Most Haunted Places to Visit in Tuscany, Italy

Did you realize that perhaps the most haunted places in Tuscany has a stone head emerging from one of its walls? Have you at any point found out about the story behind the Treasure of the Knights Templar? Does the name “The Devil’s Bridge – Borgo a Mozzano” having a peculiar and unusual shape? Visiting an extremely old city is constantly an incredible joy yet in the event that you include some scary stories, mystery corners, and unsolved secrets, at that point you can truly have an exceptional encounter. It is safe to say that you are prepared to leave on an adventure to the most secretive places of Tuscany? Here are some very Mysterios places to visit in Tuscany.

List of Mysterious Places in Tuscany

1. Castello di Poppi – The Ghost of Countess Matelda

extreme haunted places to visit in Tuscany

This Mysterious Castle of Poppi is situated in the area of Arezzo, the old living arrangement of the Counts Guidi has been a position of fights and vicious stories consistently. A nearby legend has it that the brutal and salacious phantom of the wonderful Matelda still meanders in the mansion. It is said that the entrancing royal lady had another sweetheart in her room each night. After the evening of energy, be that as it may, to forestall them uncover her mystery, she executed her sweethearts by making them fall into a dump with sharp edges at the base. At long last, the ladies of the town rendered their retribution by walling the royal lady alive in the pinnacle, from that point forward named the Devils’ Tower.

Address: Piazza della Repubblica, 1, 52014 Poppi AR, Italy

2. Villa Medicea Cerreto Guidi – The Ghost of Isabella dè Medici

most haunted places in the Tuscany, haunted places in the Tuscany,

This is one of the most haunted places in Tuscany which was worked around the year 1555 for the need of Cosimo dè Medici, which was the chasing living arrangement of the Medici. The Villa is associated with the legend of Isabella dè Medici, a little girl of Cosimo. In 1576, the wonderful Isabella was cold-bloodedly killed by her significant other Paolo Orsini, that associated her with treachery. As per the legend, the apparition of Isabella still meanders in the Villa looking for harmony. You can in any case respect the picture of Isabella, together with different representations of the Medici showed at the manor, which is presently a historical center committed to chasing weapons.

Address: Via dei Ponti Medicei, 7, 50050 Cerreto Guidi FI, Italy

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3. The Ghost of Monteriggioni 

most haunted places in the Tuscany, haunted places in the Tuscany,

We are in Monteriggioni, a marvelous braced town close to Siena. In this spooky spot, around evening time, you can at present hear the dreadful regret of an apparition. It’s Captain Zeti that, in 1554, drove Monteriggioni to the destruction against the city of Florence. Monteriggioni was really worked to safeguard Siena from the adversary Florence. On the off chance that you plan an outing to Tuscany and you didn’t fear the apparition then you should visit this Tuscany most Haunted Place.

Address: 53035 Province of Siena Italy

4. The Witches of Volterra

extreme haunted places to visit in Tuscany, Tuscany Haunted Places,

According to the legend, the lovely slope town of Volterra was where all the most dominant witches of Italy met! They used to meet simply outside the town at a colossal shake, on Saturdays. Underneath the stone, entering the cavern, there’s a spring of water, the most flawless water of Volterra. On the off chance that you love exciting stories and need to find out about Tuscan puzzles, I propose Mystery Tuscany, a film narrative telling about the history and legends of Tuscany.

Address: 56048 Province of Pisa Italy

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5. San Galgano – The Sword in the Stone

extreme haunted places to visit in Tuscany, Tuscany Haunted Places,

That is one of the most excellent and suggestive places to visit in Tuscany, south of Siena. In the year 1180, a knight left his life of savagery and resigned to live as a loner at Montesiepi. He put his relentless sword in the stone, so as to have a cross to implore at. The sword is still there today, after over 800 years! When do you see the sword so profoundly and immovably stuck into the hard rock you ask yourself: “How could that be”? Obviously, you are presently thinking about the narrative of King Arthur, is it a fortuitous event that one of his knights was named Galvano.

Address: Strada Comunale di S. Galgano, 53012 Chiusdino SI, Italy

6. San Mamiliano

most haunted places in the Tuscany, haunted places in the Tuscany,

In 2004, during the reclamation works of the congregation of San Mamiliano in the great town of Sovana, a genuine fortune was incidentally found under the antiquated clearing! A fortune of 498 old gold coins dating from the fifth century DC. Perhaps it is the celebrated “Fortune of Montecristo”, that the author Alexandre Dumas depicted depending on folktales. Three antiquated records dating from the sixteenth century allude to the presence of the fortune! Some different speculations guess that fortune can be associated with the Knights Templars.

Address: 57037 Portoferraio, Province of Livorno, Italy

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7. Castle of Brolio – The ghost of the Baron 

most haunted places in the Tuscany, haunted places in the Tuscany,

Tuscany Haunted Place Bettino Ricasoli, known as the Iron Baron, is the designer of the renowned equation to make the Chianti Classico wine. He was a rich influential man of the nineteenth century, having his habitation at the excellent and well-known Castle of Brolio, encompassed by the charming vineyards of the Chianti. On full moon evenings, it is said that his phantom wanders in the field around the manor, on his white pony and joined by his chasing hounds.

8. The Devil’s Bridge – Borgo a Mozzano

most haunted places in the Tuscany, haunted places in the Tuscany, famous haunted places in the Tuscany,

Address: 55023 Province of Lucca Italy

The Devil’s Bridge or Ponte della Maddalena at Borgo a Mozzano, in the region of Lucca, is an extension with exceptional and bizarre shape. Worked in the fourteenth century, it’s an impressive work of engineering portrayed by three topsy-turvy curves. The extension is known as the scaffold of the Devil due to an old folktale. The maker, incapable to finish such a troublesome work, entreated the assistance of the Devil. The Devil allowed his participation in return of the primary soul that would have crossed the scaffold.

Address: Bettino RicLocalitĂ  Madonna a Brolio, 53013 Gaiole In Chianti SI, Italy

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