Top 10 Beaches in San Francisco | Famous Beaches in San Francisco

San Francisco is best known for its exotic tourism and ports all around the world. San Franciscan islands along with the best beaches in San Francisco offer various interesting hiking and kayaking activities to enjoy the vacations at their best. With their golden sand and sunny shores, anyone can expect a great luxury of soothing winds rolling by the frequent tides on every beach of San Francisco, California. But the whole country in itself is a tempting factor to explore a lot of famous landmarks hence, it’s easy to be baffled by numerous options to visit. To ease out your journeys I have mentioned San Francisco’s top beaches which are well equipped with better lodging and water sport activities to enhance your experiences tenfold and grant you the top relaxing and peaceful moments. 

List of Beaches in San Francisco

1. Baker Beach

Beaches in San Francisco

Baker Beach

For landing on the most popular beach in San Francisco that offers the best ocean view of the Golden Gate Bridge and the Marin Headlands Baker beach must be your first landmark on the journey. The large waves and rip currents arising in most of the beaches of this city make the waters unsafe for swimming and surfing but it is a beautiful place for sunbathing and picnicking. You can watch sea lions and porpoises in the early morning relaxing at the beach before any human invades the golden sand with their umbrellas and heavy picnic baskets.

2. China Beach

Beaches in San Francisco

China Beach

Heavy crowds at the beaches are always the fun-killers that’s why if you want an isolated place that is peaceful and calm to take a walk in the evening then china beach is the best selection among all the other top beaches in San Francisco.  Hence, to beat the crowds, head to China Beach. This is a tiny sheltered cove situated between Lands End and Baker Beach which makes your journey more accessible if you have already landed at the respective beaches. The views of the Marin Headlands and Golden Gate Bridge are just breath-taking from this beach. You can visit Hard Knox restaurant for fried chicken and waffles if your hunger hits amidst the fun activities.

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3. Lands End Beach

Beaches in San Francisco

Lands End Trail

This another hidden gem of the city that is completely secluded and lies behind the dramatic cliffs west of Lincoln Park in SF. This famous beach of San Francisco is easily accessible via a steep trail therefore it is best to wear sturdy shoes to get here. While the beach itself is a tempting spot for sunbathing, picnicking and alike other zones, swimming is also prohibited here due to dangerous water conditions of the San Franciscan Bay. But for adventure seekers this a perfect spot for hiking along the bluffs that really make Lands End a must-see attraction.

4. Ocean Beach

Beaches in San Francisco

Ocean Beach

Out of all the stretches along the entire west side of the city this well-known beach in San Francisco offers splendid panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean, hence don’t leave your camera back at home before coming to this beach. It’s also very famous for being a dangerous hotspot among top swimmers as every year lots of people lose their lives due to the heavy rip currents at this beach, therefore, it is strictly advised not to swim at this beach. You can opt for an alternative fun activity like a family-friendly picnic or bonfire in one of the beach’s designated areas for enjoyment.

5. Clipper Cove Beach

Beaches in San Francisco

Clipper Cove Beach

If you are seeking a full adventure beach zone in SF then walking down a flight of wooden stairs can let you access this crescent-shaped San Francisco’s beach with a view of the eastern span of the Bay Bridge. You can dwell yourself in many fun beach activities that give you the extra pleasure of experiencing the natural treasures more closely. You can do kayaking here. While the “cove” part of Clipper Cove Beach means it’s relatively protected from the wind, that makes it a good place to learn and practice various water-driven beach activities unlike other dangerous zones due to rip currents in the city’s beach areas.

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6. Marshall’s Beach

Beaches in San Francisco

Marshall’s Beach

 You can say it’s a mini Baker Beach but with the least crowds. Since it is hidden amongst the steep cliffs not many travelers try to visit this beach. But, such a location makes this destination one of the best beaches in San Francisco for hanging out and taking serene panoramic clicks from the highest cliff points. The top spots also make this beach a great spot for bird watching. Lastly, the beach can be totally submerged during high tide, so check the tide times first as you might not experience its fine course of golden sand during the high tide.

7. Crissy Field

Beaches in San Francisco

Crissy Field

This beach was once a US Army airfield but with the passage of time and after several renovations it comes under one of the prettiest places to visit in the SF. Along with smooth dunes, a tidal lagoon, excellent bird watching, kiteboarders and windsurfers, this top beach to visit in San Francisco provides a great view of Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, Angel Island, and the Downtown skyline. You might not find all such views from any other beach in SF therefore, don’t miss out on this beach in your San Francian trip.

8. Fort Funston

Beaches in San Francisco

Fort Funston

Another former harbor defense region which is now the most dog-friendly beach in San Francisco, California. They offer umpteen trails to explore, including the very steep promenades following various fun and games conducted appreciably at this beach while walking down the path. You will find running dogs on the beach, playing fetch, and generally living their best lives so if you are also a dog lover this is the best place to spend a relaxing time in the city. Not only dogs but humans can have their own fun at this beach as you can hang glide, parasail, peep the WWII ruin Battery Davis, hike through the dunes, appreciate native plants, and pet every single dog in your ambiance.

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9. Sutro Baths

Beaches in San Francisco

Sutro Baths

This was an ancient privately-owned saltwater and freshwater pool, that is reopened for public use now. This place has seen a lot of ups and downs which makes this place one of the must-visit beaches in San Francisco. They shut down the place after some financial struggles in between and in 1966, they were even burned to the ground. So, now the remains of this historic site attract lots of geeky tourists every year who want to experience the destruction of the historical past precisely.  And with rich servings of historical ruins, you can enjoy a trail of beautiful beaches surrounding the landmark.

10. Mile Rock Beach

Beaches in San Francisco

Mile Rock Beach

This is a small cove located below the Lands End Viewpoint in San Francisco’s portion of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. Mile Rock Beach is a small and rocky destination that features lovely scenic views of the city making it one of the famous beaches to visit in San Francisco. In addition to the nearby hiking trails, you can even spend a nice time with your family at the picnic tables or explore the shipwreck, lighthouse and plenty of beach activities here.


All the above-mentioned beaches are best in providing exquisite Californian seafood and water sports to enhance your vacation experiences. So don’t struggle through all the boring tours-n-travel books on your own and pick up your favorites from the above-mentioned top 10 beaches of San Francisco. This list can aid you to discover new interesting regions of the city and helps you to find out the best beaches in San Francisco which are acceptable to provide perfect luxurious experiences. The mentioned guide will help you save your money and let you select the perfect beaches on your priorities and budget. Don’t forget to comment and share the blog and follow our other blogs for more engaging information.

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