Top 10 Foods to Try in Lisbon | Famous Foods of Lisbon Portugal

Lisbon offers a wide range of flavours in its incredible meals that you must not miss if you ever visit this city. Since the city is well-known for its port and freshly caught seafood that usually people consider as one of the best foods in Lisbon. Instead, if you explore the food varieties of Portuguese cuisines that are available in Lisbon you’ll be fascinated to encounter thousands of meals with very different taste and textures. Lisbon’s food not only covers up the fresh seafood varieties but offers a plethora of cuisines that are prepared from completely organic vegetables and meat. Well, there is an important tip that you must follow, as Portuguese pair up almost all the dishes with a drink and added-dessert so inform before ordering or just ask if there’s any drink included with the dish or not? While to try out all the best foods in Lisbon you must follow up this guide containing the top 10 foods from Lisbon influenced from all range of texture and flavours of this city.

List of Foods to Eat in Lisbon

1. Sardinha (Sardines)

 Best foods to Eat in Lisbon, Foods of Lisbon

Sardinha (Sardines)

Well, when the best food item you can prepare with the freshest ingredients in Lisbon is seafood then you have to start your food tour from the top variety of fish- sardines that are freshly caught during mid-June in Lisbon. During this month, Lisbon also celebrates the scaly fishes during their annual Feast of St. Anthony Sardine Festival. This is definitely the popular food to eat in Lisbon especially once the Sardinhas are grilled and doused with a splash of Portuguese olive oil and distinct spices it’s rare that you desire for anything other than this food later.

2. Caldo Verde

 Best foods to Eat in Lisbon, Foods of Lisbon

Caldo Verde

Not only the main course meals but Lisbon has its fine craft in making the best soups in the country. Even the people who usually hate to try out soups as they are not either solid food and do not even count under a refreshing drink will love to try this among all other famous foods to try in Lisbon itinerary’s list. Caldo Verde is a warm green soup made with simple ingredients like potatoes, kale, olive oil and salt. Some cooks add a slice or two of Chouriço (a kind of sausage) to each bowl to add a smoky touch to the entire dish along with some satisfying bite-sized items. This soup is super creamy in texture t even though the cream isn’t added to it, instead, the creaminess comes from the slow and steady cooling of the soup for long hours.

3. Chouriço

 Best foods to Eat in Lisbon, Foods of Lisbon


This is one of the most popular Portuguese sausages that is subtly flavoured with paprika already. You will find this in almost all the foods in Lisbon locals who admire to eat this versatile meat as a snack and also use it as an ingredient while cooking the main course meals. I suggest you must try out the Chouriço Assado, cuisines in Lisbon that is one of the famous dishes in which the Chouriço is literally cooked on your tableside in a flaming clay dish making it super delicious and aromatic from the fragrance of clay pots.

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4. Feijoada

 Best foods to Eat in Lisbon, Foods of Lisbon


This dish is often known as a ‘Brazilian dish’ sometimes in Lisbon even though you’ll find this dish very common in all of Portugal, Brazil, Angola, Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau, Mozambique, East Timor, Goa, and Macau,  where it is also considered sometimes as a national dish. This top food of Lisbon comprises a stew of beans with beef and pork that are traditionally cooked over low flames in a clay pot.

5. Alheira

 Best foods to Eat in Lisbon, Foods of Lisbon


This is another Portuguese well-known sausage that you simply must try especially if you want to avoid pork meat. In fact, this food to try in Lisbon has its root in the Jewish tradition where they aspired to make a sausage that would blend in with the local pork varieties and taste as delicious as the local sausages of Lisbon and Viola! Jews came up with this sausage where they can enjoy the sausages without eating pork. You must try this dish with its usual simple servings of french fries and a fried egg, it will taste spectacular.

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6. Cozido

 Best foods to Eat in Lisbon, Foods of Lisbon


For, keeping your tract over delicious foods to try in Lisbon, Portugal even in winter months you must not miss out a heaping plate of Cozido in this city. This dish is basically a Portuguese stew that varies by region and by the chef, but the core ingredients generally consist of a variety of meats ranging from chicken, beef, sausages, or pork and boiled vegetables such as potatoes, carrots and cabbage. All of this mixture when cooked by the skilled chefs yield a signature taste that is so hard to find out of this city.

7. Frango

Best foods to Eat in Lisbon, Foods of Lisbon


For all the spice lovers, who love to heat up the things with extra chilli flakes and Piri-Piri sauce Frango is your perfect jam to doze upon. This is a  rotisserie chicken which is so delicious that you will find an entire fast-food restaurant based on its success in Lisbon. For finding such restaurants, visit our ‘Best restaurants in Lisbon’. In Lisbon, you might not have to call out for extra spicy Piri Piri sauce with the chicken as they serve it normally.

8. Bacalhau

Best foods to Eat in Lisbon, Foods of Lisbon


Along with sardines, one must-try food in Lisbon you must never miss is the Bacalhau or the Salted codfish which accounts for an integral part of Portugal’s history. Some of my favourites out of all the famous cuisines of codfish are salted cod croquettes, Bacalhau Com Natas (salt cod with a cream-based sauce) and  Bacalhau à Brás that consist of shredded cod mixed with potatoes, eggs, onions, chopped parsley, garlic and olives for garnish. These are some of the substantial dishes of Lisbon that you must try if you are looking to experience the most original flavours of Lisbon.

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9. Bifana Sandwiches

Best foods to Eat in Lisbon, Foods of Lisbon

Bifana Sandwiches

This dish is an ode to all those people who are always in a constant rush due to their work or any other reason while exploring this city. This is an iconic cheap thrill that you must go for if you are not too sensitive towards extra oily foods. Bifana Sandwiches are a Portuguese version of the sandwich that consists of sauteed, marinated pork packed inside a crispy roll. Some food joints add more ingredients, but a true Bifana is a simple affair or pork and bun only. You’ll fall in love with this top food of Lisbon especially when you add some crispy chips (or french fries) and a glass of Sagres beer to complete this ultimate Lisbon cheap eats meal.

10. Ginjinha

Best foods to Eat in Lisbon, Foods of Lisbon


This might not completely make up for the popular foods of Lisbon as Ginjinha or Ginja( as locals call it) is a sour cherry liqueur drink that is served in almost every bar of Lisbon. The special part about this drink is that they serve the drink in chocolate cups that you can eat later. Such a drink is definitely worth tasting in Lisbon, Portugal even if liquors aren’t usually your genre to experience( no offence for communities that forbid alcohol!). 

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If you are thinking of exploring Lisbon’s famous food joints then be clear that you will encounter a majority of dishes under the non-veg menu list so you might’ve to halt your diet for a day or two to experience all of these delicacies. Portuguese are very emotional with their food services so if you really wanna blend in happily the best trick is to fill your tummy with the best foods in Lisbon. Head towards our other blogs for more engaging information about Lisbon and various interesting cities like these. Please don’t forget to comment below your precious view as well.

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