the sarees available are one in a kind and very beautifully designed by some great designers of the boutique. Don’t miss out on purchasing the traditional Malayali Mundu saree which is even available in some modern designs to keep up with the trending fashion in Kerala


3. Paris de Boutique

shopping in Kochi, dress shopping in Kochi, saree shopping in Kochi India

This famous boutique is run and designed by Anil and Jamal who offer customized Indian ethnic designer wear for every occasion. You can even give orders on special occasions for their immaculate designs and incredible embroidery under some marvelous collection of fabrics all available at this shopping place in Kochi. Their fabrics will definitely cost you more than other local stores of Kochi but the quality of fabrics and their customizations will all be under your control to decide the end products. 

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4. Jewel Junction

shopping place in Kochi, a shopping area in Kochi Kerala, the biggest shopping mall in Kochi

Well when the traditional clothing is done, don’t forget to try out the dazzling glittery golds of Kochi as the Keralites love gold which isn’t even an accessory to them, in fact, becomes a part of their clothing. For designer accessories and other related precious things to buy in Kochi you can just land on Jewel Junction and let yourself flow under the top jewelry showrooms of Kochi like Alapatt Jewellery, Alukkas, Bhima Jewellers, Ayodhya Jewelry, etc They offer the most ethnic gold ornaments, lightweight jewelry, and trendy collections at their shopping area in Kochi, Kerala. Some diamond showrooms are also available but you’ll find major shops of either gold or artificial jewelry in this area


5. Lulu Mall Kochi

 shopping in Cochin at M.G. Road, local shopping in Kochi, India, cheap shopping in Kochi

With such heavy shopping, heavy hunger is obvious to be encountered. The best solution for both of these troubles is the biggest mall of India-Lulu Mall in Kochi, perhaps the name might give you the impression of a cute little pet but in the contrast, it has some huge national and international fashion merchandise outlets like Zodiac, William Penn, Wills Lifestyle, Creyate, etc. Whereas the food court is exceptionally huge and can seat 3000 persons at a time. So let your worries about what to buy rest a little at this biggest shopping mall in Kochi and have a mouth-filling eatery from the humongous food court here.

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6. Jew Town, Fort Kochi

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If you want to buy something traditional visit this shopping place in Kochi which offers some of the best galleries and antique shops and plenty of one-of-a-kind gems and other collectibles. It can be one of the cheap shopping places in Kochi if you are good at bargaining and bundling up the items. There are various artistic souvenirs of Kochi which will be very expensive if you buy them from the airport stalls or beach shops. So, go uptight with an abstract idea of estimated prices of different items by either confirming from a local or browsing over online shopping in Kochi and get them at very cheap prices from here


7. M G Road, Kochi

a shopping area in Kochi Kerala, the biggest shopping mall in Kochi, shopping in Cochin at M.G. Road

This is the high-fashion shopping destination for all the tourists and locals in Kochi. MG Road stands for Mahatma Gandhi Road which has a bunch of standalone stores offering a selection of local and international brands. Kerala’s most famous saree brands, such as Seematti and Jayalakshmi can be found by shopping in Cochin at M.G. Road very easily. With tonnes of traditional clothing, you can also buy handicrafts of coir, brass, copper, bamboo, etc., spices and nuts from this shopping zone. The Kairali Emporium at M G Road is one of the best places to shop for artifacts, clothes, and Kathakali masks.

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8. Broadway, Kochi

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This place is best suited for local shopping in Kochi, India having versatile varieties of clothes, spices, electronic goods, umbrellas (from Colombo Umbrella House), jewelry, leather goods, stationery, watches and so on. The Broadway’s shopping area in Kochi along with a list of items both are too long to cover in one day but you can explore the cheap selling books on the other lanes of the area


9. Bazaar Road

 shopping in Kochi, dress shopping in Kochi, saree shopping in Kochi India, shopping place in Kochi

This is a narrow section of road filled with tiny open-fronted shops advertising wholesale, retail or commission sales. It is the best place for cheap shopping in Kochi via buying materials in wholesale. When you have a lot of relatives back at home waiting for their vacation gifts you can slide all of them under a good and cheap budget through the good quality wholesale products available here. Try and pick well-sealed packets rather than open spices as the vacuum packed spices stay fresh for longer periods of time. It is much cheaper to buy here than in Jew Town, where everything is more tourist-orientated. Major wholesalers are located here, but there are plenty of shops selling small quantities of spices as well.

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10. Marine Drive

a shopping area in Kochi Kerala, the biggest shopping mall in Kochi, shopping in Cochin at M.G. Road

You can get your hands filled with the readymade items and cotton items on the Marine Drive road and the GCDA shopping complex. With clever bargaining, you will get some great buys especially for the pure cotton cloths in this famous shopping place of Kochi, India. There are various fast food joints and cafes on the roadside where one can always stop to have a good bite over Kochi snacks after a tiring walk from your shopping spree 

11. Streets around Synagogue at Fort Cochin


A unique assortment of items like figurines, colorful bead jewelry, mat, bangles, etc. all made from coir, wood, bamboo, shells, brass, ivory and sandalwood are available in huge quantities at this shopping place in Fort Kochi. You can grab a lot of artistic souvenirs from the Jewish and Portuguese descendants at a very reasonable price so don’t miss out to shop here. Besides these, if you struggle with what to buy in Kochi? You can look up for the given below list for the things to buy in Cochin which are very famous among tourists

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    • Traditional Portuguese spices
    • Organic Coffee
    • Banana chips
    • Coconut Products and some amazing cool souvenirs made of coconut husk.
    • Coir products like rugs, carpets, and mats
    • Kathakali Mask: wall hanging mask or a fridge magnet
    • Nettipattam: Well-decorated elephants
    •  Nilavilakku: Traditional Malayali oil lamp
    •  Kasavu Mundu Dresses made of cotton cloth with a typical zari border.
    • Aroma oils

Don’t buy ivory horn as it is banned in India you can buy buffalo horn instead and be aware of the authentic shawls, stole, Rajasthani stone jewelry and beads which have no relation to Kochi and might come out as a fake. Give out a good walk to explore all the shopping places in Kochi mentioned above and buy the best gifts for your loved ones at very affordable prices. Give a good look towards our other blog of Kochi to explore more about the natural beasts of Kerala.

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