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Bullfighting is deeply rooted in the global historic traditions of Spain. The Pamplona Running of the Bulls is by far the most famous bull-run in Spain. But running in front of a herd of angry bovines is not a one-week-a-year affair there are many more bull runs you can attend if you’re not in Spain for Pamplona. There are many more bull runs in Spain but the ones here are the most famous bull-run in Spain and the complete guide of it includes where to stay, things to do, tips, etc. : 

Running Of The Bulls: History

Bull run in Spain, Famous Bull run in Spain

Pamplona city in Spain famous for bull runs. Popularly revered as the San Fermin Festival amongst the locals, this bull run event is a centuries-old tradition that may have started back in 1951. At first, celebrated in October, the celebration was before long moved to July for better weather conditions. But why it started is the most amusing thing to know.

Fiesta de San FermĂ­n came into existence as a result of honoring the popular Saint Fermin who was believed to be a tortured saint. So as to respect him over the world, the bull run, trade fairs, and bullfights started which inevitably pulled in a huge number of people to the city. People of all ages and colors come to this region in Navarra to attend the festival which is supported by various organizations.

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How to Get Tickets Running Of The Bulls? 

The best thing about the San Fermin Festival in Pamplona or Spanish bull run festival, Spain is that it is for everyone from everywhere. There are no tickets for entry to the venue whether you are a runner or someone who just wishes to watch the run. All you have to spend on is on the drinks that you must carry to the square since you can only get out from there post 2 PM. 

How To Participate In Running Of The Bulls? 

There is no registration or deadlines for getting yourself become a part of the Spanish bull-running festival. As long as you’re 18 years old or older than that and are dressed appropriately, have 0% alcohol in your blood, and are approved by the officials on the ground, you can show up and run along for the need to have that long dreamt adrenaline rush.

However, if you wish to be a sporty spectator in the festival, it’s best advised by the locals and pros to get yourself booked a balcony that lets you enjoy an unobstructed view of the San Fermin Festival over luscious desserts and breakfast. You can pick a balcony as per your choice and book it maximum by the month of March since they usually tend to run out of spaces. An alternative for enjoying the Spain bull runs is standing amidst the crowd behind the barriers which can have its own pros and cons.

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Where To Stay During Bull Run Festival?

Bull run in Spain, Famous Bull run in Spain

Accommodation is definitely not a problem in Pamplona. However, facing an issue to get a hotel of your choice at the last minute is. There are a lot of hotels and the best bull runs places to stay near the old quarter which will make it easy for you to reach the race venue well in time. However, you can rent a homestay or live in a hostel if you’re traveling on a budget. The only advisable thing to do during the festive season is giving the location of the accommodation a preference over other needs.

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Tips For Attending The Bull Run

  • Irrespective of how fun the Pamplona bull run may seem, getting injuries and even losing death is a certain occurrence. Around 15 people have reportedly died since 1910. So, be very sure if you want to be in the run to enjoy it or outside it as a sporty spectator.
  • Your age doesn’t matter if you are just planning to witness the race with your family members. However, make sure you are 18 years or older if you plan to run in the race.
  • Wearing sports or specifically, Tennis shoes is a must irrespective of whether you are going to be a runner or a spectator.
  • DO NOT carry a lot of cash, your credit cards, or any valuable items such as a watch or jewelry on your body. In fact, ensure that you leave your travel documents in your hotel or car as well.
  • If you wish to be a part of the Spanish bull-running festival like a local, wear plain white clothes that are not too expensive. With anything else, you’d just stand out from the crowd and possibly for the wrong reasons.
  • At no cost should you have any amount of alcohol on the day of the run? There are a lot of officials in common clothing who keep a check on both the spectators and runners. You’d be immediately asked to leave the premises if you’re found drunk.
  • If you’re running at your own risk, make sure you are well trained, fit, and abide by the do’s and don’ts laid by the officials.
  • Book a balcony to enjoy a better view of the run.
  • Partying in Pamplona all night after a bull run in Spanish is a tradition but make sure you’re not a part of it if you wish to enjoy it fully.

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The bull run in Spain is explained here clearly as you can see this, we have been also discussed the best part regarding the Spanish bull-running festival. The bull run in Spain video you have seen on the internet but watching in real,  gives you goosebumps. I hope you might have loved reading this article so kindly share your views in the comment section as per the content and if you are interested to discover more about Spain then kindly concerned with other articles as well.

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