Northeast’s first fish museum will open soon in Arunachal

Synopsis:  Union Ministry of Fisheries proposed a fish museum in Arunachal Pradesh which will be a part of the Integrated Aqua Park. The project also has a place where people who want to start a fishing business in the area can get training.

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fish museum

If everything goes as planned, Arunachal Pradesh will soon have the first fish museum in the Northeast. Arunachal Pradesh’s Minister of Fisheries, Tage Taki, recently informed the public about this project.

According to the latest news, this will be the first of its kind fish museum in Arunachal as well as in the entire Northeastern Region of the country. The government decided to build this fish museum to help boost tourism in the area.

If reports are to be believed, the museum will be part of the Arunachal Pradesh Integrated Aqua Park in India. The project is being managed by the Union Ministry of Fisheries. To that end, a sum equal to INR 4.59 crore has been allocated for this endeavor. According to reports, this is the first amount of money that will be put toward the setup during the current fiscal year.

In the town of Bulla, a fishing venture is already in the works. The project is being built in the Lower Subansiri district of Arunachal Pradesh named ‘Tarin Fish Farm’. According to rumors, this site will be used as the foundation for a future fish museum and will be expanded into an integrated aqua park.

Rumor says, all of the state’s fish species will be on display at the fish museum. This project will not only improve the state’s aesthetics; it will also provide a resource for those who are interested in entering the commercial fishing industry.

Those who are interested in visiting this fish museum in Arunachal Pradesh can board a direct flight to the state as the state gets its first airport on this Independence Day. Regular flights are available from other states to reach the state and explore all the famous places in Arunachal Pradesh.

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