Top 10 Highest Mountains in Spain | Mountain Ranges in Spain

Stretching from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean, the mountains of Spain are wonderfully varied. There are some truly impressive mountain ranges to be explored in Spain if you‚Äôre a fan of mountain life, whether it‚Äôs for winter sports or adventure hikes. With views of the Mediterranean Sea, another mountain sits on the coast of a tourist island. Spain even has a coastal mountain range that allows you to ski and surf on the same day in the north of the country. Spain’s mountains can be equally majestic although beaches might be the country’s calling card. Here are some of the best mountains in Spain you really should visit.

List of Mountains in Spain

1. Serra de Tramuntana 

Mountains in Spain, Top Mountains in Spain

Serra de Tramuntana

The UNESCO World Heritage Site status was awarded to Mallorca‚Äôs magnificent Serra de Tramuntana¬† in 2011. Forming the backbone of Mallorca, this impressive mountain range in Spain is almost 90km long, and stretches from Andratx in the southwest to the Cap de Formentor in the far north of the island. Along the way are two lakes ‚Äď the Gorg Blau and C√ļber reservoirs ‚Äď and the soaring peaks of Puig Major (1,445m) Teix, Massenella, and Tomir.¬†The rural landscape is dominated by ancient dry stone terracing and walls, and nature‚Äôs own sculptures ‚Äď gnarled centuries-old olive trees ‚Äď but there are also towns and villages worth visiting for their cultural and historical interest such as Fornalutx, S√≥ller, Dei√†, and Valldemossa are all located in the Tramuntana. As well as important country estates, it‚Äôs also where you‚Äôll find the dramatic Torrent de Pareis and the Mallorcans‚Äô beloved Lluc monastery.

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2. Montserrat

Mountains in Spain, Top Mountains in Spain


For the local Catalan people, the mountains are also known to be a special, mystical place. Attracting millions of visitors from all over the world staying in Barcelona city because it‚Äôs home to the statue of the Virgin Mary of Montserrat, who is believed to perform numerous miracles. This mountain in Spain maps attracts hikers and rock climbers who seek adventure. The numerous sky-high mountains and hiking paths offer breathtaking views. But really, it’s for any tourist or local. The lofty, bulbous formations wonder how nature was able to create such peculiar beauty and make you gaze.¬†Rent a home here and discover Montserrat’s ancient history and religion, dating back when Romans constructed a temple to worship Venus. As hermit monks built several hermitages around the mountain the area later became tied to Christianity. The Santa Maria de Montserrat monastery was built and began attracting pilgrims in 1025 who witnessed and proclaimed the miracles performed by the Virgin of Montserrat.

3. Sierra Blanca 

Mountains in Spain, Top Mountains in Spain

Sierra Blanca

Sierra Blanca mountain range takes its name from the city of Sierra Blanca. Views from the highest mountains in Spain are breathtaking in every direction and all services and amenities are conveniently located in the nearby centre of Marbella. Marbella Sierra Blanca is an urbanisation located at 300 metres above sea level and overlooking the Mediterranean Sea to Africa as well as Marbella’s lush, green Golden Mile. The term “Golden Mile” has traditionally referred to the coastal area that stretches from the western border of Marbella city to Puerto Banus port. However, now that the Golden Mile is fully developed some residents and estate agents are beginning to refer to the corresponding inland area as the mountainside of the Golden Mile. This is where Sierra Blanca is located along with a number of other fine, rustic urbanisations.

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4. Picos de Europa 

Mountains in Spain, Top Mountains in Spain

Picos de Europa

The rest of Spain swelters in summer but this is the best time to visit the Picos de Europa as it is warm, not hot, and there‚Äôs less chance of rain ‚Äď although packing waterproofs is recommended as a matter of course. If you‚Äôre content to walk lower down the slopes, especially as mountain peaks are still dipped in white because of snow and the dusting of snow can be found around the top of the Fuente D√© cable car, this happens in late May which is considered as spring, the best season. This tallest mountain in Spain can get soggy from Sept onwards although the glorious gold and rust coloured foliage brings beech trees to life, perfect for a woodland stroll.

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5. Serra de Barbanza 

Mountains in Spain, Top Mountains in Spain

Serra de Barbanza

The Barbanza Mountains are located between the Muros-Noia estuary and the Arousa estuary, a place dotted with natural landscapes and spectacular panoramas where you‚Äôll be able to see cows and wild horses. You will also visit the settlement of Castro Baro√Īa, the viewpoint of A Curota from where you can see the Arousa estuary, the C√≠es Islands, Ons and Salvora. To complete the trip we‚Äôll visit the natural park of Corrubedo and its sand dunes. This famous Mountains in Spain is a unique place of natural landscapes and spectacular panoramas, well visit the settlement of Castro Baro√Īa, the viewpoint of A Curota and the Corrubedo sand dunes.

