New Year Celebration in Paris – What To Do on New Year’s Eve in Paris

Everyone have excitement for the New Year Celebration. On New Year’s Eve, Paris will alive with celebrations, fireworks, and parties. Be here at midnight in the most romantic and beautiful city in the world to kick-off the previous year with a bang. Find all the tips to enjoy a romantic, chic, gourmet or festive New Years Eve in Paris for the last dinner of the year. We will let you know the places where to spend New Year’s Eve in Paris. Many wonderful parties are organized to celebrate this festive evening. For your Paris new years eve, you can have a gourmet dinner in a gourmet restaurant, or during an amazing Seine river cruise. Make sure to plan in advance if you want to celebrate the new year in Paris “intra-muros” (Central Paris)

Celebrating New Year’s Eve in Paris

Take a fly boat river cruise in Paris because the view from the Seine will be very beautiful. Parisian monuments such as Notre Dame, Orsay Museum, Les Invalides, Eiffel Tower scene from this side are wonderful. You will enjoy Lights and decoration.

Have dinner in Eiffel Tower restaurant, could enjoy a delicious dinner and a beautiful sight from the first or the second floor of the tower.

There are some restaurants near Eiffel Tower

  1. The 58 Tour Eiffel it’s a chic Brasserie at floor 1.
  2. Le Jules Verne which is a Grande Cuisine Restaurant on floor 2.  
  3. A Champagne Bar at floor 3. Which would be the perfect place for an unforgettable dinner

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Visit the romantic Montparnasse Area and have dinner at La Coupole, the favorite restaurant of Hemingway and Picasso.

Restaurants for New Year Eve dinner in Paris

Paris is the capital of cookery so you can be spoiled of choice. You can opt for a chic restaurant like La Bauhinia, L’abeille and Le Mandarin Oriental or you should prefer the sightseeing restaurants like Les Ombres, Le Bistro Parisien, La Coupole.

Why don’t you try the famous restaurant Le Procope very closed to the,  To Saint Germain District, the Marina Romantic Dinner Cruise, on the Seine river or Le  Bofinger, the historic lively Parisian brasserie.

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People gathered on Champs Elysées in Paris for New Year’s Eve.

For the New Year’s Eve celebration, Paris organizes a video morphing show from 11.30 pm till 11.50 pm a special video show will be projected on the Arc de Triomphe and then a spectacular countdown will take place. More than 100000 people will gather in this most beautiful avenue in the world.

This Year more than 400000 people gathered on Champs ElysĂ©es Avenue, just to see the New Year’s Eve firework show on the Arc de Triomphe.

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We discussed the New Year Celebration in Paris, also we mentioned tips to have romantic dinner with the Eiffel tower view and where to spend  New Year’s Eve in Paris. Before New Year Celebration you must know well how to spend your Christmas holidays, therefore kindly concerned to our other articles as well, which would let you know the Best Ways to Celebrate Christmas in Paris 2018. If you liked our blog please like it, comment in the below section and share it as per your need.

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