How to Celebrate Christmas in USA | USA Christmas Celebration

December 25, Christmas Day has been a federal holiday in the United States since 1870. On this day every corporate office, school, college, university, or small business remains shut down and everyone is indulging in celebrating this global festival. There are so many myths and facts associated with this festival and we are here to tell you the truth only. Apart from this, we will tell you how people actually celebrate Christmas in the USA, what they eat, what they do the entire day and so on. 

When does Christmas start in the United States? 

The Christmas preparation and celebration in The USA starts from the last Thursday of November when everyone prepares for the Thanksgiving celebration. Christma is very popular in the USA and the actual celebration takes place four days before Christmas i.e. the 21st of December. On 21 December, the winter solstice takes place hence it is considered as an auspicious day to embark on the Christmas celebration. Moreover, in markets and shopping masl, you will observe glimpses of Christmas in the USA around one year before the actual festival. 

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There are so many people in the USA who send gifts and Christmas blessings to their friends and relatives living abroad, hence the shops are lit up with colorful lights, selling handicraft items, gifts, and other ornamental things used in the decoration of Christmas trees and houses. So, strolling the local evening market is the best thing that you can do in the USA on Christmas.

Christmas dinner in the USA

How do people celebrate Christmas in the USA?, Christmas in the USA

Christmas dinner

Apart from Christmas preparation, the evening supper on 25th December has an important role in the celebration of Christmas Day. All guests, relatives, friends, and family gathered in a commonplace and contributed their part for the preparation of supper. Some engage themselves in the preparation of dinner, other people prepare apple Pie, some arrange dishes, and others help in serving the prepared dishes. In simple words, we can say that everyone is busy preparing for Christmas supper. 

The Most Popular Christmas Dishes served in the USA

There are so many things that people usually prepare on Christmas eve and on the 25th of December but there are few things that are mandated to prepare on this day in the USA. Stuffed Turkey with mashed potatoes and gravy is the main element of the Christmas supper. Cranberry sauce and roasted vegetables are served as side dishes. Apart from this, apple pie, puddings, and fruit cakes are served as dessert after dinner. Also, it is not mandatory that you will get a similar menu everywhere. Different people have different cultures and traditions, hence they prepare the meals according to their tradition. But all we can assure you is that the involvement of multiple people in the preparation of a meal will make your Christmas dinner memorable in the USA.  

What Do People Do?


How do people celebrate Christmas in the USA?, Christmas in the USA

Christmas decoration

Every country has a unique way to celebrate Christmas. Similarly in the USA, you will get people who are extremely excited for the month of December. Obviously, everyone has different plans to make Christmas Eve memorable. Some people like to spend their eve with friends at a club while others choose to stay at home with their friends and relatives and prepare delicious meals for everyone. 

Apart from preparing traditional meals, there is a common factor that everyone needs to follow during Christmas. Everyone in the USA is bound to decorate their house with colorful lights, ribbons, tinsel, holly, ivy, and garlands. Some people hang decorative mistletoe and Wreaths on the door at the entrance. 

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According to the Christmas traditions in the USA, Santa comes at midnight to have dinner at everyone’s house and leave presents for kids. Hence people leave some cookies and a glass full of milk outside their house for Santa. There are many other traditions that people used to follow in the USA and you personally need to visit this country to experience and witness all of them. Also, we want you to share your unique way of celebrating Christmas eve? 

Famous Christmas traditions in the USA

There are too many traditional views of the Americans associated with this famous festival. However, it is not possible to mention all of them. Still, we will tell you a few traditional facts about Christmas that people follow in the USA. 

  • People in the USA often say ‘Merry Christmas’ rather than ‘Happy Christmas’. The word ‘Merry Christmas’ was introduced hundred years back in 1534 when an English Catholic Bishop “John Fisher” wrote this word in a Christmas letter that he sent to “Thomas Cromwell”:
  • Christmas is a 12-day celebration in the USA. The celebration of Christmas actually starts on the 25th of December and ends on the 6th of January the following year. The 12th day of Christmas is also known as Epiphany Eve. On this day people prepare tamales and enjoy it with family and friends.
    • There are some chapels in the UK where the biggest bell is rung 4 times before midnight. After midnight all the bells are rung simultaneously to embark on the Christmas celebration.
    • There are a total of 6 colors Red, green, blue, white golden, and Purple that are very important in the celebration of Christmas. Every color has an unknown story and traditional significance. It is necessary to induce all these colors in the decoration of Christmas trees and houses. 
    • Gold represents Sun and light. 
    • White is for purity and peace.
    • Green represents evergreen plants like Ivy and Mistletoe. 
    • Gold is for the fall of Adam in the plays.
    • The blue color is associated with the mother of Jesus.
    • Purple color is used During Advent of the Lord Jesus hence most churches are painted with this color.  

Best places to visit for Christmas in the United States

The USA has an array of countries and every country has its own unique way to celebrate Christmas. But few countries offer the best view at every corner. From regional streets to shopping malls and local markets every place is lit up with colorful lights, tinsel, and ribbons. So know a little bit about some famous cities where you can spend your Christmas and indulge in the traditional vibe with local people. 

New York

How do people celebrate Christmas in the USA?, Christmas in the USA

New york

New York is a great country to spend Christmas. One major attraction for Christmas in New York is the renowned Rockefeller Center ice arena with a  giant Christmas tree in the center. Moreover, the consistently bursting of firecrackers at midnight will make your Christmas even more memorable in New York.


Aspen experiences more than 4 meters of snowfall each year in December that will make your USA Christmas tour unforgettable. So, make sure to visit Aspen if you are coming to the USA at the time of Christmas. Apart from this, you might also get a chance to meet Santa in aspen while enjoying ice skating in the central arenas.


The city of Chicago tops off with euphoria during the Christmas season. The entire city is lit up with 1,000,000 white lights and every place looks like a freshly painted Disney poster. A Giant Christmas tree is placed on the central market with some ice sports. 


How do people celebrate Christmas in the USA?, Christmas in the USA


Christmas in Boston features a giant celebration entirely on the roads. People place enormous Christmas trees in the shopping complex, roads, streets, and their houses to welcome Lord Jesus. 

Las Vegas

How do people celebrate Christmas in the USA?, Christmas in the USA

Las Vegas

Spending Christmas in Las Vegas is a dream of most wanderers. This country is located in the southwestern part and offers an extraordinary Christmas vibe to everyone. On central avenues, various food stalls are specially set up for Christmas eve. 

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There are many reasons to visit the USA but during Christmas, the place looks entirely different. People of America celebrate Christmas with extreme joy and contentment. Everyone you see in America during Christmas looks extremely happy and will greet you Merry Christmas will zest. So, a visit to the USA on Christmas is all worth its grand celebration. We have mentioned everything that will help you to know about the traditions of Christmas in the USA. So, read the article to know How people celebrate Christmas in the USA? 

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