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Cameroon is located in West-Central Africa. It鈥檚 a great destination for people to view the beautiful topography this country has. The monuments in Cameroon are worth visiting With French being the language of choice, English and French are the country鈥檚 official languages. The country鈥檚 geography consists of a variety of rain forests, mountains, desert plains, and high plateaus. Traveling through Cameroon is a journey of discovery that will take you on a tour of historical monuments that preserve its culture, and spaces that nurture its art. Here are the top monuments of Cameroon you can鈥檛 miss.

List of Monuments in Cameroon

1. Reunification Monument

Monuments in Cameroon, landmarks of Cameroon

In the capital of Cameroon, the Reunification Monument is located in Yaounde. To commemorate the reunification of Cameroon, it was built in the early 1970s. To immortalize the advent of French and English shrimp reunification in 1961. This historical monument in Cameroon is erected between 1973 and 1976. Ahmadou Ahidjo, a former president of the United Republic of Cameroon, launches a national and international competition to make a representation of reunification.聽 The Cameroonian sculptor Gedeon Mpando and the Jesuit father Engelbert Mveng reunification the monument of the work of the French Solomon.

2. Prime Minister鈥檚 Lodge Buea

Monuments in Cameroon, landmarks of Cameroon

The residence of German colonial administrators and later the home of the Prime Minister of the Southern Cameroons has regained prominence with the fight for independence. It is also known as the German monument of Cameroon. For Southern Cameroonians, it鈥檚 the final destination; those fighting for the independence of the Southern Cameroons want to establish their government at the Prime Minister鈥檚 Lodge, where it used to be.

3. Statues of Charles Atangana

Monuments in Cameroon, landmarks of Cameroon

Statues of Charles Atangana is a symbol of pride for every citizen of Cameroon. By his German name, Karl and his birth name, Ntsama, and, Charles Atangana was the paramount chief of the Bane and Ewondo ethnic groups during much of the colonial period in Cameroon.聽 Atangana’s loyalty and friendship with colonial priests and administrators in the colonial government secured him successively more prominent posts although from an unremarkable background. This statue is now one of the famous monuments in Cameroon.

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4. Bimbia Slave Port

Monuments in Cameroon, landmarks of Cameroon

After they were sold in BimbiaSlaves walked through the Door of No Return. The iron shackles and ruins of their prisons at this place they wore can be seen, from which they were shipped across the Atlantic. Before their transportation across the Atlantic, Slaves were chained here. Bimbia Slave Port is now counted in one of the unique monuments in Cameroon.

5. Ekom-Nkam Falls

Monuments in Cameroon, landmarks of Cameroon

聽If you watch the Tarzan movie, these impressive waterfalls were used in that movie. Tarzan made this place home in the 1984 movie Greystoke. Ekom-Nkam Falls is known as natural and popular monuments in Cameroon. The twin waterfalls in the jungles of Nkongsamba are over 80 meters (262 feet) high.聽

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6. Bafut Palace

Monuments in Cameroon, landmarks of Cameroon

The scene of rites and ceremonies is the spiritual core of the Bafut Palace. It is a popular tourist destination and the home of the Bafut royal family. Since 1516, it has been the home of the annual Abin festival. The best monument in Cameroon at the palace is the spiritual core of the village.

7. Bamenda Handicraft Cooperative

Monuments in Cameroon, landmarks of Cameroon

The Handicraft Centre is a fair-trade collective representing craftspeople from the Northwest Region. They produce masks, musical instruments, bags, decorations, and household items, and the site also operates a restaurant. Bamenda Handicraft Cooperative now becomes one of the beautiful monuments in Cameroon.

8. Foumban Palace

Monuments in Cameroon, landmarks of Cameroon

The Bamoun Sultan’s palace was completed in 1917. One of Cameroon鈥檚 oldest kingdoms is very much alive here in the home of the Sultan and its cultural museum, which has been built to celebrate the cultural symbols of the region. It is counted in one of the most visited monuments in Cameroon.

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9. La Nouvelle Libert茅

Monuments in Cameroon, landmarks of Cameroon

To represent the hustle of the city, this art has come. To become the symbol of the city, Douala鈥檚 iconic statue has braved controversy. This ancient monument in Cameroon at Rond Point Deido represents the people鈥檚 will to reinvent themselves made out of scrap metal and junk.

10. Chefferie

Monuments in Cameroon, landmarks of Cameroon

The compound is centered on a hugely impressive bamboo building, approached via a ceremonial gate, with figures from secret societies its conical thatched roof supported by wooden pillars carved, dancers, musicians, even the World Cup-winning Cameroon football team and former chiefs. The interior of this old monument in Cameroon is out of bounds, but the visitor center to the left offers an informative tour.

11. N么tre Dame Cathedral

Monuments in Cameroon, landmarks of Cameroon

With the sound of prayer and song at N么tre Dame Cathedral, the honking of Yaound茅’s traffic merges. Consecrated in 1955, it’s a bold triangular building with a stunning Afrocentric mosaic above the altar. This Cameroonian monument is consecrated in 1955.

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