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Slovenia in Central Europe is surrounded by rocky mountains, beach resorts, pristine lakes, and admirable churches all across the country. There is no town in Slovenia where you will not find any church, chapel, monasteries, or shrines. There are nearly 3000 churches and other religious places in Slovenia where people often visit and offer prayers. If you are in Europe and missing the religious vibe here, then you havenÔÇÖt visited this holy country in Europe named Slovenia. On every couple of steps or in every street you will get to see a church, chapel, or shrine. Sts. Cyril and Methodius Church, Cerkev SV Trojice, St. George’s Parish Church, St. Mark’s Church (Vrba), Koper Cathedral, and Bell Tower are a few famous churches in Slovenia.┬á

If you are anxious to know about the admirable churches in Slovenia then this article will help you to know about a few of them. 

List of Famous Churches in Slovenia

1. Cerkev sv Trojice

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Cerkev sv Trojice

Cerkev sv Trojice is a historic church in Hrastovlje, Slovenia built in the 12th century. The rigid concrete structure of this church has some beautiful historical art inside it. The walls of this church are carved with colorful paintings of Gothic frescoes. This art form was completed in the 14th century by Johannes de Castua. There is a balcony above the entrance gate in the front of the church, this balcony was used to stop attackers from entering the church premises by pouring boiling water or by throwing stones.

Address: Hrastovlje 19a, 6275 ─îrni Kal, Slovenia

Architectural style: Romanesque architecture

Distance from Slovenia: 49.2 km

2. Celje Cathedral

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Celje Cathedral

Celje Cathedral was opened in 1306 and it is an excellent example of Roman architecture. So, if you are looking for something out of the box yet religious then reach Celje Cathedral in Slovenia. The ancient architecture of this church and the medieval paintings on the wall will take you back to the 13th century. Also, take some time to offer prayer to Jesus and ask for some wealth and prosperity.

Address: 3000 Celje, Slovenia

Distance from Slovenia: 53.3 km


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Most Beautiful Churches in the World

3. Kri┼żanke church

This blog have discussed about the famous churches in Slovenia.

Kri┼żanke church

The Baroque architecture of the Kri┼żanke church makes it different from others. This is one of the oldest churches in Slovenia as it was initially built in the mid 12th century. An earthquake in 1511severaly damaged the monastery area of this church which was later reconstructed between 1567 and 1579. Kri┼żanke church was built by a Venetian architect named Domenico Rossi. The exterior area of the church is highly ornate with some beautiful paintings on the dome that are so admirable to see.┬á

Address: Trg francoske revolucije, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

Distance from Slovenia: 64.1 km

Architectural style: Baroque

4. St. Mark’s Church (Vrba)

This blog have discussed about the famous churches in Slovenia.

St. Mark’s Church (Vrba)

St. Mark’s Church is the smallest church in Vrba, Slovenia but does not dare to go on its size as it is one of the most praised churches here. This small and simple church is quite popular among the people of Slovenia. This beautiful church in Slovenia was also proclaimed as the cultural monument of national importance in January 2011 by the Government of Slovenia.

Address: Vrba, 4274 ┼Żirovnica, Slovenia

Distance from Slovenia: 110.0 km

5. Koper Cathedral and Bell Tower (Stolnica Marijinega vnebovzetja)

This blog have discussed about the famous churches in Slovenia.

Koper Cathedral

Koper Cathedral and Bell Tower were constructed in the late 12th century and until 1392 so many changes and modifications were made in the architecture of this famous church in Slovenia. It is one of the peaceful places in the town. You will see reams of old age people, children, and visitors roaming outside the church. There are three naves inside the church and each one is ending with an apse. The outstanding Romanesque architecture of the Koper Cathedral is truly praiseworthy. 

Address: Titov trg 1, 6000 Koper – Capodistria, Slovenia

Distance from Slovenia: 165.6 km

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6. Ljubljana Cathedral

This blog have discussed about the famous churches in Slovenia.

Ljubljana Cathedral

Ljubljana Cathedral is situated near the Ljubljana Castle in Ljubljana, Slovenia. This spectacular church in Slovenia is also known by the name of Saint Nicholas’s Church among natives. It is a Gothic church with fresco paintings on the walls and a Sundial on the facade of the Cathedral. We recommend you to visit this beautiful church in Slovenia to learn about the culture of Christians.

Address: Dolni─Źarjeva ulica 1, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

Distance from Slovenia: 1.4 km

7. Maribor Cathedral (Stolna ┼żupnija Maribor)

This blog have discussed about the famous churches in Slovenia.

Maribor Cathedral

Maribor Cathedral is a Roman Catholic church in Slovenia built-in memory of Saint John. This church is also famous as the tomb of the first Slovenian saint. So many famous personalists, artists, took their last breath in this church. Hence it is one of the famous sacred places in the country. A Slovene Roman Catholic named Anton Martin Slomšek served this church for his entire life as a Bishop and is also his resting place. 

Address: Slomškov trg 20, 2000 Maribor, Slovenia

Distance from Slovenia: 105.8 km

8. Murska Sobota Cathedral

This blog have discussed about the famous churches in Slovenia.

Murska Sobota Cathedral

Murska Sobota Cathedral was designed by a famous Chinese architect László Takáts in  1350 and it was the most old-fashioned church in Slovenia. Later in 1912, it was reconstructed into a Neo-Romanesque building with some decorative elements in it. Murska Sobota Cathedral is the perfect church to visit in Slovenia if you are searching for some tranquil place to go with your family.

Address: Gregor─Źi─Źeva ulica 4, 9000 Murska Sobota, Slovenia

Distance from Slovenia: 153.9 km

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9. Novo Mesto Cathedral

This blog have discussed about the famous churches in Slovenia.

Novo Mesto Cathedral

Novo Mesto Cathedral is another eminent church in Slovenia with Gothic architecture. The construction of this church was started in the 15th century and was finally completed in 1623. This church has all the essential elements that a 16th-century building should have. Being a beautiful church it attracts millions of visitors per year. It is located in downtown Slovenia and you can hire a cab to reach this church. 

Address: Kapiteljska ulica 20, 8000 Novo mesto, Slovenia

Opened: 1623

Distance from Slovenia: 71.1 km

10. St. Martin’s Parish Church┬á

This blog have discussed about the famous churches in Slovenia.

St. Martin’s Parish Church

St. Martin’s Parish Church is a parish church located in the northwestern part of Slovenia known as Bled. The entire building of the church was planned and designed by a famous Austrian architect, Friedrich von Schmidt. Later some minor modifications were done by an architect named Josip Vanca┼í.┬á

Address: Riklijeva Cesta 19, 4260 Bled, Slovenia

Distance from Slovenia: 9.5 km

There are thousands of churches and religious places in Slovenia that offer the best view and remain packed with pilgrims throughout the year. So it is not possible for us to mention each and every church in Slovenia. Through this article, we have covered all the popular churches of slovenia that experience the most visitors and are the oldest ones in the country. Native Christians regularly came to these churches and offered prayer to Jesus in the morning and evening. Also, visiting these astonishing churches in Slovenia is the best way to perceive the actual culture of Europeans. So, we recommend you to visit most of these churches if you are in Slovenia Europe. Also, you can visit these magnificent churches to click some religious shots.

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