6. Pyrenees Mountain

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Pyrenees Mountain

It is another one of the beautiful mountain ranges in Spain. This mountain lies between France and Spain and forms a kind of natural border between two countries. From Catalonia and Costa de Brave to Basque Country on the Atlantic coast, almost 430 km is the length between these mountain ranges in Spain. You can do most of the winter sports in winter because there are lots of places on this mountain. It is interesting to know that a part of these mountain ranges has been defined as UNESCO World Heritage Site and there are many places for skiing, hiking and biking as well as offroading and motorbike trails.You can explore nature, taste Catalan foods or hide out in the mountains in the Pyrenees. Catalan, Spanish and French are the language that is popular in these mountain ranges. You can communicate, as you need with them  because the hotels and other touristic businesses can speak a little bit English. Autumn or spring is the best time of the year to visit these mountain ranges in Spain because the temperature is mild and it is less crowded. However, if you are heading for snow holidays the best time would be winter and some charismas events are being held during New Year time.

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7. Sierra de Grazalema

Mountains in Spain, Top Mountains in Spain

Sierra de Grazalema

Declared as the first national park in Andalusia, it‚Äôs one of the most impressive natural areas and the most famous mountain in Spain, also hosting one of the longest ranges of caves in the country, with a cave that‚Äôs 4 Kms long and an entrance height of 60 metres. For being one of the most rainy areas in Spain, the Grazalema region is very well-known, it has a unique flora, with a magnificent forest with a rare Spanish Fir tree. A large part of the park (3000 hectares) is a natural reserve area, with a fragile ecosystem, Spanish Fir forests and colonies of black vultures. The conservation rules here are stricter than in the rest of the park and the visits are supervised in its number and on the date they are organised.¬†During periods in which the forest fires are more common, the entrance is forbidden. To visit the rest of the park (except for the ‚ÄėSendero de Garganta Verde‚Äô -the green throat path-), you must obtain a permit from an authorised Active Tourism company; throughout the rest of the year you can obtain this permit from an office inside the information office in El Bosque.

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8. Sistema de Gredos 

Mountains in Spain, Top Mountains in Spain

Sistema de Gredos

This is a stunning natural mountain in Spain lying in the south of the province of √Āvila, dotted with lagoons, gorges, cirques, crags, cliffs and moraine deposits that is also home to the Spanish ibex. In the Central mountain system, rises the Gredos mountain range, a vast granite mass shaped by glacial erosion separating the Duero and Tajo rivers. With the slender Almanzor Peak towering above them at a height of 2,592, the highest point in the entire Central Mountain System, and the most spectacular features include the Gredos Cirque and Grand Lagoon.¬†It is also one of the most fascinating wildlife habitats to be found anywhere in western Europe. Thanks to its geographical location, rugged relief and slopes facing various directions, the Gredos mountain range can be considered an authentic paradise for flora. A wealth of vegetation is to be found on the various layers that rise up to the alpine level, undoubtedly the most interesting of all as a large number of endemic botanical species have been found there.

9. Sierra Morena

Mountains in Spain, Top Mountains in Spain

Sierra Morena

Sierra Morena, mountain range, south-central Spain, forming the southern edge of the Meseta Central and stretching for about 320 km from the Sierra de Alcaraz (1,797 metres) in the east to the Portuguese border in the west. This biggest mountain in Spain includes many minor ranges that run transversely‚ÄĒe.g., the Sierras Madrona, Sur de Alcudia, and de Aracena. The Meseta Central drops abruptly (about 1,000 metres) to the Guadalquivir valley.¬†The Sierra Morena forms the main watershed between the Guadiana and Guadalquivir rivers and is mostly wild, desolate country thickly covered with dense evergreen bushes and shrubs. Its great breadth has long made it a formidable barrier in the history of Spain. Silver, lead, and copper are mined in the Linares region, mercury at Almad√©n, and copper at Nerva and at Tharsis, in the Sierra de Aracena. Livestock raising and the cultivation of cereals are important in the foothills of the sierra.

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10. Sierra Nevada 

Mountains in Spain, Top Mountains in Spain

Sierra Nevada

If you like to ski, Ski Sierra Nevada is that mountain range. It is located in the southeast part of Spain near the Mediterranean Sea. The coast of this mountain is protected as a national park and is UNESCO honored. It is interesting to know that the mountain has the highest peak in Spain (3481 Meters) and one of the highest in Europe. These Spanish mountain ranges are one of the winter sport activities destinations in the winter. To visit costa de sol, pass these mountain ranges, and reach major cities in Spain like Granada and Seville, you can choose a track for it. The Spanish meaning of Sierra Nevada is “mountain covered in Snow “, do not forget it.

The mountains in Spain are explained so far. We discussed the most iconic Spanish mountains for you, which also includes information regarding mountain ranges in Spain. I hope you will love this article as we have tried to provide you as per your concern and kindly share your views in the comment section.

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